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Wikileaks is a Privately Owned Company - Assange Owns 94%!

Wikileaks is NOT a non-profit organization - as its website and Assange claim.

Wikileaks is a For Profit, Privately Held Company!

More lies from the hacker Mendax, aka Julian Assange.

Mendax means liar - see Part 2.

In Part 1 of this series we covered the first 16 years of Julian Assange’s life. I believe that I proved beyond reasonable doubt, that Julian Assange was raised in an Australian cult called ‘The Family’.

In Part 2 of this series we covered the next 19 years (16-35) of Julian Assange’s life. I believe that I proved beyond reasonable doubt, that Julian Assange was working for the US Government in 1994. I also presented evidence that his university studies were paid for by NASA and DARPA.

This is the only third day of the public trial of Julian Assange and Wikileaks in the Steemit People’s Court.

We are just getting started.

By the end of this series it will be nigh on impossible to defend Assange and Wikileaks.

Truth Fears No Investigation - Let’s Investigate!

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation. Its website, initiated in 2006 in Iceland by the organisation Sunshine Press. Source - Wikipedia

Screenshots from Wikileaks About Us Page



Wikileaks very own website states that it is a non-profit organization.

Wikileaks very own website states that it is a project of Sunshine Press.

Wikileaks, by its own admission states that it is owned by Sunshine Press Productions EHF.

EHF means einkahlutafélag in Icelandic, which means Private Company.

Wikileaks is a For Profit Company.

Assange owns 94% of the company.

The shareholders are:

Julian Paul Assange - 470,000 Icelandic Kronas in share capital
Kristinn Hrafnsson, - 10,000 Icelandic Kronas in share capital
Ingi R. Ingason - 10,000 Icelandic Kronas in share capital
Gavin MacFadyen - 10,000 Icelandic Kronas in share capital

Official Documents for Sunshine Press Productions EHF



Closing Thoughts


Why does Assange claim that Wikileaks is a non-profit organization when it is not?

Why has the mainstream media not told us that Wikileaks is a Privately Owned Company with Assange owning 94% of the stock?

Why has the mainstream media not told us of the connection between Julian Assange and The Family? Part 1

Why has the mainstream media not told us that Assange was working for the US Government in 1994? Part 2

If the government, and mainstream media wanted to destroy Assange’s credibility they could easily do so. Why haven’t they?

I am merely presenting pertinent evidence that I have discovered during the course of my research - it is up to you, the jury, to arrive at a verdict.

Please do not pass final judgement before hearing all of the evidence that I will present in this series. Especially if you have not read parts 1 & 2.

Don’t trust anyone, including me. Do your own research, always.

In my next post I will cover the launch of Wikileaks and the first few months of its existence.

I will show you the email trails between Assange and his early collaborators and provide links to the source documents.

What you will read will more than likely surprise you, as it did me. I read through 42,000 words of email trails which is more than the average book - I did this to write just one post in this series.

This research has taken me many weeks to compile - I am far from finished.

I posted my last blog 8 days ago. I have posted two blogs in the last 15 days - both of them about Assange & Wikileaks.

I could be writing about much easier topics and making more money.

I am not writing this series for money - there are much simpler ways to make money on Steemit. I have chosen to take the path less travelled.

I am determined to get to the bottom of this matter and enshrine my findings on to the blockchain for you, and the millions of people that will soon join Steemit - that means going into uncharted territory - that is exactly what I am doing.

If you want to know the truth about Assange & Wikileaks you are in the right place.

While this post may seem light compared to my other posts - please try and appreciate how many hours it has taken me to bring this information to you.

I have much more content to share with you. I did not want to muddy the waters by including other content in this post.

Discovering that Wikileaks is a privately owned company, and that Assange and Wikileaks has been lying to us about being a non-profit organization is enough for one post.

Digest this information, allow it sink in, and prepare yourself for my next post. If you thought this was big, you will be blown away with my next instalment.

Please let me know what you think about this post in the comments below and please share what you know with me. I will give you a mention if you can lead me to me to relevant and credible information.

Please consider giving me a 100% upvote and resteeming this post.

It will allow me to spend more time researching and sharing my findings with you.

