2 months, 3,000 people, a bitchin' organization, 140k delegated SP from 200 separate delegations, working 30-40 hours a week for 10 straight weeks, and apparently that's all you have to do for top 50 Witness!!!! (MSP RESTEEM FUNDRAISER)

in witness •  2 years ago

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!! I can't believe it just happened. After literally hundreds of hours of work, thousands of answered questions, 140,000 delegated steem power from 200 separate delegations, and growing a 3K person Discord Server it FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!

WOOT MUTHAFUCKAHs I'm a top 50 witness!!!!

My name is on the fuckin' Page! This is a yuuuuuge dream come true for me! I'm tearing up because I'm so stoked to help this community by spreading a very simple message of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty! I want to growth hack Steemit. I want to help Minnows grow! I couldn't be happier that this simple plan is catching hold and this community is responding!

There's a lot of pain on Steemit especially from the new accounts. To see how we are able to help them and support them have been incredible. We have people from so many nations, languages, genders, continents, and various planets in there it's incredible to see it all still function. We have minnows trending, going to STEEMFEST, becoming dolphins, and setting off plans to change the course of this place!

We're gonna hit 4k people by the end of this month, and we're still warming up!!!

MSP has a radio show coming out!

MSP has a website coming out!!!

MSP has a community calendar coming soon! I mean we are by far the largest off chain Steemit community now! We have an obligation to help people plan their events and host a central coordination plan!

What an incredible honor!!!

This is one of the top accomplishments of my life! I'm thrilled. Honored! Stoked! And fucking mind blown! I'm so grateful for your support and I'm only more encouraged to keep trying to change lives with Steemit!

Nothin but love for the witnesses that have helped build MSP. Nothin' but love for the whales that support me! And I hope the MSP crew knows that I'm doing everything I can to help you guys grow. Through an empowered community we're going to grow together! I'm blessed to count you as friends!

I really do love you guys. Hopefully I'll see you in Boston for the meetup on Tuesday August 1st at Knight Moves in Brookline at 6:30 in the evening.

Thanks to the whale supporters. I couldn't be here without you!

Literally none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of @benjojo and the 195 other delegations to the Minnow Support Project community accounts. We're honored to have the delegations and I'm thankful that you also see the benefit to having 1600 votes per day on the minnows themselves as a wonderful accomplishment!

If you'd like to see all of our delegations or you yourself delegation please check out- http://mspdelegator.herokuapp.com/

To celebrate I'm doing a fundraiser for MSP. I'll resteem the top 5 bids for resteems. You can bid more than once. Just put in a comment with number of resteems and price per resteem. All raised SBDs will go to MSP so we can do more cool shit for this community!!!

If you want to vote my witness then all you gotta do is click this https://steemit.com/~witnesses, and click the button next to my name. EZPZ WOOOOOT!

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C'mon Bidders. I'm a one month old minnow, broke as a joke, but I got $25 SBD for a resteem.

I'm officially raising the bar on bids for this MSP fund raiser yo.

Whallllles, come out, come out where ever you are!

Don't let my punk ass measly minnow $25 SBD bid for an awesome Aggroed resteem make you look like a Moby Dick!

You're better than that, right?

PS: I'll donate any income from this comment to the same MSP fundraiser


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Looking for whale love!!!


<3 this :)


@sircork got you a $1.2 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@sircork got you a $1.2 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

Want a boost? Click here to read more!


This comment has received a 7.54 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @sircork.


Right on Sircork... I like your style! Need to take a page from you and attract whales! ;-)


If you read my blog, you'll find a post with a title along the lines of "if you're fishing for whales, you're doing it wrong" or similar somesuch... net many minnows. whales will grow from there.


haha, that's telling them @sircork! come one guys..


Well, I see they are too busy self voting to help out with a simple donation here. Guess us minnows will have to school up and school them in the art of giving!

Congrats on the the well deserved title. You have worked hard and all of us can see that. Let's help the community grow.

