Sci-Fi Novel, Origin Andromeda - Synopsis

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Bjorn and Henrik climbs down the ladder and onto the meadow outside of starship Eclipse, it's night and the sky is filled with shining stars, so far out in the middle of a meadow, there are very few light pollutions and you can see the fascinating spiral of the milkyway very clear all over the sky, it is mezmerizing and breathtaking.
"If you look up in the sky" Bjorn points his finger up towards the stars.
"Starting from Ursa major and the two stars that form the back of the wagon, imagine a line through these and then go down until you see the next strong star, you should now focus on the Polestar in Ursa minor, do not stay there, continue down until you see stars that together forms a W, it's Cassiopeja. Focus your eyes a little bit further away, there is Andromeda, there is your home, your galaxy, your Zuood "


Going to release this novel in parts on steemit, been writing on it for a few years, originally written in Swedish.
Dedicated to my lovely wife who gives me inspiration to write.

^^Part 1 will be released on thursday^^

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Thanks for sharing. Very good written and its easy to read. keep going. @emas resteemed your post and thats why you get an upvote+follow.

Thank you very much thales7, hope you will like part 1 of the novel that I am releasing tomorrow 😊