Thank you for reading.

Till next time…

Yours in Peace, Love & Truth

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Wikileaks Website - About Us

Wikileaks - Wikipedia


I just bookmarked your three posts on this. Very interesting stuff, I will be going over these in a live stream on my YouTube channel in the near future. Important stuff here.

Still, the information presented by wikileaks has never been proven to be false. They are just a limited hangout.

Thank you @titusfrost

I've been subbed to your tube channel since I saw your first Clinton expose.

Can I suggest that you start a fresh series on your YT channel?

I have a lot more evidence to share.

Hit me up on DM if you have any questions!

Yeah their stuff is true always, they must have really good sources. I just feel sorry for Assange, he must not have a very exciting life if he is still couped up in that embassy in London.

I bet they smuggle him in and out of the Embassy from time to time.

Interesting... to do what you think?

Omg...I did NOT know feel so stupid! You discovered something any of us could have looked up so easily. I thank you so much for bringing this to Steemit! I hope a lot of people read this one, and it takes them back to the first 2 articles you wrote, and keeps em coming for more.

Great job you are doing, bringing truth, even when it's unpopular, even when it shakes the very ground, we as activists, stand on.

You discovered something any of us could have looked up so easily.

This is why it is important that we all share what we know with each other. We cannot be expected to be across all topics - we can (and should) all learn from each other - it only makes us stronger.

I've already learned so much from you @lyndsaybowes and I look forward to learning more.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Can you explain something to me?

There are some things here that don't add up.

First of all, in the USA you can register as a non-profit company. I will use an example of an electricity provider. There exists in many states electricity providers who are non-governmental and also non-profit. The requirement at the end of each year to stay non-profit, is that you invest the money back into your employees/company or donate it or write off customers bills(low incom people get their stuff paid for).

I am totally not sure of what other companies are considered and required to do in other countries. So I won't speak to that.

I just wanted to know if you could explain this? What does being a "private company"have to do with being non-profit? In the example I gave you this electric company and many like it are private companies and are also non-profit.

For one thing, an electric company is going to be registered as a public utility, not a non-profit.

There are several different types of non-profit organizations, including I believe a 501c4 non-profit that is allowed to lobby (paid lobbyists).

A lot of these "non-profit" organizations are really just a way for the officers to generate income from people willing to reduce their taxable incomes by making "donations" to the non-profit.

The restrictions on how non-profits use the donations is pretty loose, many spend ridiculous amounts of donated money on fundraising, salaries and travel expenses for the officers.

The organization may not be profiting but the people running them make a pretty good living in most cases.

I think some democrats want to make facebook a utility, so if that happens they will have extreme control like the banks.

Yeah these things are important but overlooked. I am really interested now to see who owns facebook. Struggling to find updated info on this -

This has been addressed in the past. Nonprofit is kind of a "loose" term that they use. fit-organization/

Far as I know they aren't legally a "none profit" in the USA but Sunshine Press does have a legal none profit status in the USA.

One could really argue either way which people have. Some people point out this alone makes them not really none profit. Others point out it's somewhat a moot point because the whole idea of WikiLeaks is to circumvent corrupt law and their funding comes from private sources/donations. Not from services. So they consider themselves a non profit and their owner is. Just wikileaks itself would have difficulty getting non profit in many places.

So eh, like you said draw your own conclusions. To me, it looks weird, yeah, but not really damning evidence. If there was a conspiracy of Assange being in bed with anyone it's doubtful he would have been licked up in the Eucadore embassy for years. Though not impossible.

Your entire argument about him being a part of a cult is based on the fact that he looks like one of the kids in the cult, but quite frankly they all look the same. You then claim that an Alias that was used by him to show that anyone could be lying was actually him secretly saying he was a liar, why would he do this? Now I can't trust what you say here with everything you said before being so flawed. I've weighted the facts here and I find that one lie about being non-profit doesn't make this guy a bad person. He has done more good than bad and has shown that this is about more than money.

Yeah I'm more with you on this one. This argument has always been flimsy at best. Really I'd like to see what people from wikileaks have to say and let them explain their side.

Your entire argument about him being a part of a cult is based on the fact that he looks like one of the kids in the cult.