Killing it, I think we should take the time to mention the greeters, mini-mods, minnow, whale and dolphin delegates and moderators over at PALnet the home of the MinnowSupport Project. @gmuxx, @swelker101, @sircork, @nlizotte, @followbtcnews, @crimsonclad, @scooter77, @creativesoul, @finance2nomad, and of course @sammosk being some of them, sorry for any I missed out but this post would go on for a million lines otherwise.

This is a team project and I am proud of each and every one of you that take the time to get involved. PALnet and MSP FTW!!


And what a fantastic organisation and community @aggroed has pulled together. I know I wouldn't have gotten the kickstart I needed when I first kicked off on Steemit without the PAL and MSP. You are a legend and deserve all the accolades you get. Thank you to all the other minnows who make it happen too. Communities are what this platform is made of and minnows are what will build this platform into the future.

Thanks for the mention @sammosk. It's nice to be recognised for my little effort as well.






Careful with them roo's bro. Big old 44 gallon bastids


Hear hear! You guys are amazing and I am proud to be part of this project. Keep on rocking everyone! (L)


Glad to have you here!

Whoo hoo!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! You have so rocked this out and I'm so happy for you!!!

Seem like yesterday I became your 1,000 follower and jumped on the aggroed bus and you were my first witness that I voted for. And that's because you took the time to show a new minnow how to do things right here.

You my friend have made an epic difference in how this community works for people and you're just getting started. Wish I was closer to Boston to catch your hangout. You and the team there are going to get even more traction and when summer is over and the world gets back to work look out - it's going to be an avalanche of success!!!

This is a well deserved honour, @aggroed. When I voted for you as a witness, your name was outside of the list of names provided. I still went ahead and voted for you, because you have been working hard to build the steemit community through the @minnowsupport and other projects. Yes, I celebrate people who build and give back to communities and you are one of them. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a TOP 50 witness!!!


I think @aggroed may have been the first witness that I voted for, but I'm not sure of that.


Ok. I think you can check that from steemd.com. Not quite sure.

@aggroed, I've been on this platform exactly as long as it took you to put this outfit together and I watched you do it. I threw in some little support here and there, but wow, you've really done it!

It was as though you did it in the blink of an eye. Your remarkable drive is what took this to the next level. Every inch of your success was from the luck you created for yourself. Be proud and enjoy this moment for what it is, something truly special. Congratulations buddy! Superfuckingawesome.

2SBD for 1 resteem?? big ups & see you in brookline!


Might just win it with that. Bidding is slow :P


long as im top 5 🎅... could def use the exposure!!

I voted for @aggroed.

Job well done and with the continued support you provide it will only get better. Now that you have the momentum this is the time and place to take it to the next level. Please do the things that got you to this point and you will notice that the rewards will be exponential, not just in the monetary realm, but you have a real opportunity to enrich others lives. Create a cult like fellowship...


I try to do that every day!


The difference is that you actually take action and the numbers you produce speak volumes to your commitment. It has been a road paved with your blood, sweat and tears, which is the reason there are whales that are showing you love. As a collective, as the minnows amass together, you are the Pied Piper.

Well done fellow steemer

I am following you from the very beginning and I always see a great motivation inside me after reading your post, thoughts and the hard work you are doing for this great community.

Congrats mate!

That's amazing man. I just voted for you. I for one know that I need a lot of support to grow. So I definitely support.

CONGRATS @aggroed. You deserve it, you work hard for the community and for discord and everyone really in general!


Thanks qwa!

aggroed, yuu fuckin DESERVE IT.

In fact, even before this recognition, there has been silent recognition from many people, both vocal and non-vocal going in the background. Want proof?

I mentioned your name as one of those who ELEVATE Steemit with their Contributions...

Keep grinding my friend and know that your work is recognized by whales and minnows alike (more by minnows!)...


Thank kreddy! It's nice to be noticed.


I wish other Whales could think like you and help the millows out instead of just upvoting one another.

But congratulations, you sure to deserve it . Hard work pays off. @aggroed

Hi @aggroed! Welcome to steemit. Follow me and I'll follow you! @sircork


SOLD! Free Lambo by Wednesday!


I'd like custom paint, you can have till Thursday.


I'll detail it for you for a resteem @sircork ;)


First one's free!




