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#40 - @Joseph

Joseph is a prolific poster, with 13 pages of original posts on his ChainBB home page. He’s known for bringing some off-color humor to the platform, delivering his witness reports via dubbed North Korean propaganda video (r/Pyongyang style), and having recently claimed responsibility for phallic artwork in “I Drew The Dicks”. Somewhere in there, there’s a “Superbad” joke.


Don't tell Gtg about this one.

Joseph has covered a wide variety of topics on his blog, including humor, chemistry, politics, cryptocurrency, and Steemit current events...and of course, he does seem to enjoy the North Korean topic!

Joseph sponsored two contests to send two Steemians, @BarryDutton and @SaraMiller, to Steemfest 2 in Lisbon. In each case, the prize was $1000 SBD. A testament to their popularity, the contest posts themselves turned a profit, even after paying out the contest winners and curation (this was a revenue-positive giveaway.)


Burrito cat was locked up for a sponsorship deal.

Joseph is a notable detractor of, JerryBanfield, whom he strongly implies is “fake” (along with his followers, apparently) and “a self-absorbed loser.” Joseph goes on to attack Jerry for outsourcing tasks to other Steemians better suited to completing them than himself. I don’t understand this complaint. Does Joseph make his own butter?

I'll let him phrase it in his own words:


Quit flirting and tell us how you really feel.

In the past, I know Jerry has paid Steemians for post transcripts, technical witness assistance, and I assume help with videos and equipment. He paid me for research. How is this a bad thing? Surely, we must drive out such malice as Jerry’s, post-haste! Such opportunity-sharing within the community is a dangerous precedent. If this continues, we may be forced to endure content that is neither produced by outside advertisers, nor filmed on ShakyCamDark! (patent pending)

Joseph is also a Peerplays witness.

Joseph holds 27,000 SP and is powering down.

Joseph’s Current Witness Update: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@joseph/witness-update-september-2017

Joseph’s Original Witness Thread: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@joseph/introducing-my-witness-and-testing-posting-all-in-one

Steemfest Giveaway 1: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@joseph/win-a-free-trip-to-lisbon-portugal-to-attend-steemfest-ii-first-winner-and-second-chance-giveaway

Steemfest Giveaway 2: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@joseph/steemfestii-second-chance-giveaway-winner

Steemfest Giveaway Original: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@joseph/win-a-free-trip-to-lisbon-portugal-to-attend-steemfest-ii

Peerplays Witness Proposal: https://steemit.com/peerplays-witness/@joseph/peerplays-blockchain-witness-proposal

“Social Media Influencers” Post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@joseph/meet-steem-s-1-so-called-added-value-self-absorbed-influncers

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Nice posts @lexiconical !
How do you find all the information about each of the witness, do you mostly discuss with them or just investigate through their profiles?

I use a number of tools to get all my information.

I peruse their blog, from the beginning, via ChainBB to avoid resteems. I search for discussion about them, or mentions in the comments. I try to read their opinion pieces and highlight a topic they have a strong opinion on, or that they may find interesting. (In Joseph's case, it was his post on Jerry.)

I also use @Drakos' tool to check the health, version, and stats of their witness:


I ask other Steemians if they have any knowledge. If the witness belongs to one of my communities (or chooses to contact me), I'll include any information they provide. If they have edits or changes after I post, I will fairly consider them and add or retract as necessary, up to the 7-day edit restriction. Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me if Joseph chose to comment here and respond to my snark.

Thanks for a relevant question.

I have a question which is not related to this post, I hope you don't mind!!
My question is that, if we buy a vote from any bot within the first 30 minutes of a post, do we keep the curator rewards as well?

The short answer is, kind of. It depends on when you do it, and who else has voted. At 30 minutes, curators get a full cut. At 15 minutes, it's 50% (12.5% total).

I prefer to attempt to trigger bots when they will give rewards to my curators, but that also means I've taken losses on several of my bids. With the timing cycle, you can't really choose when the votes come in, and sometimes you post an article and simply don't have time to wait around, curation window or no.

Some bots, such as MinnowBooster, are beginning to implement post age limits for this reason, and I think that is beneficial as I am 100% for increasing the viability of curation, particularly on lesser known authors. Trying to encourage my readers/voters with large curation rewards is one of the main reasons I futz with all these timed-bid voting bots.

I think this is the best explanation I've come across! Thanx.
Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Thank you for the information.

@joseph is older guy in steemit..........what about you @lexiconical?

He has certainly been around longer than I have.

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A quick check of his blog will show that he's doing much "better" than I am.

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I appreciate your support and compliment!

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Yes, he is definitely a long-time user with a very high reputation.

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Thanks For Your Good info.

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Thank you.

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