@jackmiller Witness Update: "TO BE OR NOT TO BE!" - The Future of Steem.

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After listening to dozens of people rant on about how “Steem is in trouble” and reading countless rants about the markets and how this is the end of the world blahh blahhh blahhh and then @ned comes in telling us how Steemit Inc. is restructuring the company and in that process approximately 70% of the current employees are being laid off (“sacked” as some of us would say), it just added to the overall BS that is being flung around by “knowitalls”.

First and foremost, Steemit Inc. is a “private” company, just like any other INVESTOR the company is looking after its best interests and taking the necessary steps so as to adapt to the new situation on the market. At least that is how I see it.

The fact that most people seem to misunderstand is that Steemit inc. isn’t = Steem.

Which tells me that many a person using and/or talking about Steem still hasn’t grasped the concept and working structure of Steem.

Then again, Why should everyone have to understand what all is behind the ‘front end’ (website) they are using.
The ‘consumer market’ doesn’t have to know what all it takes to make a product or produce a service. What the consumers/customers want is the product/service they are after and nothing more, ‘with the right to complain about it whenever they feel like it’.

For those of us who do understand or have a grasp of it all, we are the ones who can and should make a difference.

It has become really clear that some people running nodes/servers are already “complaining” about it not being “profitable”.



Having become a loyal Steemian, recognizing the potential that Steem has come to offer this world all I can say is that this is a time when we shall see clearly who is in it for the money and who is in it to change the world.
Who is loyal to the “almighty fiat dollar” and who is loyal to Steem and everything that Steem can offer this world.

Seriously, listening to and reading all the posts from people who are setting the path to literally “bailing out” because of the “FIAT” values of crypto has made me sick. I literally feel sick when I listen to or read all that bull diarrhoea.

We literally have an opportunity to change the world and all these people are interested in is putting a few extra “FIAT” dollars into their pockets.

As for the “Witnesses” who are thinking along those lines, well, need I say it:


Because that is definitely no “Witness”. That is a friggin PIMP.
Literally a PIMP, nothing more and nothing less than a PIMP of the crypto world. Looking at any blockchain out there as their “whore” who shall earn them a quick buck with a “Wham bam thank you mam” type of mentality.

Ohhh, am I being too direct with this, do I need to make it more politically correct maybe?


Why should I care about those types of people?

When they couldn’t care less about Steem or us Steemians?

When all they care about is the FIAT that they can stuff into their pockets at the expense of Steemians and loyal crypto enthusiasts who truly believe in everything that Steem and crypto have to offer to this world.

I can see a bunch of people now getting upset because I don’t know how to sugar coat their true nature.


& anything those types of people say will literally go into one ear and out the other as far as I’m concerned.

As for the current situation on the market and the general “dissatisfaction” that exists, don’t think that I am being heartless.

We are all feeling the pain.

From those who are in it just for “fiat” to those of us who are in it to help make crypto everything it can be and to see Steem become a household name that can change the lives of so many people on this whacky planet of ours.

Tough times, call for some serious actions to be taken, by ALL of us who want to see Steem succeed.

Instead of crying about things not going the way we had hoped for, it is time to look reality in the eye and take the hits like people who have a firm character.

What I see is that all of us need to start reassessing the situation at hand. Same as what a CEO of a private company in the crypto scene needs to do.

We are all a part of Steem. Steem is ALL of us.

You get what you put in and people get what they deserve. We have a hierarchy that we chose to have.

We are where we are because of our own decisions and our own choice.

There is no pointing fingers at anyone else.

Each and every one of us needs to look into the mirror and face the one and only person responsible for our decisions that have gotten us to where we are now.

Having had my rant, and said it as I see it, without any “sugar coating”, the fact remains that Steem is still what it was the entire time; ‘an initiative that has definitely rocked the world of Crypto’.

We are all part of something that is much bigger than any “exchange” or “fiat market”.

Nobody can claim that Steem isn’t a revolution. Steem is definitely a splinter, no, sorry, a friggin tree trunk in the eyes of all those “pump and dump” types out there.

So far, from what I see, too many of the “pump and dump” PIMPs out there are the people telling everyone about “how they are great business people with all sorts of professional experience” yet all their profits are from “pump and dumps”.

All they know is how to PIMP the hell out of people in the crypto scene.

Literally that is all they have as far as “their success story” goes.

These are the types that definitely need to be “sacked” by all of us.

Seriously, even if they don’t care about what I think, or what you think and are probably laughing at this post, thinking to themselves “f#ck you, I’ve been laughing all the way to my fiat bank for years......”

Well, I guess they have a point, if it’s there for the taking and they see the opportunity, they’ll grab it.

After all, that is their goal. FIAT, FIAT AND MORE FIAT!

and they don’t care who pays the price!

So what does all this mean for me and many other Steemians.

  • Time to roll up our sleeves and to take on our responsibilities as adults.
  • Time to start doing as we preach, each of us within our own possibilities and capacities.
  • Time to accept the reality of life and realize that it isn’t a roller coaster, it is REALITY!

Now many of us know this and understand this.


As far as my Witness server goes, it is all paid for through to mid Feb 2019.

As I have made known from day one. I paid IN ADVANCE for my witness server and professional support services.



I paid for my witness server and support services for it all the way through to February 2020.


No pussyfooting around and calculating the potential profits or losses, Steem is a lot more than “profits vs losses”.

We have an opportunity to set the pace.

Maybe the best way to describe my actions is “I put my money where my mouth is”.

I am still a firm believer in the notion that ALL TOP20 witnesses should be running a full RPC node, even if this opinion is not too popular with some of them.