Upgoat or go home kid! :D

I'm brand new here, and honestly I clicked on this post because there are so many terms in the title that I don't understand, it's like trying to crack heiroglyphs without the Rosetta Stone.... I'm gonna go find me that stone....


If you google "explain steemit to me like i"m 5" you'll get a good article


HAhaha, oh geez, what a great title.

This post has been resteemed by @nettybot courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

This post has been resteemed by @minnowsupport courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

HELL YEAH! Congrats @aggroed you deserve it my friend. Hope you have a great weekend. Celebrate that nomination!


WOOT!!! Thanks Jeff!!!

Well done.
198 to 50 in 2 months is great. If this keeps going you'll hit top spot by the end of the year.

Awesome...only I have no idea what the role of a witness is and its importance...( I am only a minnow so don't laugh)
PAL and Minnowsupport on discord are awesome, I have met amazing people and got fantastic support ( I am even looking for a role as 'Greeter'
So although I don't know or understand the role of a Witness...I can vouch for this community...you guys rock


Thanks Paulag. We'll talk about it in Discord! I'll get you up to speed. Thanks for your support!


Nice one @aggroed! Hope that my vote counted! Thank you for the good job and the things you do for SteemIt


They all count. I'm barely a hair over 50!


You will be in top30 shortly. As promised, I will contact you tomorrow on discord ;)

This post has been resteemed by @msp-lovebot courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

This post has been resteemed by @msp-waves courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

You have been a great inspiration. You deserve it. Congrats! :-)


Thanks Magick!

This post has been resteemed by @lovejuice courtesy of @aggroed from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Congrats @aggroed! I am really proud. I can't think of anyone that deserves it more than you do. Keep up the great work!

Congratulations aggroed! The Steemit community appreciates all of you hard work!

Congratulations @aggroed!
I'm glad I could make my modest contribution to your growth


Thank you dimarss!


Good luck and speedy growth!

Congratulations on making the big 50! Looking forward to the radio.

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Congrats on your achievement!!!
You've done pretty good job .

Congrats @aggroed. Your/our community has what kept me involved on steemit more than anything else to this point. I know my posts will not go unnotticed nor my questions go unanswered. You have done more for this community than anyone else i have seen by far. Its hard to be suprised all your hard work and dedication is paying off.

Hey man! That's great, well deserved! I'm grateful for all your hard work and appreciative that MSP was recently founded right when I found Steemit. It makes it a hell of a lot less discouraging starting out. I recently decided to follow the minnowsupport trail on Streemian to give what support I can to the project. Definitely interested to see what happens in the future! All the best!

Congrats Man!
Must feel great after all the hard work. 😀


What a relief. What a great day! I'm so stoked!!!

I am glad to see the names of 3 friends ( @fulltimegeek, @craig-grant, @stellabelle) on your list of high ranking stakeholders who vote for you. Moreover, I've resteemed your post. Many thanks to you all.

Congratulations bro..@aggroed

Congratulations and thank you for the help you have offered the small guy like me.

Much deserved bossman. MSP has been an awesome ride and I am happy you brought me along. Now let's get you in the top 25 eh?


I'm honored to have you with me on this journey. Namaste brother!


You have a lot of friends out there, but you've earned every one. It's a pleasure to cast my vote for you.

Congratulations boss @aggroed

Awesome, congrats bud!! Well deserved for sure.

Congratulations @aggroed! I'm one of those minnows you had to support recently that couldn't figure out the difference between the words 'register' and 'registration' despite your repeated attempts to explain it to me... So you deserve this if for no other reason than your patience! lol


Well worth it. Glad to have you with us!

That's amazing @aggroed! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

Congrats on the top 50 @aggroed. Proud to have been an early voter :-) This is only the beginning.


Thanks Scaredy. Glad to have you there!

Great job aggroed..keep it up and you may start getting 10 blocks a day! $$$ just get everyone to vote for you when they register and you can have hundreds of vests lol


yes! hundreds and hundreds of vests. So many vests. Yeah, so, $20 a day isn't worth it at all, but it's still fun and what I love doing. So, I'm in.

