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Greetings to all!


Dear friends, I am announcing a contest for the best post-advertising about Steemit!

You need to write about Steemit so that other people from other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Reddit, want to join Steemit.

Whether it will be a post-advertisement to new bloggers from around the world or a post-advertisement to investors who would like to invest in Steem and SBD - it's up to you.

Maybe you can attract the attention of both bloggers and investors in one publication - it would be great!

Usually advertising posts are very short. Therefore, your post should contain as much information about Steemit as possible, but in a compressed format. Minimum 150 words, maximum 180 words. For reading 1-2 minutes, so that the person decides that this is exactly what "he has been looking for all his life".

The competition lasts: from 08.04.21 to 22.04.21 Announcement of the results on April 23, 2021.

Contest rules:

  • Your post title "Steemit Advertising by @...",

  • Your publication must contain at least 150 words, max 180 words

  • The publications can be in any language + adapted translation in English

  • Publish a contest post in the #promo-steem

  • Share your publication on Twitter, tagging @steemit, or on any social network you prefer (you must show screenshot)

  • Your post must have a link to register in Steemit

  • Advertising banner-emblem to your post

  • Share the link of your publication in a comment

  • Be careful! Non Plagiarism.

Prize pool:

  • I place-15 Steem;

  • II place-10 Steem;

  • III place-5 Steem and other 10 participants - 2 steem incentive prizes.

Please, I invite sponsors:
@xpilar, @xeldal, @enki, @stephenkendal, @bippe, @cryptokannon, @dobartim

Please also support our wonderful team CC:-

Prize pool:

@vipnata - 50 Steem
@arie.steem- 10 Steem

Thanks a lot for participating!

 2 months ago 

thank you for the contest. it makes the others more excited.
I will donate 10 steem for contest

@arie.steem, It is very nice to receive your comment and your help.
The entire prize pool will reward participants.
I would really like the participants to be active and write good advertising texts.
I have an entire program for this contest.
If it works, it will be very interesting for the Steemit participants and a great success for Steemit.
I am glad to cooperate with you in the Steemit promotion program in the world.

 2 months ago 

steemit for betterlife
it is our duty to help each other improve the economy in the environment. I am always waiting for your contribution to promosteem. and you can also do promos on social media well.

btw. Where do you live

I live in Italy. Yes, I would like to attract as many new participants to Steemit as possible, and even better - new investors.

 2 months ago 

well. I will make you the promoter of italy. welcome to the club

Thanks to you. I'm Russian woman, but i live in Italy.

 2 months ago 

Awesome #Contest.!!

I absolutely love it.

Currently, as I understand the Prizes are .....

1st place - 15 #Steem
2nd place - 10 #Steem
3rd place - 5 #Steem

+10 participants - 2 #Steem = 20 #Steem

Total = 50 #Steem

I am happy to pledge 50 #Steem to the #Contest which will allow you to double the prize money.

If you are happy with this, I will send over the #Steem to your Wallet later on.

Keep up the great work and thanks again for helping to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit and supporting the #Promo-Steem Project.


I am glad to receive your cordial reply, dear @stephenkendal.

Your support is invaluable. I am happy that you liked my contest.

I have a good program for this contest, it will continue when the results of the contest are summed up and we choose the best Steemit advertising post.

Yes, at your request, I will double the rewards for the winners.

I will update the post tomorrow and announce the news about your donation to the participants.

We will all work together to promote our Steemit to the world!
Have a beautiful day, Stephen!

Wow, I can not believe my eyes. Thank you soo much for making steem a better place to be. We all appreciate you kind words and support for the whole platform

Es un gran concurso y un gran reto esperemos ver buenas participaciones y quizás yo me sume a esta iniciativa!! 😉

Thank you so much @dhaydaniela. Welcome!

Thank you very much for your participation, @awuahbenjamin.
You are the first participant of the contest and you will receive an incentive prize.

I checked it, thanks!

 2 months ago 

Hello, thank you for contributing to PromoSteem. You have done something really extraordinary for the development of the community. Steemit adversting will have a good impact on Steem's progress in the future. We have to take part in this.

Thank you very much for your kind words @ponpase.
I have read your program and agree that we should distribute Steemit all over the world.
Steemit is a precious and promising project.
Everyone should know about it.

 2 months ago 


Screenshot of my Twitter shared

I checked it! Thanks

Hi @vipnata, this is the link to my entry in your contest:

Here is the screenshot of my Twitter post shared on Twitter


I checked it! Thanks.

Great contest my friend @vipnata. I would like to participate. My pleasure 😁

Thanks my friend @oppongk. Welcome!

Hi @vipnata , here is My Entry for Steemit Advertising Post Contest

Here is the screenshot of my tweet


I checked it! Thanks.

Очень интересный конкурс, сделала рестим)

Рада, что вам понравилось, принимайте пожалуйста участие.
Нам надо продвигать Steemit во всех социальных сетях!

Thank you for this opportunity, here is my entry:

I also have shared this on twitter with this handle: @MercyOrji16.7m

steem advert twit.png

I checked it, thanks!

Hi @vipnata I didn't see the result of this contest. Nothing comes out of it?

Hi @meymeyshops, I'll summarize tomorrow. today is the last laziness of applications

Моя маленькая лепта), примите пожалуйста мое участие в продвижении.

И репост в твиттере


@soulwind, i checked it, thanks!

Thank you very much.

I checked it, thanks!

You are very welcome and I appreciate the opportunity given me to be part of this

@chambas, thank you so much for your participation.

This my participation link Here

Shared on my Twitter wall


Twitter link Here

I checked it, thanks!

Hello! My work here:

Ссылка на пост тоже есть, хоть и в не моем аккаунте (у меня его нет):

I checked it, thanks!

Hello, here's my advertising work: Steemit Advertising by @sidereal28

Here's my twitter post :
Uploading image #1...

I checked it, thanks!

Thanks as well sir @vipnata 😊

Спасибо, лайк поставила!


I checked it, thanks!

Can we make 2d Videos for this ??

@cryptoladyasia, Sorry, under the terms of the contest, you can only submit a publication.
I will be happy to read your text. Welcome!

Какой хороший конкурс!
Здорово, @vipnata!

Вот мой пост:
И как всегда проблемы - my English is very bad !

мой твит:

Спасибо за такой нужный конкурс!
Вот мой пост:

А вот он в Facebook:

I checked it, thanks!