That's quite an exaggeration. You might want to read the article again?

If you think that all of the kids look the same then I suggest that you take a closer look. There are many differences between the children that can easily be used to differentiate between them e.g eye color, nose, teeth, straight vs wavy or curly hair - and these are just the very obvious ones.

Then we have his mother in a relationship with one of the cult members for 3 years. Assange would also have had to change schools every 3 months to attend 37 schools. In part 2 it seems that he was working with NASA and one of his old hacker buddies (Mudge) states that Julian told him that NASA & DARPA paid for his university tuition between 2003-2006.

In part 1 & part 2 - I wrote that some evidence is more credible and relevant than others but just because you reject one piece of evidence it does not mean that other evidence is false - which seems to be what you have done.

I suggest that you see the rest of the evidence. We haven't even got to the good stuff that happens in 2006 onwards when WL's launches.

He has done more good than bad and has shown that this is about more than money.

Yes he has done a lot of good. I've never disputed that.

If you don't think that money is important to Assange you probably won't like my next post because it proves that money was very important to Assange, even before WL launched. Later posts will again cover the financial aspect.

I hope that you will read it and keep and open-mind.

Thank you for commenting!

Wow, what an explosive finding...I most time see wikileak as a website that expose hidden works of different individuals in the world..most especally goverments of the world..never knew it was a private owned company which is not a Non profit org.

100% upvote buddy of course. This series is such an eye opener.
I think the answers to the questions you pose are evident.
Definately leaning towards controlled but by whom and why. As I've said before I believe their are opposing groups of 'elites'. I think behind the scenes a battle for control is waging. Difficult to know who to cheer for when you don't know who's involved. I just hope there are some good guys in there or we're all screwed.
Great work dude as always.

I believe one can say the same about facebook.

Thanks @tremendospercy

Parts 1-3 has set the backdrop to the story. From now on we are going to start getting into the really interesting stuff.

Thanks for the vote and comment my friend!

WIKI is a chinese company. They are doing disclosure work for part of the deep state faction that supports Trump. People, everything you know is a lie! That's not an exaggeration. The faster you come to terms with that, the better. I mean everything. What your parents told you, where you are, who you are, etc. to discover this TRUTH is the MEANING OF LIFE. SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND. Time is running out.

Can you tell me why you believe WL is a chinese company? I do know that WL was working with a group of Chinese citizens before WL even launched. If you know something that may be of value to all of us please let me know.

Thanks @lost.identity

Also the nature of the information releases were extremely telling. This is all part of the giant deep state coming out party, or possibly the bait and switch that brings in the new world order... I dunno.

I think that you're right.

Pretty sure I've got most of this figured out, from what the black sun is, right on through to the agenda at play... even the connections between ALL false flag terror attacks and August 21... Did you know all 911 flight numbers numerogically link to aug 21 and sept 23?? Same with George webb, chester bennington and jon podesta.

No I didn't know about those dates. I think that I've got quite a lot of it figured also but I don't believe that any of us have all of the answers, but rather large pieces of it.

I'm now following you as I can see that you're a truther.

We have a #truth channel on PAL Discord. Come join us, it is a lively and very awake group of people. You can tell us all about those dates or you can write a blog about it and drop us the link and we will read it and support it.

Another great post on the subject.

I agree! Have a great day!

Always wondered how he was able to attain all his information, and why there was nothing done to stop information from being released. Was it that it was meant to released to confuse the general public? Thanks for the info, always important to read all sides.

Always wondered how he was able to attain all his information

Great question - it is one that I have asked myself and one that I will surely cover in a future post.

Was it that it was meant to released to confuse the general public?

I am convinced that it was. Wikileaks was created with the aim of dominating the alternative news media narrative.

Thank you for reading my post and being open-minded.

No prob, it was an interesting read. The way I see it, everyone is looking for some form of truth in a sea of lies that media feeds us everyday. Wikileaks managed to present itself as such. In the end, critical thinking and fact checking about what others tell us is truth is what is needed. Unfortunately, it is sorely lacking in this age.

Very well said!

Congratulations. This post features in my latest Curation Article.

Thank you for the mention @mrsquiggle and @scooter77

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