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Julian hacked under the name Mendax, which means liar.

What does this tell us about Julian Assange?

In Part 1 of this series we covered the first 16 years of Julian Assange’s life.

I presented, what I believe to be, more than reasonable evidence to conclude that Julian Assange spent at least some of his childhood in an Australian cult called The Family.

This is the only second day of the public trial of Julian Assange and Wikileaks in the Steemit People’s Court.

I am playing the role of a prosecutor, and attempting to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt - that Assange is a dis-info agent and/or gatekeeper - and that Wikileaks main agenda is to dominate the alternative media narrative. You will be the judge and jury, you can also be his defence attorney, if you wish.

Let’s pick the story backup in 1987 when Julian was 16. We will end when Julian is 35 - right before he launches Wikileaks.

What was Julian doing for 19 years? Read on and all will be revealed.

Truth Fears No Investigation - Let’s Investigate!

Mendax = Julian Assange


Julian began hacking in 1987 using the name/handle Mendax.

Depending on which etymology dictionary you check.

Mendax means:

I lie, deceive - Wikipedia

To be inventive, have second thoughts > to lie, conjure up - Wikipedia

Tendency to lie, falsehood, lying; a liar

a lie, untruth, falsehood, fiction, lying, deceitful, to speak falsely, lie, deceive - Online Etymology Dictionary

Q: Why would a highly intelligent young man choose a name that means liar, deceive?
A: Because he is a liar that deceives!

I can’t think of a more rational explanation for choosing ‘mendax’ - can you?

If you don’t intend to lie, why would you choose to call yourself a liar?

Hackers use `handles' - they serve two purposes. They shield the hacker's identity and, importantly, they anonymously share a statement about how they perceive themselves.

Mendax was a liar in 1987 - Mendax is a liar today!

The truth is often in plain sight, right under our noses, often coded.


International Subversives - Julian Assange.png

In 1987, still aged 16, Mendax, Trax and Prime Suspect formed a hacking group called the International Subversives.

Julian hacked into the Pentagon and other U.S. Department of Defense facilities, MILNET, the U.S. Navy, NASA, and Australia's Overseas Telecommunications Commission; Citibank, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Panasonic, and Xerox; and the Australian National University, La Trobe University, and Stanford University's SRI International. He is thought to have been involved in the WANK (Worms Against Nuclear Killers) hack at NASA in 1989, but he does not acknowledge this. Source - Wikipedia

We had a backdoor in the U.S. military Security Coordination Center –- this is the peak security, for controlling the security of MILNET - the USA’s military internet. We had total control over this for two years - Julian Assange - WikiRebels Documentary - Timestamp 3:58 (link below).

Operation Weather


On the 18th October 1989, the computer systems at NASA were infiltrated as the Atlantis space shuttle was preparing to launch. The word ‘WANK’ - an acronym for the hacker group Worms Against Nuclear Killers appeared on NASA’s monitors. Right below it was a verse from the Australian rock band Midnight Oil that read:

“You talk of times of peace for all and then prepare for war.”

Your system has been officically WANKed.

We Steal Secrets The.Story of  WikiLeaks 2013 72.png

The word ’offiCIAlly’ was misspelled as (officically) when it appeared on NASA’s monitors. I don’t know if that was intentional or accidental, but I thought that I should record it in the blockchain and share it with you.

Considering that the hackers were incredibly intelligent young men, that had collectively written millions of lines of code, coupled with the significance and timing of the hack, it’s quite a ‘mistake’ to make. This is not important to me right now but it may help another researcher in the future.

Midnight Oil were not very well known outside of Australia and New Zealand at the time. Much of their music was anti-war and anti-nuclear weapons related. The lead singer was Peter Garrett.

Garrett first ran for Federal politics in 1984 but was unsuccessful. In 2004, the Australian Labour Party (one of the big two parties) handed him a safe Labour seat, unsurprisingly he was elected. Garrett was the Minister for the Environment (2007-2010), and Minister for Education (2010-2013).

While the perpetrators of the NASA attack ‘officially’ remains a mystery - the Australian Federal Police (AFP) later charged six Melbourne hackers for a string of hacking offences.

One of those young men was Mendax, aka Julian Assange.

In September 1991 (aged 20), Assange was discovered hacking into the Melbourne master terminal of Nortel, a Canadian multinational telecommunications corporation. The Australian Federal Police tapped Assange's phone line (he was using a modem), raided his home at the end of October, and eventually charged him in 1994 with 31 counts of hacking and related crimes.

