STEEM.GLOBAL Faucet Re-Enabled! FREE HOURLY STEEM FOR EVERYONE! Verify Your Account Today to Start Gettin' That STEEM Money!

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Announcing the reopening of the STEEM.GLOBAL hourly STEEM faucet!

A few months back the STEEM.GLOBAL faucet was decommissioned due to a handful of individuals creating a large number of accounts and using them to claim more STEEM than they were supposed to be. To combat this I'd thought to create some code to sort out and ban multi accounters but instead have opted to do manual human verification. Not only does this method work 100% to weed out would-be multi-account scammers but also lets me see the person behind the username, creating a more human connection and making the user "real".

How to Verify Your Account to Enable Faucet

More info on how you can verify your STEEM.GLOBAL account below:

STEEM.GLOBAL Human Verification Post

After posting your verification it may take anywhere from 1 to 7 days to have your account manually verified and switched over to allow you to collect that sweet sweet free STEEM. Currently the payout is set to 0.001 STEEM per hour but will adjust it without warning dependent on a number of factors such as STEEM price, number of users collecting hourly and available faucet balance. Will try to get GUI display of hourly payout rate coded up in the next day or so to allow users to see what the faucet rate currently is paying out.

69% of Payout Converted to STEEM for Faucet!

Vote @KLYE for Witness

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Good to see such sharing from your side


Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Oh thats great @kyle .
This will surely help new commers .

I can't register @klye!

Error: Human verification failed. Please click the square box in the reCAPTCHA block below.

This box is in the 'login' section which is a bit confusing?

I clicked it anyway and went down to 'register' again, no dice!


Ok I'm in! Time to verify my ass!




Signup and we will credit your Qoin wallet everyday with:

0.00000250 BitCoin
0.00007671 LiteCoin
0.00604838 FeatherCoin
0.24640460 Virtacoin
0.00056826 PeerCoin
0.00004063 Dash
0.00025130 Neo

Trusted 2014 - 2017

Oh thanks for sharing with us @klye these updates!! Bye the way Happy Friendship Day @klye!!


Thanks sir! Glad to be able to tithe back some STEEM to the community that has helped me grow and succeed.

Another brilliant articles. I am impressed more and more, day by day. There are so many interesting moments starting to inspire me. Very exciting for me. I wish you the best of luck, also wait for an interesting thought from you! I wait for new articles!

Sounds great ! Maybe I will try to sign up !

Sounds good to me ! Maybe I will try to sign up ! 👍👍👍

Nueva actualizacion, que bien

I already have an account. Do I need to do anything else?


Just need to pop over to the STEEM.GLOBAL Human Verification Post and follow the instructions there!


Cool, thanks 😼


@klye Is there a wait time on getting verified on, I posted my verification a few days ago, thanks

WOWZERS BUDDY! things are def. progressing! :)

thanks klye people like you are the real life and blood of the community and help it grow strong thanks for the news

Thats great! Im going to start using the faucet when im done work⭐⭐⭐

Thank you for this work)
I tried to register yesterday, but I did not succeed (can you help me?


Try again sir.

Thanks a lot for sharing this news for us @klye
I'm so glad to

Nice post. Thank you for sharing

That is super legit I checked out the website it is well put together! I will keep up with the progress of it!

I love this. Is really a good news

Excelente post. No sabia que habia una faucet de esta indole. Hermano, felicidades. Ahora necesito saber como ingresar para trabajar en ella. Mi upvote para ti, bro

Glad it's back now with more secured features.

This seems to me to be excellent news, and I want to say that Steemit does not stop marveling, both for what it offers and for the people that make this technology marvel possible. That is why I say that Steemit is much more than a social network or business, it is above all that, that is why Steemit is the before and after social networks and Internet business, thanks @klye for sharing and making this powerful contribution available. My upvote and resteem for this post

Neat! I will register and resteem thanks.