KLYE Witness Update 08 / 06 / 2017

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Hail to thee, fellow STEEM network citizen. Hope doth well on this lovely day!

Every week a witness update post gets tapped out through my keyboard onto our blockchain to keep the users of our network updated on my goings on in development as well as summarize any releases or news this week. Pretty stoked this week to announce that the STEEM.GLOBAL faucet is once again operating with a new real human verification method. In other news finally got my new RYZEN 1800x workstation stable enough to start loading up with the required "tools of the trade" turning it into the most bad ass development battlestation I could feasibly build for less than an arm and leg. Also hit a huge, long awaited milestone this week in regards to followers! Read more below.

This Week as STEEM Witness

STEEM.GLOBAL faucet is operational again! Implementing a new human verification method allowed the re-opening of the faucet letting STEEM once again flow freely to those seeking it. Built a new development rig and have been setting it up after finally getting it to run stable. Have a new man cave office space also now as well in the new place I've moved. To top it all off surpassed the 2500 followers mark earlier this week. w00t!

Get Verified on STEEM.GLOBAL for Free Hourly STEEM!

STEEM.GLOBAL was our networks first faucet. Dedicated to spreading STEEM throughout the land in the form of small payouts to help distribute STEEM as well as it's blockchain. The code running the faucet was conjured together by yours truly and an early version was released publicly on my blog. After a period of being decommissioned due to users multi accounting very pleased to announce the site is once more handing out free STEEM to users who go through the new human verification process to verify their accounts.

The hourly payout is only 0.001 STEEM at the moment, however debating on upping this a wee bit to get the STEEM flowing again and perhaps re-integrating the scratch cards and lottery functions on the site.. We'll see I guess.

Check out the post linked below for more information on how you can verify your STEEM.GLOBAL account and start collecting free STEEM every hour today:

STEEM.GLOBAL Human Verification Post

Finally Tamed Project Black Stallion Workstation

A couple grand later with roughly a week to get the damn thing to run properly I've finally got a workhorse capable of lifting any computing or development task I can dream to throw at it. The Black Stallion is a 16GB RYZEN 1800x workstation clocking a 3200Mhz FSB and a RX 580 GPU for visual support. The goal was to build a rig capable of running a STEEM instance locally as well as get ready to dip into VR development in the upcoming year.

Nearly got my office space set up in the new place and this box outfitted with everything needed to make life easier whilst trekking through development hell. Still the odd bug to work out in the system but overall I can't imagine an upgrade will be needed for the foreseeable future, even with the 16 core AMD's on the horizon..

Celebrated +2500 Followers on Steemit

Wow.. That's a big friggin number! With nearly 4x the followers on Steemit than I do friends on flakebook it donned on me this week that I've got the equivalent of a decent sized town that receives my posts.. Thank you to all of you who've decided to take the plunge and follow my blog. While I've not been posting as much as I like to lately you've my word I'll be making a greater effort to deliver more info, tools, humour and whale gonads in the future.

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Thank you thank you for being the awesome rockstar you are @klye and working so hard to help all the little minows still wading in the shallow end 🤗

Excellent post, greetings ..

Thank you so much,. For me this is like finding water in the dessert :D


Klye for witness ?! Indeed the vote is in your honor

Thank you for your report. Honestly long time I do not visit steem global. May be I should check it in my free time. Nice :)

Vote given, you deserved it

You are doing a great job here, thanks for this report and congrats on 2500!

buen contenido gracias buen post

Wow you really are doing good! Nice job on being over 2500 channel subscribers. I hope to learn from the success you are having! Best of luck!

I'll vote kyle for witness...can you make a post on how to vote.

hi! love your style! following!

Hello friend @klye , I like your post, I congratulate you, thank you for sharing keep it up :-)

buen post, visita mis ´post @leoledda48

I'll be glad to support you @kyle


Congrats again on 2500 followers! You are doing a great job, keep up the great work up!

Good to see this update... been a really long time since I've looked at steem.global, well done on getting it up again!

awesome @klye, congrats for 2.5k milestone. lots of exciting updates, keep rocking dude!

great job @klte best of luck.


The principal! He will give me TP! I would hate for my bungholio to get polio....Where I come from, we have no bunghole.

I hail thee oh great witness. I am grateful for this post and I shall move forward for the human verification. I wait no more.

Hail the witness

No kyle you dont need to thank us, we are the ones who need to thank you for everything and for the opportunity that you give us to be part of your amazing projects!!! We support you because you earned, because you're the best of the best and again thank you for being an amazing person!!!!!

Hi @klye, I'm a designer and have just joined Steemit. My first story is a collection of 10 ideas on how to improve the design of the story cards in the feed. Please tell me what you think!

I have done what I can to be verified on the other post and set up an account on steem.global and I voted for you as a witness. I do not really know what any of this means but I am very happy to be a part of it.

You are dragging a grandma along with you now so be careful!

Many minnows will benefit from the faucet. Glad you opened it back.

You got it, nice meeting you in #general today.

Hi Kyle, What is the turn around time right now for steemit approval? Sorry if you are not the person to ask :) Its been 3 weeks for my hubby and we have not received an acceptance :(