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My fellow Steemians,

Welcome to my eighth witness update. I do these weekly on Fridays as some other witnesses do, so I may keep my followers and the community up-to-date. Hopefully, this will show that I strive to be an active and reliable witness and that I may hopefully gain your witness approval vote.

I will use @jesta's template for these witness updates as he is awesome. And as always for witness update posts, I will use the Power Up 100% option.

1. Accomplished the week of 2016-11-11

  • Monitored all my steemd nodes after upgrading to the hardfork 0.15.0 last week. Luckily, there haven't been any problems with this release.
  • Renewed all my infrastructure for the next month, including my dedicated witness node, public seed/rpc node, and test sandbox. Costly. I'm currently paying everything out-of-pocket as I haven't withdrawn anything from my Steem wallet ever and do not plan to for a while.
  • Did some more learning on various web technologies and languages like Bootstrap and React. I plan to get up to speed so I can be more effective in contributing to the codebase and other projects.

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • Follow up on the "Welcome to Steemit" code submission and make any changes from feedback received from review.
  • Get ready for the 0.16.0 hardfork.
  • Continue with @timcliff's wish list and trying to implement some of the items there.
  • Continue with Steem-related web projects and have announcements and demos.
  • Continue being active on Steemit, Steemit Chat, and GitHub.

3. Thoughts from this week

We now have profile pictures! This will make for a better social experience. Of course, there are many more UI changes to be desired.

There have been many thought-provoking posts from this week, here's a few:

STEEM is close to pre-rally prices of $0.10 since the rally last week. At least this brought exposure to the crypto community. In addition, SteemFest is happening this weekend!

As for the Steem Economic Changes Update by @dantheman, many witnesses have expressed their views on each change. I am basically in agreement or neutral on every point. The only one I am against is the change to the mining rewards. There are basically two people dominating the miner queue, and under the new changes, will be paid five times more than a top 19 witness.

Finally, thanks to everyone who have voted for me as witness. I am currently at 42! Thanks to all who support me and like what I do. It is all very much appreciated!

4. Previous week's update, other links

Like my work?

Please vote for me as witness, every vote is important to me!

And Follow me! @bitcoiner

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Hey @bitcoiner, I like where you are going! I am going to give you my witness vote!
Also, if you have any witness votes remaining, consider picking me for a witness. Thanks @bitcoiner and keep up the good work!


Thanks @theprophet0 for the support! I've already have you voted!


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