Prize Update - SPEAK FOR STEEM - Challenge (PRIZE) 50 STEEM to 70 STEEM (14Days)

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I like presentations, I like listening to new and useful information. I want to know, are there many Steemit users who are good at it for Steemit promotions?

So. I decided to make a challenge which is quite difficult but has a big prize for you.

I will put that 50 #steem for this challenge. I got 100 steem from @stephenkendal because he was interested in my promotion idea. and I got it from a comment of mine that he was interested in. you can check here. another 50steem i will use for another idea.

I name this challenge with. SPEAK FOR STEEM, hemp ... pretty good right? okay, this challenge of course has rules that must be done. therefore check the information below and understand it well.

  1. Make a video presentation about steemit to friends, relatives, or whoever it is
    Minimum Video Duration : 10 Minutes
    Minimum Audience : 1

  2. Upload your video to YouTube, and give it a title (SPEAK FOR STEEM @username #promosteem)

  3. Subscribe PromoSteem Community Here , Create a post from there and the content of the post must be interesting and tell your experience and feedback from the audience.

  4. Post Titles (SPEAK FOR STEEM - Challenge Accepted #PromoSteem)

  5. The minimum post tag must be #promosteem #speakforsteem #yourcountry

  6. Video Language: English or Bahasa

If you have followed the 6 rules above then you will get 10 points for assessment. You can also get more points if you succeed in doing the things below ...

  1. Successfully invites your audience to join Steemit
    1 user = 10 points
    2 user = 20 points
    3 user = 30 points

  2. Write the name of their steemit account who has joined and also their photo with you, and put it in your post
    10 points

Hey..... !! what is mean with presentation, do we have to provide projectors for steemit presentations ?
Maybe many of you think like that. then, let's make it even easier

You Do Like This

presentations like in pictures in a professional way

15 points

promo steem.jpg
@el-nailul Pict

presentations like in pictures coffe shop, office, or the street

10 points

presentations like in pictures via video calls

5 points

Prioritize health and also keep your distance during presentations


  • The assessment will be made by the number of points you get because that is the main point. posts will be scored according to post quality and lots of information if a challenger has the same points as you.
  • The challenge lasts for 7 days starting from the time this post is published.
  • Feel free to mention me @arie.steem and also @stephenkendal, maybe you will be lucky to get votes.

I only made 3 winners for

First Winner : 35 STEEM
Second Winner: 25 STEEM
Third Winner: 10 STEEM

If this post attracts attention and gets donations from others, the prize will be updated and the number of winners can increase depending on the number of steems available.

donates for this contest

Update Donation :

Update Donation :

  1. @pojan : 10 Steem
  2. @ponpase : 10 Steem

Total Steem : 50 + 20 = 70 STEEM

1...2...3 Challenges Unlocked

@steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03,
@booming01, @booming02, @stephenkendal, @dobartim, @cryptokannon, @xpilar, @justyy, @pennsif

Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter :


Wow, this is good information, as long as I invite my friends to enter Steemit, and slowly introduce Steemit to my friends. Thanks you Bang @arie.steem for your information.

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i challenging you .... steem on

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absolutely.... by the way
PromoSteem Promoter : not allowed to participate

Ini sangat menarik.

 last month 

ikutan ya

Doakan saya agar saya bisa.

Bg cara mengaploadnya berita nya di mana bg di komunitas apa, truss apa hanya link vidio yt yang kita apload di konten kita? Apa ada penjelasan lainnya??

 last month 

waduh. kayany belum baca ya, informasi nya kan udah lengkap itu

Udah bg udah pahaam

Sangat luar biasa

 last month 

ikut ya

Oke sip bg

Good luck bg @arie.steem tetap semangat di platform ini.

 last month 

terima kasih....

So hot this contest...

 last month 

ikutin ya...

[email protected] bisa bang @arie.steem
Mohon bimbingannya

Good idea brother. I will preach this news👍👍

 last month 

thanks brother

mantap. ka on lom

 last month 

on lom pak.....

Whoever found this idea should be congratulated. Congratulations to the person who came up with the idea.

 last month 

i dont know if there have someone else come with this idea before. but, this is really my original idea.

Achievements .

What is the specific closing date for this contest?

 last month 

closing in 15 April

  • this contest for 14 days

Hebat... makin keren aja Steemit. Sukses buat Ari.

 last month 

wah,,, ada pak dedi rupanya.
iya lagi mulai2 lagi pak, karena dapet semangat buat konten lagi..

 last month 

I really can't wait to get me colleagues on this. The promo steem is getting better amd improved with steemians like you @arie.steem

 last month 

thanks for that. if this success . we can run this challenge often.