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A few days ago, @berniesanders created a post: Why aren't more of the top witnesses running/supporting full nodes?

That is a great question to be asking and an important conversation to have, although not the subject of this post. (For anyone wanting to discuss this topic, please see Bernie's post.)

The reason I brought it up was that it had a link to a list of "Current RPC Full Nodes", but unfortunately the list wasn't really current. I wanted to provide Bernie with an updated list, but I realized there really wasn't one.

Based on my research, I found five different sources of RPC node lists:
(1) (@someguy123 and @wagnertamanaha)
(2) Full API Node Update posts (@holger80)
(3) (@jamzed)
(4) (@followbtcnews)
(5) Steem Developer Portal (@steemit)

Here are the nodes that were in the five lists:


I decided to go through all of the lists, combine them, and research which nodes were still active. Here are the results:

Supported / Still Active Nodes

Note: In this context, "supported" does not necessarily mean that the node is online at this exact moment. (It is possible that nodes in this list are currently down for maintenance.) It just means that the nodes are still being actively maintained and supported by their operators.

Unsupported / Terminated Nodes


This node is listed in a lot of the RPC node lists, but it does not appear to be a "full node". I queried for account history data, and it returned an error that plugin was not enabled.

As far as I know, the "Supported / Still Active Nodes" list above is now the most accurate and up-to-date list of RPC full nodes. If anyone knows of any full nodes that are not in that list, please let me know.

I plan to submit a pull request to update the list of nodes in the Steem Developer Portal to match the "Supported / Still Active Nodes" list. I suggest that @someguy123, @wagnertamanaha, @holger80, @jamzed, and @followbtcnews make similar updates to their lists as well.

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So eight witnesses are running full public nodes? And half of those eight are outside of the top-20?

That’s not really a confidence booster for those looking to make their own investments here. When long-time top witnesses won’t even bother to support the growth and development of the blockchain, why would we expect anyone else to do so?


Damn well no wonder steem and steemit are no where near big time investors. Not even all the top 20 Witnesses seem to give a shit either. With the amount of steem they make running a witness node you would think they would fully support the integrity of steem's blockchain.

It is simple to see who are running full RPC Nodes and who are just in it for the dough, which is not bad in itself but being a top 20 witness and not running one seems a bit stupid and they consider them self's overzealous witnesses.


Maybe it's time to remove some witness votes?
But how to chose the right ones?


And a lot of those top 20 witnesses already moved on to EOS, just milking STEEM as long as it gets..

Thx @timcliff for a ping, I think it’s also a good time to rewrite the code of the geo page and add more features.

I’ll keep an eye for your pull requests ;-)

Beautiful work. I had to do the same running around once.. only to have to do that same work all over again a couple months later.

These api nodes frequently get out of date, and rarely stay current. It is nice to get the latest August 6, 2018 version of the situation.

Thank you for all this lengthy work to get what you could...

Before the pitchforks come out I pay for roughly half of the minnow support node.

Thank you for this list, Tim! I believe it is time to update some of my votes. They may not amount for much, but at least I will be at peace with my choices.

Thanks @timcliff ... been looking for just such a list!

P.S. You've got a typo in the href to Bernie's post ;-)


A typo? I'm using markdown, and the link works fine for me.. Can you clarify what you are seeing?


hmmmmm... my bad... it originally took me to https://steem/@berniesanders/why-aren-t-more-of-the-top-witnesses-running-supporting-full-nodes ... but see it's working just fine now. ?!?

Either way... thanks again for the list \m/

really? This list needs to grow. Now.
What is the current hardware requirement to run a public full node?
I plan to setup a public node soon, I already run a private one. Just ordered a 256GB ECC 2x480GB Enterprise SSD box.
What are the witnesses that run nodes? Vote for them!
I thought running a full node is requirement to be a witness?! It should be. Disvote any that don't.


It should run ok on a 256 GB machine, but to run optimally it is best to have 512.


Jesus, no wonder nobody likes to run full nodes if they eat 512 Gigs of RAM :p

Thanks for the list. Good to know that my list is complete and correct.

· and should be removed :)


Thanks, I will do.


Your list was the only one that had all the working nodes though. Nice job!

More announcements real soon :)

Thanks @timcliff to share this information with us I follow you

Nice updates from you @timcliff. We really appreciate your good work