Thanks for giving me a chance to reply and ask for more followers.
When I resteem and upvote, we need more STEEMPOWER!!!

Im no minnow, Im no whale, I am a Giant Octopus Elephant with
300+ Brains. Im a MindHunter. And Im into cryptocurrency, imagine that.

Blockchain? Interested? ICO, coming in December 2017........tune in

Congratulations and thanks for your ongoing help in showing many of us the ropes!

You get so much support here. It look like you deserve it. Just upvoted your witness.


I haven't found a good way to reach you. You're always welcome in Discord and I'm on steemitchat as aggroed. Thank you for your support and it's a pleasure to meet you!


Thanks for a reply. Currently I'm too busy and I barely keep up with voting and answering on a main steemit blog. Maybe some day. I hope sooner than later.

WOW! Congrats!!! I'm so new here I don't fully understand what exactly you are excited about, but I'm really happy for your happiness and your enthusiasm is contagious!!! Keep on Rockin on on Steemit!!!

Golly, I remember when you were down under 100 when MSP started. Congratulations!

Wow Congrats Bro!!! We were just discussing your 51st place few days ago on discord.
Good Game Well Played! Next destination is top 20.
I bid 2 resteems 1 SBD each.

Congrats @aggroed make us proud!! ✌️

That is something you are well deserved!! The minnowsupportproject really helped many of us here, and we are gladly to support you back!!

Incredible news! I'm still new, but hopefully I can get there one day too!

Congrats, man. 50 is just the beginning. :)

You have worked hard to the minnowsupportproject!! this is an honor you deserved!! Thank you again for the minnowsupport @aggored!! It really help me a lot as a minnow and a newbie in Steemit

I really like what you are doing with @minnowsupport, it is amazing seeing so many newcomers on there helping other new people.

Good Luck on the witness, you have my vote :)

Fantastic! Good to hear the work paid off! :) voted for you in ~witnesses :)

Keep up the good work :)


Thanks! WOOHOO!!!

Welldone!! You deserve it. Now to the top 20!

Awesome going aggroed, good work man.

This post received a 5% vote by @nettybot courtesy of @sircork from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Won't be long and you'll be in the top 20.
Very well done and great work!

That's an amazing achievement!
You really deserve it.

I love you and am proud of you! Its so great to see you so inspired and fulfilled. I know what its like to live the dream. Its priceless!
Keep up the great work!

you totally deserve that :D


Awww hun I'm tearing right along with you. Your success is hard earned and totally well deserved and I'm over the moon for you. For all that you do for the community - You'll always have my vote @aggroed


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That's amazing budddy

I love the MSP...
It has definitely been the drive behind my blogs or vlogs...
I went from no views to averaging 2 to 25 dollars on every post:)
I haven't been on steemit long to see who is who, but minnow support has been my confidence booster for sure:)

Great accomplishment buddy !!

Congratulations Man!

congratulations. this is well deserved @aggroed. thanks for sharing

Persistence @aggroed well deserved and fully earned, congrats!!!

Congratulations @aggroed!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Comments - Ranked 5 with 120 comments

Nice to see you at the TOP50. You received 1 of the 4 witness votes I made, I really look to give my votes only for people improving Steemit in a way that I recognize and you really deserved it.


That's a great honor! Thank You!

wow, your energy is amazing !

I'm very happy you made it @aggroed, it's clear that you worked super hard to make it there, that's why I voted for you :) and surely other's voted for you because they saw a positive person that would be a good influence on Steemit. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D


Thanks Maria!

Nicely done! You are the only Witness I have voted for ;)

Awesome. Up-Voted and Followed. Congratulations. I'm just a new Minnow.

YUGE for sure. You deserve it. Good work.

Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations! Voted you :) Cheers!

Resteem, congratulations sir @aggroed of minnowsville

Congratulations. I upvoted for you too.

congrats! big one!

Congratulations @aggroed for being a witness

YEAH YOU ARE - NICE JOB! I'm one of those 416 , prob waaaaaay down in minnow land, but I'm with ya.


Thanks pics!!!