Peerplays blockchain, Witness Proposal.

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PeerPlays blockchain launch yesterday went quick and smooth, a group of active people jumped in and helped each other to create witness/seed nodes. Some we know here from steemit like @jesta @roelandp @pfunk @anyx @bacchist @theprophet0 @wackou @lafona-witness @bhuz and others...

By the time I got online, I started to compile my node, I ran into the issue of account creation, because the account creation faucet was not setup yet, @bhuz was generous enough to help me with that process. And I was able to create the account joseph-witness , I was also able to claim my purchase from the ICO and upgrade my account and create my witness.

The compilation part was very easy, following these instructions:

The only part that did not work was the faucet like I said, but on the telegram channel, people are helping out with account creation.

The webwallet will be released some time today, which will make registration a lot easier.

My Witness Proposal:

  • Dependable witness node with excellent uptime. ( 16 Thread CPU, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 300 Mbps connection )
  • Promotions on twitter and slack
  • Refund on the first 5 PPY you lose to me on the Poker Table.

Please vote for " joseph-witness "

Thank you


Impressive reputation bro. I hope you get the votes you need. I'll vote for you.

Thanks i am new to all this technology and would definitely want to know more about these witness node thing in the future. Any suggestion where i should start? Thank you and have a nice friday.

Sadly I don't have many PPY tokens - should have bought more when they were cheap! Is the wallet out yet and does it have voting built in?

The web wallet will be out some time tonight. I will put the links in my next post and update this one. There will also be a windows client. Voting with web wallet is possible yes.

Cool well it goes without saying you will get my vote - sadly won't be worth much (at least not yet - if some of my other investments pay off I will try to get more).

Your vote is worth a lot more than you think. :D I am excited about peerplays because I tested one of the apps on testnet and it worked great, it seems they know what they are doing.

Yes I've always been impressed whenever I have heard any of the team speak. Have been waiting for this since last year!


Thanks a bunch for the great work, your reputation follows you! Namaste :)

Hi @joseph I voted for your witness please consider voting for mine "content-junkie"

Thanks for being witness for the blockchain.. will definitely vote for you.

Good information !! voted for the witness :)

Great info - thanks

Thank you for sharing keep it up !

Hopefully steemit forward is more advanced and easy to use around the world

Is there any way to get in on PPY for those of us who missed the ICO? :p
Much appreciated!

Right now OTC trading is possible. Windows Client will be out shortly as well for those who do not know how to compile from source. There will also be a web wallet some time today. People are in the process of claiming their coins.

Thank you for the information. Following now😊

Voted for the witness

thank you

Awesome work! How do I vote for witness?

when the web wallet is released it will be easy to vote. Will link to it when available.

Thanks. Ill check back and vote!

Great work, you deserve all votes @joseph - thank you good sir!

nice information.

Thanks for the information, will definitely vote.

Thanks for the info, continue the grind , ur doing a great job have an awesome day. Cheers bud.

Wow! I'll be keeping my eye on this. I wish I had found out about it sooner. :) Will you post again and let us know when the wallet goes live?

yes. will add links in my next post and update this one.

Thank you so much for updating us !

Would love to know more about peerplays.

I heard some arguing that e-sport will have an outstanding growth in the coming years; in Germany a soccer club named "Bayer Leverkusen" is also investing in a team of e-sportsman. It's the long awaited and a great opportunity to the gaming community to leave twilight and get the respect they deserve! Hope Peerplays will play their part well and work out fine! Cheers!

Good sharing! But what is your command on for the project at the long run? As you know there are lots of ICO and not all can make have a long run.. Anyway, thanks for your information, you did a great job.

The project has low coin supply, and on testnet they already shown apps working as planned. If the poker app is good, this token will jump to $50 or $100 in no time.

What is the poker app? Is there any information on this? Will PeerPlays Poker will accept steem/sbd deposits? or will their token be exclusive to their platform? @joseph

Thank you.

PeerPlays will have many gaming apps, as far as I know all crypto tokens will be accepted the same way it is traded on bitshares. So the answer to Steem/SBD is definitely yes.

Looks interesting but not very user friendly yet, will be following the progress.

Great post. Keep it up👌

Hi @joseph I voted for you :-)

Nice Sharing and Thank You so much for all the information @joseph
keep it up ... waiting for more...

Keep the Steem Force strong by being a witness, thank you!

Thanks for helping out!

Nicely done.

Hi my freind. Im newcomer. help me. plz follow me :)

Nice post, great sharing! I like the point you point out, especially that you had made list of figure and graphs as the supporting of your find out and research! And yes, I think coins value will be keep going up at the future and it would be the world trend! Thanks for your sharing!