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In the last two weeks lots of things happened with our project . First of all we updated witness from version 0.20.6 to 0.20.7 and just two days later to blockchain version 0.20.8, where we are currently.
As a witness I must say we all do hate these updates - but what we miss here - with every update our ecosystem is improved, so as much as we hate it we need these updates.

One of the biggest things that happened over the last 10 days is our partnership with Bananafish project

When we started our journey, we knew that we need to do two specific, equally important things – to curate, encourage and help all crowdsourcing initiatives and to constantly develop our project. Many don't think so, but Steem is very dynamic ecosystem and we need to follow community pulse and evolve with it. The crowdsourcing is a core principle of the Bananafish work, and the quality of their crowd-created content is almost always exceptional. But this is not everything, they are planning to launch another activity in 2019, which can benefit the whole platform and put creativity on another level.

In the past 7 days we interviewed another great steemian and active witness Liberosist, please check it out.

Follow @crowdmind for more interviews like these and if you are interesting in participating in one of our interviews or you have an idea who should we talk to, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen as soon as possible.


As always, it is time for some numbers and other things people run away from school - just to be ambushed by it on our lovely blockchain. ;)

Crowdwitness currently have ~ 800SP, while @crowdmind has ~ 4280SP - thanks to all the delegators, you guys rock!

In the last 12 days:

  • crowdwitness upvoted 102 posts in total.
  • Out of these 102 posts, 13 posts were from different projects we support (teamserbia 6, steemSTEM 2, yu-STEM 4, davinci.witness 1).
  • 22 posts were resteemed by @crowdmind.

Other supported projects:

  1. @teamserbia (+ trail vote)
  2. @yu-STEM (+ trail vote)
  3. @steemSTEM
  4. @davinci.witness
  5. @i-talent

Witness rank:

crowdwitness is approved by 145 steemians with cumulative 2553 MVests. These votes ranked us to 114th amongst active witnesses. Lets be honest this is amount of steem is just enough to have 4 beers per week in Serbia, but since we believe in crowdsourcing and crowd wisdom of STEEM we will keep doing our job and not power down anything.

With our increasing strength we will be able to support projects with bigger impact. We are open for discussion with other project leaders and collaboration with them.


If you like what we do, please consider supporting our project with your witness vote or delegating to @crowdmind.

10 SP | 15 SP | 35 SP | 50 SP | 75 SP
100SP | 500SP | 1,000SP | 5,000SP | 10,000SP
(vote manually: go to scroll down, type crowdwitness then press vote)
Or just click on the banner for steemconnect redirection.


Congratulations with the successful application of these necessary updates and your ranking of 114th within the witness standing! 🍻

Our potassium rich deity doesn't run from the mention of all of those lovely numbers (in fact there are a few within the Bananafish Tribe that have a special place in their hearts for a well organized spreadsheet😉.)

@Bananafish is proud to support the fine team behind Crowdwitness and all of the community's efforts in improving the Steem ecosystem! Well done to you all!

..Someone said spreadsheet!? 🤪

"...Someone said spreadsheet!? 🤪"
Thank you dear friends it is our honor to support you, and you know what? Doctor has to tell you something. :)

Amen, brother! The world is plenty of Bananafish acolytes, whether they know it or not.

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

..145 steemians? Let's double them for January! 😎

Double, our ambitions are much higher! Make it triple! :)

Ditto man! What world would it be without some ambition?

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