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I'm calling on all my friends, family, supporters, fellow art and music enthusiasts and patrons of

to consider supporting Artopium at absolutely no cost to you, but in a way that tremendously helps me. In fact, what I'm about to propose to you only takes the time to download this new browser, install it and use it.

Help Me Raise Much Needed Capital For Artopium, Sensi-pot & Unknown Colorado

This will help me raise much needed capital for improving, as well as help me launch several new endeavors including soon-to-come and a video series I'm producing titled "Unknown Colorado". This not only helps me, but this will make you a few bucks doing this too! This is not a scam, a ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme or anything like that. It's just cryptocurrency, baby.


I'm proud to announce that Artopium is now a patron and Creator on Brave browser,

a new browser based on the open source Chromium browser that uses cryptocurrency to allow patrons and visitors of to send monetary tips directly to Artopium! As an incentive to get you to use the new browser, Brave has set up a number of referral programs, and as a part of their promotional campaign are offering some free cryptocurrency to use at your will on their new system.

First of All, It's (Not) Just a Browser

Like the one you're currently using to read this article right now. However, it already has a script blocker, ad blocker and Https Everywhere built-in. While it blocks unwanted ads on the Internet, it serves it's own ads in a relatively non-intrusive way and it pays you for every ad it serves. Yup. Let me say that again. This browser pays you for the ads it serves which comes in the form of a cryptocurrency called BAT, an acronym that stands for Basic Attention Token, which is currently trading for around $0.35 per BAT. In around two weeks I've personally earned about $6.00 in BAT just using it as I normally would any other browser. I don't plan on selling my BAT, however, as the price compared to the dollar is steadily going up so I fully expect my BAT to be worth much more in the near future.


Get $5 USD Worth of BAT Just For Downloading and Installing

As part of Brave's promotional offer and as a method of getting BAT into circulation, you get $5 worth of BAT which will appear in your BAT wallet a few days after you've downloaded and installed the Brave Browser. You can then visit any website or YouTube channel or Twitch stream and tip the owner of that site/channel/stream with your BAT. Although, this is technically true for the whole of the Internet, only those site owners that have registered with Brave and actually have a BAT wallet will receive the tip. Guess what? Artopium is fully registered with Brave as a Creator and can easily accept BAT tips. ;)


Use the Referral Link and I Earn Another $5 in BAT

Each place I've linked to the Brave download I've used the referral link given to me by Brave. If you follow the link on this page to download and use Brave, and you continue to use Brave for 1 month, I'll get yet another $5 in BAT sent to my wallet. How awesome is that?!

Make the Switch Now

So all you have to do is take 3 minutes to download and install this browser to your computer. It's also available for mobile devices, however a lot of the features mentioned in this article, including being paid for the ads, are not available on mobile yet, so be sure to get the desktop version. Once you've installed Brave and you've started using it, a "free token grant" of $5 USD worth of BAT will automatically show up in your Brave browser wallet in just a couple of days. For my Mom it was less than 24 hours. Just doing this part and using Brave for 1 month will already earn me the referral reward, but if you feel so inclined, please visit, click the reward icon at the top-right of the browser in the address bar, and send a tip to Your contribution will help me buy the inventory I need to start, and to hire the help I need to redesign; two incredible and awesome projects I'm very excited to get working on! Love you all and thanks for your support!


Earn Even More BAT on Coinbase While You Learn About Brave & BAT allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. They recently added BAT so it's a great place to cash out once you've got some. Right now Coinbase is promoting BAT pretty hard and they've offered to just give you some BAT if you watch the really short video tutorials explaining how to use it. I got a total of $10 in BAT doing this. What's more, if you use this link to sign up to Coinbase and you verify your account I will get yet another $10 in Bitcoin!

Thanks For All Your Support!


I Don't understand what is Artopiun So Sorry for that but I appreciate your work ! Good luck !!

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