WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next two days @ 15 April 2021 - $680 to be won

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We didn't quite reach the heights of yesterday with a quiet Friday coming up, but still a very strong showing.

And the weekend ahead is looking good for some big numbers.

Thursday and Friday have still clocked up 26 contests with 550 STEEM in prizes.

That's a very attractive $680 to be had.

Steem is definitely the platform to be on if you want to be a winner !



There are plenty of great contests with plenty of great prizes.

So get entering now and #winwithsteem !

If you are running a contest that you would like to be included in these daily posts, add the link and details in a comment below. Make sure you clearly state the closing date.

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


I promote STEEMIT during every one of my live shows. Been on this platform for almost 5 years now.

thanks for sharing good information about steemit always

Great work ... You are working hard to promote Steemit news .

Thank you

Hello @penssif,

Thank you for sharing great news everyday with steemians. We as a new community in Steemit are hosting a series of contest named "MenFun". A weekly contest that rewards. Contest topics are chosen every week with a focus on Fun things. The first contest is about Men cooking food, we know that Man can cook as well, so we started a contest with 80 Steem in rewards. Check the link here.

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@steemmensclub - Admin of Steem Men's Club

Thank you very much @pennsif for advertising the contests on Steemit. It's great that steemians have a great opportunity to take part in different competitions.
My competition continues and in a week on April 22, it ends and I will sum the results up on April 23.
Could you please post a link in your next issue:

Thank you for your support, dear @pennsif.