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My fellow Steemians,

Welcome to my nineth witness update. I do these weekly on Fridays as some other witnesses do, so I may keep my followers and the community up-to-date. Hopefully, this will show that I strive to be an active and reliable witness and that I may hopefully gain your witness approval vote.

I will use @jesta's template for these witness updates as he is awesome. And as always for witness update posts, I will use the Power Up 100% option.

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-11-18

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • Continue to spend time on the codebase.
  • Follow up on separating the resteemed posts from author posts.
  • Get ready for the next hardfork.
  • Continue with @timcliff's wish list and trying to implement some of the items there.
  • Continue being active on Steemit, Steemit Chat, and GitHub.

3. Thoughts from this week

This has been a very wild week!

We've started the week back from SteemFest. I've read many posts about it and I can tell it was a very special, very magical experience for all. I was watching the live feed on the first day and even noticed a cameo of one of my apps during @ned's presentation! See the post SteemDown Cameo at SteemFest!.

As everyone was busy coming back from SteemFest, the hardfork wasn't released on the 16th as @dantheman has said was the tentative date. There was no communication about it which led to concerns about the lack of communication. This was addressed later as we've had updates from @steemitblog today. This hardfork brings economic changes that will hopefully help the price of STEEM in the long run.

In addition, there were many great ideas and announcements, such as and BlockPay updates.

Finally, thanks to everyone who have voted for me as witness. I am currently at 43! Thanks to all who support me and like what I do. It is all very much appreciated!

4. Previous week's update, other links

Like my work?

Please vote for me as witness, every vote is important to me!

And Follow me! @bitcoiner

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Thank you, @timcliff! You are also doing much good work for the community! Also keep it up! =D

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That's a great bit of work @bitcoiner!
I'm looking forward to the hardfork changes and I think I really love the check box idea to hide or show resteems. Um... I might sound like a looby for this, but is that to hide resteems on our own blog page - or for everyone else? 'Cause I don't personally mind the resteems on my blog page...but when I'm trying to find new-to-me peeps, I try to wade through THEIR resteems...or don't bother following them at all if the resteem to original content is way off.


Thanks, @merej99!
The checkbox would be to hide or show what you see on your side and wouldn't affect what others would see. This is a good point and I didn't think about this potential confusion. I'll have to put some sort of informational text or tooltip somewhere near the checkbox.


I would agree with @merej99 word for word on that -- I resteem a LOT of others content to keep it moving in the community and that just proves people would not follow active members if they resteem a lot, even for the right reasons. //BD

UV and RS for you. I had voted for your witness awhile ago.

These are good updates, I don't understand everything but I know they are needed from #SteemElders like you and appreciated.

Got my transfer too, thanks a lot! Have a good week!! I have a funny meme coming out today dedicated to the #SteemElders like you so keep an eye out for it LOL.


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