📢 New Contest: Steem Wedding Diary || Story Of A Memorable Wedding Day Yours Or You Have Ever Attended | Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ Contest | 10 Steem In Prize Poll

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Greetings and Welcome to our Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ community
As you can see our community moderator @tulip1 running a weekly contest and now here I'm announcing another contest of the week. Every Sunday night I'll try my best to come with a new contest to #promo-steem and I wish you all will enjoy attending our contests.

More or less we attend weddings every year and there we definitely make fun with friends, family and relatives. A wedding is not just a wedding it also a memory which mostly saved in a diary.

If its your own wedding, let us know the feeling as a bride/groom. Many people has dream of a wonderful wedding function so you can also talk about your dream wedding too

Source of the Background image Design- My Own

You Also Can Add :

  • What is the name of Bride & Groom ?
  • What's your relationship with couple? Or it would be your own wedding diary.
  • Wedding date, time and location
  • Its a love marriage or arranged marriage?
  • The way you enjoy the function, your dress color, hair style and more you may love to add
  • Any memorable incident that you may like to share with us
  • The relation status right now of the couple
    These are just sample questions to help you to describe the wedding, you can add out of these questions above.

Simple Contest Rules:

  • Plagiarism Strictly Prohibited, your content should be #steemexclusive and it means your content or post only for steemit don't share it on hive or anywhere else.

  • The title of your post must be : New Contest: Steem Wedding Diary || Story Of A Memorable Wedding Day | Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ Contest | Your DesiredText

  • SUBSCRIBE & Make sure to put your entry in Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post or else your entry won't be count.

  • Tag minimum 3 of your friends to participate in this contest, Supports other participants by upvoting and comment on their post (Give Support Minimum 1 entry and comment on that post and you can tag me like @shohana1)

  • Wedding Pictures minimum 3 and max your wish

  • This contest is open for anyone who interests in this.

  • Try to be more creative in your work.

  • Make your contest with at least 300 words.

  • Try to share your Original Images with us. If collected image must mention the source.

  • Must use these tags #theweddingdiary #steem-wedding your country ( Its #Bangladesh for me)

  • Make sure you Comment the Link of your Entry under this Post. MUST

  • Upvote & Resteem this post, so more people find out about the contest.

  • Share your post to social media (Facebook, twitter or others)

  • Only one entry per person

This contest begins at April 12 and will be running till the 20th of April at 11:59 pm Bangladesh time Get Bangladesh Time Here
Winners will be announce April 20th- Tuesday after the contest ends.


Total 10 Steem in prize pot:

1st place= 4 steem
2nd place= 3 steem
3rd place= 2 steem
4th place= 1 steem

Prize will increase next time

Would like to thank sir @stephenkendal who motivate me to #promo-steem and run a #contest so here I come.

CC: @steemitblog & @steemcurator01

Thank You

 last year 

Great initiative sis, I need to talk wit you, do you use discord channel?

 last year 

Yes sure sis

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Thanks for the support 💕

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@rex-sumon thank you so much bro please tell @steemcurator01 that our community need support and we are working hard to build up it for promo steem not to compete any other community. Thank you!

 last year (edited)

Hola saludos como ven por mi escritura soy de Venezuela, fui invitada a esta comunidad y a este cocnurso.

Tengo dos preguntitas...suponiendo que el matrimonio que quiera hacer para el concurso, fue hace muchos años, tengo fotos, pero creo que se publico una vez en mi fcebook, pero serain exclusivas para steemit ya que en ese tiempo esta bella plataforma no existia.

La otra es que lo puedo publicar en mi idioma o debe ser en ingles..

Espero de ustedes su respuesta para poder participar sino no puedo y no me gustaria ir en contra de las reglas y aun quedan dos dias para poder hacerlo.


 last year (edited)

There is no language restrictions you can share your own language we can read them with translator. And try to be creative about photos you can see previous contest winners of this community as they made a cover specially for contest entry but its just a creative thing they have tried not something like you have to do it must, relax and be creative. I appreciate your concern. If you need farther clarification feel free to ask. Thanks

Si necesita más aclaraciones, no dude en preguntar.

Ujum las tengo...me respondiste a una de mis preguntas peroooo me falto la otra de que si podria usar las fotos de boda de una prima que ya las publique hace tiempo en mi Facebook, en mi familia no ha habido mas bodas je je

 last year 

Photos can be make together as a cover I mean that my friend. If the photo owner is you feel free to use them. If collected mention source. Hope this will help. Thank you

Si ahora si me ayudo je je je graciasssssss

 last year 

Yes it is
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