Crowdmind Interview: Meet @liberosist, a man behind Ring Nebula (M57)

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It is that time of the week, we are back with another interesting interview. This time we spoke with a great witness operator, one of the STEEM’s ancient users, founder of the Curie project and one of the most recognized people on Steem blockchain overall - @liberosist.

CM: Can you tell us a little bit more about a man behind Ring Nebula (M57)? When did you join steem(it), how did you come across? What brought you to Steem?

I discovered Steem in June 2016, before rewards were paid out. Didn’t think much of it, there was very limited activity and dominated by shitposts. A month later, it showed up as #3 on Coinmarketcap out of nowhere. That brought in a lot more users, including yours truly.

CM: As one of the founders of Curie, you stated few times that your passion is community and curation. Do you have any other running projects?

I enjoy consuming content of all kind. I’m not involved with any Steem projects currently, however, I do consult/advise some people behind the scenes.

CM: In the era of bid bots dominance and vote buying, how do you think manual curation can overcome this and have a great impact once again?

The only way is to convince large stakeholders that better curation will lead to a better Steem and a greater value for their stake. I.e. 1 million Steem stake at $2 is worth more than 1.1 million Steem at $1. Whether there’s any correlation between price and quality of curation is another debate - but that’s how you may be able to con(vince) them.

Of course, a fundamental shift away from stake-weighted voting could also bring curation back into play, but that’s not on the agenda.

CM: As a witness ranked on the 61st place, can you tell us what are your criteria for approving work of another witness?

Usually, I approve undervalued witnesses who have done and continue to do much for the platform over the last 2+ years without being loudmouthed about it. There are so few such candidates that I also vote for others I have found trustworthy over a period of time.

CM: You were always one of the most informed Steemians, what are your thoughts on SMT lite and can it make an impact on current economic status. Do you see STEEM getting positive swing by more diversity?

SMT Lite makes sense. Crypto is full of egomaniacs, and having their own tokens will definitely get them more motivated. STEEM will get a positive swing when the crypto mafia chooses to manipulate it. But yes, an ecosystem of tokens will drive demand for STEEM, to some extent.

CM: You raised your voice against stake-weighted voting, 50:50 and superlinear curation rewards. Have you reached up any alternative solution?

No, I don’t have an alternative solution. SMT with Oracles & 1A1V and Communities show some promise, but I’ll remain skeptical till I see it in action.

CM: What do you think of @crowdmind’s effort to try to wake steem crowd?

Any effort to offer tools and information to the community is welcome. That said, I can’t form an opinion just yet. I’ll follow your progress - ask me in 2020.

CM: If you have something to say to our audience, or regular/new steemians, feel free to do it, we won’t alter anything.

If you want to build a long-term audience, write about what you know and love (don’t chase the trends) and engage with the community. Be patient and persistent. Bear markets are a great opportunity to build a following.

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