Music Word of the Day: Line

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Term: Line

Definition: Bar Line: The division

of the staff into measures is accomplished through the use of Bar lines. See Bar.Staff Line: A set of five, equidistant, horizontal lines on which the note pitches and other music directions are written. See staff.Ledger Line: Short, horizontal lines added above or below the staff along with notes to indicate pitches that exceed the limitations of the staff lines. See Ledger lines.Articulation Line: A horizontal line ( dash) placed above a pitch to indicate to the performer that the note is to be held or stretched out to its fullest value; a tenuto mark. See Dash.Musical Line: A melodic statement which runs through a composition. This line (or voice) can be vocal or instrumental.Line or Phrase: A musical phrase or complete thought is often referred to as a line.Line Dance: Dances where dancers are all in a line: A type of dancing where all participants line up and perform all the steps to the dance simultaneously.

Short for line level, or a cable.

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Every day I make an attempt to add a little bit more music knowledge to the Internet, one word at a time. Realizing there aren’t many comprehensive and complete online music dictionaries, I set out on a mission to compile my own.

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