In December 1996, he pleaded guilty to 25 charges (the other 6 were dropped), was ordered to pay reparations of A$2,100 and released on a good behaviour bond, avoiding a heavier penalty resulting from the perceived absence of malicious or mercenary intent and his disrupted childhood. Source - Wikipedia

Julian got off very lightly - one of the reasons given was because the court acknowledged ’his disrupted childhood’. Growing up in a cult, and possibly being exposed to MK-Ultra mind control programs would disrupt anyone’s childhood.

It took 6 years for the case to be finalized.

Underground - The Book


Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier was a 1997 book written by Suelette Dreyfus, and researched by Julian Assange.

It is the story of a group of young Australian hackers during the late 80’s and early 90’s, one of the characters in the book was called Mendax.

In 2001 the book was released as a free e-book (download link below). The book had sold 10,000 copies by 2010 - the royalties must have been very meagre.

The book was more or less ghostwritten for Assange, and while some names and details may have changed it is more fact than fiction.

Julian’s Income?

One recurring question that I keep asking myself is - how did Julian Assange financially support himself between 1987 and 2006?

That’s 19 years - Julian was aged between 16-35.

Just like his early childhood, there is mystery and significant gaps that cannot be fully accounted for. Some of them can be accounted for e.g. his time at university - but studying does not put food on the table.

This is what I discovered:

  • 1993 - Assange gives technical advise to the Victorian Police Child Exploitation Unit.
  • 1993 - helps start one of Australia’s first public, not-for-profit ISP’s - Suburbia Public Access Network. It is still operating today.
  • 1995 - authors STROBE v1.01 Super Optimised TCP port surveyor - his email [email protected] is visible on the paper that he wrote (this email address is important later when we find him working with NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratories and Sematech in 1994).
  • 1996 - ran the Best of Security website which had 5,000 subscribers.
  • 1996 - wrote patches to the open-source database PostgreSQL. His name is listed on the page as one of the contributors.
  • 1996 - wrote patches for Usenet caching software NNTPCache. Assange’s name appears 77 times and he is still calling himself ‘proff’ in 2002.
  • 1997 - co-invents Rubberhose Denial Encryption Software i.e. cryptography.
  • 1998 - co-founded Earthman Technologies with the goal of developing Linux kernal hacking and algorithms for network intrusion detection. The company was unable to commercialize it’s technologies and was de-registered in 2002. According to the author of Underground and Earthman shareholder, Suelette Dreyfus - “they were just a bunch of coders trying to develop software from their dining rooms”.
  • 1999 - publicized a patent that was granted to the NSA in August of 1999 for voice-data harvesting technology. Assange said, “it should worry people, because everyone’s overseas phone calls either are being tapped or were soon to be tapped, and even archived by foreign spy agencies.”
  • 2000 - created Surfraw, a free, command line interface for web based search engines.

How did Julian Assange feed himself, provide for his son (we’ll get to that later), pay rent etc between 1987-2006 (19 years) when it seems that almost everything that he did was for free?

University Years

In 1994 Assange attends Central Queensland University, as an external, correspondent student. He studied programming.

I’m no programmer, but if Assange was in total control of MILNET for two years why did he need to study programming at university for 1 year?

An external student is never required to attend class. For all that we know someone else could have been acting for Julian - that is speculation.

Most people that read Assange attending Central Queensland University in 1994 would assume that he was living in Queensland. Could that be one of the reasons that he was enrolled there?

Assange was still living in Melbourne in 1994 - close to his Family roots.

Between 2003-2006 Assange was studying mathematics and physics at the University of Melbourne but leaves before completing his degree.

Email to NASA in 1994

Assange Email to NASA & Los Alomos Laboratories .png

On the 17th of November 1994, Julian Assange replied to an email from NASA employee Fred Blonder.

Fred Blonder was the UNIX toolkit coordinator at NASIRC (NASA Automated Systems Incident Response Capability). NASIRC was formed in 1993 and it quickly became an award winning team within the confines of NASA.

NASIRC has developed into an "award winning" team that provides immediate technical assistance and on-going value-added support for computer and network security-related incident handling issues on an agency-wide basis. Because of its increasing reputation for continually striving for responsiveness, reliability, and high quality incident handling services and products, requests for connectivity to the NASIRC on-line technical archives are continually received from worldwide sources in the public, private industry, defense, and academic communities.

The recipients of the award include Fred Blonder - Source - NASA

Someone from Los Alamos National Laboratories (mcn) was copied on the email (identity unknown).

