Now Transmitting to Over 2500 Followers!

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What an amazing journey the past year and a bit has been! The advent of our STEEM network springing to life over a year ago invoked an amazing change for the way I live.

Weighing in at over 2500 followers here on the STEEM network is a HUGE milestone. Followers actually friggin' mean something here! And I've got a healthy abundance! Thank you to everyone who follows my posts, I appreciate each and every one of ya.

It's still strange to me to think that a few years ago I'd been sleeping on the streets, scraping together whatever I could to survive, not really living but merely prolonging my at the time somewhat meaningless existence. I did not get to where I am now myself however.

I've had so much support along the way I wouldn't even know where to start the list.. Tons of people, both in "real life" and online have always kept me going, helping me by making sure I was fed, lending me couches to crash on and ultimately incubating the potential within while believing in me when I was unable to see the extremely unique gifts, talents and knowledge in my possession. You all know who you are.

To my Friends, Followers & Fans: You've helped make me what I am today. <3

Thank you for seeing me not for what I was, but for what I could become.

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Hey @kyle, didn't know about your past experiences. Didn't know you had seen such hard times, just a few years ago. But the heartening thing is that steemit has done a world of good to you and to many other people who are in need of a helping hand. And yeah before I forget, congrats for 2500. It's a big deal- it really is. Cheers..!!


I've seen this bb literally computering in a cardboard box in cold ass Canada :P


lol. Yeah bb of all the people I've know online over the years you've certainly been there. <3

Congratulations on achieving this landmark

Congrats on that one dude. Massive number! I am slightly disappointed in the lack of dick art to celebrate ;0)


Bahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh mate. Microsoft is killing off MS-paint... Almost feels like a part of me is dying.


You know when I found out about that my first thought was of your art man!!! Bastardsoft!


Just dUal boot windows 95

That is really amazing, this indicate you have made a lot of friendship and they've been reading your post upvoting. Steemit has been helping to make friendship from all part of the world.

Congrats, my friend! If you are doing a good deed, people will follow you without any doubt😉

Honestly , great job and it's not easy making it this far without some struggles , I hope the best for you now and your future , keep striving . And congratulations @klye

Congrats, that's so awesome!! You've earned it for sure, thanks for all your great work. :)

That's brilliant! Congrats on the milestone... but especially well done on turning your life around, and then giving back as you do to the community!

Congratulation For 2500 Followers

I thought I had a lot, congrats! Hope you double your number of followers in half the time!

well, now you've got another follower!!

Hey! @klye congratulations on getting 2500 followers indeed an incredible feet and time to rejoice. You have done the hard work now enjoy the reward. The reward of being able to be heard and interacted with is indeed incredible hope to see you galloping towards the next milestone of say 5000 and hopefully faster as you are gathering steem ;) your train chugs along much faster good luck

Wow congrats! Glad to hear you are doing well and off the streets. Really amazing what Steemit can do for people and how it can change lives! Thabks for sharing.

Congratulations @klye
And you yourself hold the credit for your success. Instead of negative thoughts, you kept going and now I guess you are a whale on Steemit (Not sure if you are a dolphin or whale)
Positivity or negativity decides your fate.
Keep up the good work!

Your story and success simply makes me happy!

Congrats on your success i just added my self to your list of followers

que buena info

Your paint skills are awesome @klye! Congratulations for 2500 followers, it's great result :) Good luck @klye!


That's great @klye, Congrats 🚖🚖🖐🖐

congrats! :)

Congratulation's man! Just #upvoted you and #followed you! So you just got +1 =D thanks for the article!

I'm happy for you that everything is fine)

I just reached 100 followers myself and feels good when you reach a milestone! Congrats on reaching 2500 followers hope one day I can reach that goal! What a great achievement!


You gained another follower. Gave you some upvotes to celebrate your 100 posts. Can't wait for your 2500 followers post next year.


Thank you so much :)

Hey I am new to this community , congratulation on obtaining so much of followers and for sharing ur experience on how u got to this place , it's really great to have special friends in ur life , that reminds u u are not worthless and always there to pick u up when life pushes u down.
Please read my post :


Generally it's considered bad manners to post your links on others stuff unless explicitly asked to do so.

However I'll let it slide today and let you off with a heads up! Glad you made it onto steemit.


Congrats on 2000 followers.

ooww,,, best followers,,, nice pos friend @kl



Dang I thought you where much higher then that! Congrats on the 2,500

Congratulation my friend:)

Congrats buddy

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