I am simply stating that my opinion on that topic has not changed and if anything, with the current state of affairs in the crypto market and the overall review of events of the past weeks/months, I have to state that I am more convinced of it than ever before.

Steemit Inc. has been piggybacking Steem for a long time and it looks like that is no longer a financially viable option for the company.

So it is time to accept the facts and to start reinvesting back into our blockchain with the necessary infrastructure.

But, like I said, some of the top20 may disagree, they may still hold firm to their stand, which is “I help Steemians with words of wisdom”.

Which was all fine and acceptable, while we had Steemit Inc. as a charity foundation and financial backer of the infrastructure that is needed to ensure Steem keeps on rockin.

But we see now that one company, one investor is not necessarily the way to go and all of us are responsible to ensure we don’t put Steem and Steemians into a position where the stability of our blockchain gets put into question.

Again, I state, this is my personal opinion and in no way a written rule or formal prerequisite. Steemians decide what is acceptable with Witness votes and if our fellow Steemians are happy with where we are and how things are going, then fine. I won’t say that they are “wrong”.

However, I am entitled to my personal opinion on this topic and to voice it and to logically argue it/stand behind it.

It isn’t an “attack” it is what it is, me speaking my mind and backing it up with reasonable, rather objective or possibly at times somewhat subjective arguments.

One of the main reasons why I didn’t hold back on expressing myself here in a way that is considered to be “mild” or maybe “pussyfooting around the topics” is literally because I wanted to get my true inner feelings and emotions out there. No “vote for me” BS.

Just raw, true to heart emotions and feelings of a Steemian who is feeling the pain along with all fellow Steemians.

Maybe as a Witness, I should learn to “sugar coat” things, but is that really who and what I am?

So, when necessary, I won’t hold back, I won’t bow down to the pump and dump PIMPs out there who may have a truckload of fiat or SP or whatever.

I am an individual and as such have the right to express my true feelings and emotions, as every other individual out there.

So with all due respect to those who think that I should have worded myself differently, sure, I accept that. You do have a very good point in that.

But please accept the truth about me, that I am not afraid to express myself here as an individual and in a way that definitely gets the message across without any misunderstanding.

Direct and to the point with all the harshness and firmness needed to get the job done.

Feels good to have finally said what I am thinking.

Get it out there and get it off my chest.

Feels absolutely great to have committed myself all the way through thru Feb 2020.

Paid in advance, no questions asked, no looking back and calculating things out, just getting the job done and being able to concentrate on being a loyal true to heart Steemian.

I will be putting another witness update before the end of this year in which my plan is to address some of the projects that I am working on, some on my own, some with partners and some in teams of Steemians who feel that the future of Steem is a lot more than any fiat out there.

Likewise I shall go into all the info and a recap of my witness campaign to date. So as to ensure everything is transparent, open and public.

PS. I sold my Mercedes Benz old timer, a nice little 1971 250 CE (coupe) and bought Steem with a good portion of that money. Put my money where my mouth is.



I will end this witness update with the pledge I put together not all that long ago:

Yours truly and very sincerely




To be....

Well said Jack. And this Knight just picked up another thousand Steem of a gesture of his commitment to our world changing blockchain.


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You Rock!

^^ What she said.

Thanks for being so honest with your thoughts and bold with your commitment to the blockchain. I'm glad you're one of my witness votes!

There is an old saying about who all jumps ship first!

I think that is what I was wanting to say, but the difference is that this ship isn't sinking, it merely has a few puddles from all the "keyboard warriors" who piddles their pants when the fiat prices of crypto went down.

I’m so glad we don’t have an HR dept. rewording your posts 🤣
But what you said gets the message across well enough. Hey, a little friction and elbow grease is what makes great innovations, mate!

It is time to start picking up the slack, as a community, and ensure that our network...let me emphasize that again


The people, all of us, this is ours. It’s our yard and we need to start acting like it. Nobody can tell me the top 20 don’t have the ability to run full RPC nodes, if not all of them - many could easily do it. Let’s see who puts back into this community when the community needs it most and I’m sure we will see who is happy to take but reluctant to give.

I’m glad the price is in the can right now because it is going to show us who is who, mate. We already know you are who you are. The community will see for themselves who is here to ride free and who is here to push the car when it’s outta gas. 😉🍻

Thanks for you're investment and renewed investment for another 12 months as a witness. :)

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Awesome post, this is must read for everyone - excellent points especially about Steemit Inc -there is no doubt the majority read that totally wrong.

The dedicated will remain, and the ones that see the real value of Steem and the Blockchain - the people who are here that make it a special experience.

#thealliance #witness

Haven’t seen a witness update from you in a while but then again I’ve been missing quite a lot lately 🙃

I can understand the concerns of the witnesses looking at profitability (or even just breaking even). I haven’t run a witness node but I have run and managed a couple of servers and it can get big, unwieldy and expensive (the last bit you probably know about as you’re paying for it, I can’t remember if you were also managing it or if someone was helping you there). Depending on finances it may simply not be feasible for some to keep their nodes going.

Just putting that out there as I’m not sure who you were covering in your rant 😆

I have read some posts around the place saying this is a good time to see who is here for the long haul.

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You're right, I haven't done an "update" pretty much at all.

Every time I wanted to do an update, I got too agro thinking about all the rats jumping ship because of fiat prices and then lately with all the FUD flying around any post on the topic from me would have been an uncensored version of the above. An "Adults Only" version so to say.

So I just didn't post on the topics at hand at all, so as not to "upset" anyones feeelings.

Pretty soon I'll be a qualified PR manager, if I keep this up!

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