Also copied on the email was Quentin Fennessy from Sematech.

SEMATECH was formed in 1987 as a partnership between the United States Government and 14 U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturers. Source - Wikipedia

Assange was working with the A-grade team at NASA in 1994.

That may explain how he feed himself and his family?

Marriage & Son

Assange married Teresa while he was a teenager.

In 1989 they had a son, Daniel Assange.

Daniel is now a very talented software engineer.

Julian and Teresa soon separated and Julian was awarded custody of Daniel. Julian was Daniel's primary carer for most of his childhood.

Teresa and Daniel now live in France.

How did Julian feed himself and Daniel for all of those years?

DARPA Connection


Pieter Zaitko and Julian Assange go way back. Pieter is only 8 months older than Julian. They were both hackers - they both worked for the US Government.

Julian was Mendax (liar) and Zaitko was Mudge.

Mudge was the highest profile member of the hacker think tank L0pht (L0pht Heavy Industries).

On May 19, 1998, Zaitko testified before the United States Congress that L0pht could shut down the entire internet in 30 minutes. He was working for BBN, a DARPA military contractor at the time.

In the year 2000, Mudge (Zaitko) met with Bill Clinton at a National Security Summit.

Zaitko worked for BBN Technologies during the 1990’s. Zaitko states that he and Julian last met (prior to 2009) in the late 1990’s while Zaitko was working for BBN.

In 2004, Zaitko becomes a division scientist at BBN.

In 2010 Zaitko was the project manager of a DARPA program focused on cyber security.

In 2013, Zaitko left DARPA and went to work at Google’s Advanced Technology & Projects Division - which is another DARPA military contractor.

Mudge is a recipient of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service - the highest award possible. Zaitko is also a recipient of the Order of Thor, which recognizes great commitment, service and contributions to the US militaries cyber division.

In Daniel Estulin’s book he quotes Peiter Zaitko as saying:

I bumped into Julian in Germany in 2009 at the Chaos Community Congress which was hosted by the Chaos Computer Club - Europe’s largest association of hackers.

I was heading back to my hotel when I spotted Julian Assange, this pre-dated my days of working as a project manager at Darpa as a hacker in residence if you will. It was also before Wikileaks released the Iraq helicopter shooting video collateral murder, and hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and the Swedish rape allegations.

Given that I hadn’t seen Julian in more than a decade I greeted him, and we agreed to grab some dinner and catch up.

After reminiscing about the old gang - he and I were part of the same milieu as Julian would say.

I asked why he had skipped out of the hacking scene to form Wikileaks.

Last I had heard Julian had left to study mathematics and physics at the University of Melbourne.

He was working a duress based crypto file system also known as the rubber hose file system.

Julian told me that his graduate work had been funded by a US Government grant, specifically NSA and DARPA money which was supposed to be used for ‘fundamental security research’.

It was at the time when the Bush administration and Department of Defence seemed to be placifying a great deal of fundamental research and pulling back on university funds.

So here you have a non-US citizen, studying at a foreign university, who was doing graduate studies, and the United States Government came barreling in, and not only snuffed out the funding and killed his studies, but also barred him from knowing what it was that he had been funded to research.

So you see, depending on who you ask, the US Government actually helped to create Wikileaks, and the rest as they say is history.

If Pieter Zaitko is to believed - Julian Assange’s was given a grant from the NSA & DARPA to ’study’ at the University of Melbourne between 2003-2006.

Closing Thoughts


Why has the mainstream media not told us of the connection between Julian Assange and The Family?

Why has the mainstream media not told us that Assange was working for the US Government in 1994?

If the government, and mainstream media wanted to destroy Assange’s credibility they could easily do so.

Mendax means liar - why call yourself a liar if you aren’t one?

Julian was working for the Victorian Police in 1993.

Julian was working for the US Government in 1994, maybe earlier?

Did the NSA and DARPA pay Assange to study or were they paying him for something else?

Part 1 of this series proved beyond reasonable doubt that Julian Assange spent some of his childhood in a cult. He was possibly, (I believe likely) exposed to MK-Ultra mind control.

Even if Julian was not an MK-Ultra child, it is not unreasonable to believe that he was recruited by the US Government after they discovered him hacking into their systems. It may also explain the light penalty that he received for his crimes?

Mudge was a hacker that went to work for DARPA.

Do you remember the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio? It was based on a true story. Frank Abagnale was recruited by the FBI - it happens all the time!

