Witness Update - Server Upgrade 64gb Ram / 500gb SSD and SBI Draw Deranged c0ff33a Witness

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Back in May 2018 when I first had the crazy idea I would become a Steem Witness, my first thoughts were to check the existing Witnesses at various ranks and compare their Producer Rewards (Pay) compared to Server costs. At that time it quickly became clear there were alot of crazy people funding server costs out of their own pockets to support the Steem Blockchain - maybe just out of pure love for the platform or maybe because they could see the long term prospects which were making a short term investment worthwhile.

Considering what I found, and being conscious of the fact starting out I had no idea who, if anyone, might vote for me as a Witness I set about procuring the lowest specification server that could run the Steem Blockchain - so if I only had my own vote I could at least cover the costs and feel proud to at least be running a supporting node for the Blockchain.

To say I was overwhelmed by the community response to my Witness status is an understatement, it has been really quite humbling to see so many Steemians give without question one of their 30 votes to me - and every single one feels like a reward. With your votes, and kind support I moved steadily higher up the Witness ranks - much higher then I had ever thought I might be lucky enough to achieve.

And then I joined forces with @derangedvisions , as a joint Witness we equally share the rewards which has been made possible by all of his own community supporters moving over the votes they held for his Witness. Every Thursday I check the 7 day producer rewards from our Witness server and transfer 50% in Steem to @derangedvisions which he can use to support his photography contests or Power Up. Through his supporters we have now reached the Top 100 Witness list, it is an incredible achievement and we are both very grateful to every single one of you who has given us a Witness vote. With HF20 due very soon, and now ranking in what I consider a very important position I have upgraded our server to ensure our support of the blockchain continues to run flawlessly.


Working through the night (well actually I just set alarms to wake me up to check the blockchain replay progress) the brand new install server running Steemd v0.19.12 "AppBase" successfully completed a 6 hour replay of the blockchain and proceeded to process transactions. Because we are currently receiving blocks every 6 hours I had to instigate maintenance mode (shown as yellow crossed out on https://steemian.info/witnesses) so we were passed over for a block rather then miss it and have it wasted. As soon as I was able to confirm transactions were being processed normally the Witness was reactivated in time to receive the next due block.

Our new server specs are:-

2 x Intel Xeon L5640 2.26ghz 6 core CPUs
64 GB Ram
500 GB SSD
1 TerraByte of back up storage
Unlimited Network Bandwidth
Hosting based in the UK (Possibly the only UK based Witness node?)

In addition I have a separate server with a different host entirely that hosts the Conductor Witness Tools (Specifically to put our Witness Server in Maintenance if it misses a block) and it also runs the price feed.

Ideally in future I would like to further support the Steem Blockchain by running a full node, you can see the latest Full RPC Node List and which Witnesses run them. The specifications for a Full Node (and price to achieve them) are eye watering - which is exactly why only the very top Witnesses run them. They are however the backbone of the Steem Blockchain - they make every transaction happen quickly with no lag - improving user experience. Right now that dream is still very far away, but if I can be in the position to run a Full Node one day I will. For now I actively support the Witnesses in that list running Full Nodes.

And now for the exciting bit, every week myself and @derangedvisions randomly select two of our Witness Voters to receive @steembasicincome shares. It is a thank you from us to you our voters for supporting us, and it means we are actively supporting you because an SBI share gives you an upvote on every one of your posts for life. To achieve this we take our full list of Witness Voters and paste it into an Excel table so each one has a number - today I have 376 voters so using the Random Number Generator we will pick the first one from that range.



@lymepoet thank you very much for being a Deranged c0ff33a Witness voter, one SBI share on it's way to you.



@malos10 thank you very much for being a Deranged c0ff33a Witness voter, one SBI share on it's way to you.


Congratulations to last weeks Winners again too, @keithboone received 1 SBI share as did @noisy - the Polish software developer who will be at SteemFest no doubt so @derangedvisions can thank him in person.

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Last Confirmed Block Number 25,729,004 Last Aslot 25,807,211
Steemd v0.19.12

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i hope to one day meet you in person, or at least sample a brew from @c0ff33a himself.

thanks for your continued dedication to steemit.


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Why, I didn't know you guys were running a witness. I believe @saffisara 's resteem brought this to my attention. Thank you for the Initiative Q invite @coff33a it looks promising! You have my vote, keep up the good work gentlemen.


Thank you very much, we really appreciate your kind words - together we are trying our best to support as many people as possible and keep communities thriving.


You are most welcome. I am Jeff btw. If you still have an open invite I'd love a verification :)

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Let me start by saying thank you for the SBI. I am not surprised people voted you both. Your posts, delightful comments and level of involvement on the platform and Discord showed everyone the type of person you are. From the day one on Steemit you showed me what a kind, helpful and great soul you are. You got my votes anytime!


Thank you very much, you are more then welcome we are happy to help support our Witness voters in any way we can. It is getting harder to keep up with individual accounts - my working week is getting hectic now the autumn is here so I am not getting so much time to keep up with posts - but I try my best to get around people every few weeks - and binge read posts when I get any spare time!

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You just got upgraded with your witness work there phewww too hard that seems hhaha :)

Congratulations for being on the top 100 list! That's so great!

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Your support is amazing @c0ff33a to everyone that you follow and hence for sure you do have a fan following, a very genuine one and you deserve all of it. When I am at your page I really need to hunt for your post as the generosity of resteeming everyone's post just keeps flowing from your side. Congratulations for climbing up the ladder and you always have my full support my friend