Some of the points that I have raised in this post are less important, or credible than others. I am merely presenting the pertinent evidence that I have discovered with you - it is up to you, the jury to arrive at a verdict.

If one piece of evidence is not convincing - that does not mean that all of the other evidence is invalid.

I have now covered the first 35 years of Julian Assange’s life.

In my next post we will cover the launching of Wikileaks and some of the unusual events surrounding it.

This research has taken me many weeks to compile and I am far from finished.

Please let me know what you think about this post in the comments below and consider giving me a big upvote and resteeming. It will allow me to spend more time researching and sharing my findings with you.

Please reserve your final judgement until I have presented all of the evidence.

Thank you for reading!

Till next time…

Yours in Peace, Love & Truth

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Book - Deconstructing Wikileaks by Daniel Estulin

Julian Assange - Wikipedia

The Australian Newspaper 2009

Video - WikiRebels

Underground - Free e-Book

STROBE v1.01 Super Optimised TCP port surveyor

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Thanks for writng this series. I've bumped into most of the info on youtube (truther channels), but you compiled it all together in a way which is easy to go through.
I've personally always considered Assange blatant controlled opposition since the day he tried to discredit the truth about 9/11. Also the whole Ecuador Embassy situation is hardly believable. The whole setup in central London with balcony right on the street has been very convenient for media events to amplify his message. And what are his messages? NWO propaganda with the UN portrayed as the solution to all problems.
I believe Assange and Wikileaks are a front for the 5 Eyes and the Freemasons (I might write an article about it). The info they release may be mostly truthful but it is limited to what they want us to know and what they're ok with us knowing. They pretend terror attacks are real (as those are key to advance the NWO tyrannical agenda). In that regard they're most definitely deceivers.
Also they operate as a front to get rid of the puppets they don't want anymore, through targeted leaks. After all most politicians are puppets and expendable at any time.
Btw one thing I think you may have missed in your article is his old Ok Cupid account: in his egomaniac bio among other things he mentioned being part of a "criminal conspiracy". Again, it all adds up and gives a picture of an individual which is very likely a wolf in sheep clothing.
He's one of the most blatant cases of controlled opposition....but there's controlled opposition agents placed much closer to the truth and always swaying people ultimately in the wrong direction. Several of them unfortunately are already on Steemit and from what I've seen already dominating most narratives.

It seems that you know what is going on.

Join me on the Truth channel by clicking this link (safe link I promise) -

Btw one thing I think you may have missed in your article is his old Ok Cupid account: in his egomaniac bio among other things he mentioned being part of a "criminal conspiracy"

I didn't know that but I will now look into it.

Thank you for commenting - again, join us in the #truth room. You'll find many like-minded individuals there.

I am extremely glad that you wrote this. I have to read it properly but looks like you've done a brilliant job. Unfortunately I have missed the first part! As Vladimir Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Upvoted and RESTEEMED.

It's funny that you mentioned the Lenin quote as I used it in Part 1. It really is a must read IMHO and I hope that you find some time to read it.

Thanks @msg768

I'm not surprised bro. A truther who has not heard that quote is either not a truther or has a lot to learn! The rabbit hole is deep, but the truth is often embarrassingly simple...

Hi @steemtruth I've written an article about you, Check it out if you can, thanks.

30 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 24th July 2017

Thanks @jzeek - read and upvoted.

BTW, I stopped all activity on Steemit for 6 months.

I've only recently come back to Steemit. Check my feed and you will see that it is true. I was in the top 250 bloggers before I took a break.

It's good to be back!

Thank you for the mention - very much appreciated!

But you dnt miss the second part, lolz.

Yaman crazy stuff. The media could destroy him and don't. They created a puppet most likely for controlled opposition.

Boom - you got it!

I have always thought it strange that this guy is so visible, has supposedly broken so many laws, and yet is very smuggly residing in the embassy of a country that is not so powerful, I don't doubt that with some pressure from The US, Ecuador would have handed him over, anyway he was no asset to Ecuador, perhaps he has them blackmailed, that is also a possibility.
In any case if he is in the USG payroll his veracity is not to good, and if he does work as an individual, he can't be to believeable either because whatever he leaks will depend on his bias, if he likes someone or some group he will probably not publish the leak, so in any case I don't trust this guy that much.

You said a Simple truth

Very well said.

In Part 3 we will begin to unpack some of what you said and in Part 4 we will take it further.

I've seen more than enough for me to know that Assange is an asset of the intelligence community and I will share what I have discovered with you soon.

Thank you @gduran

Awesome read from the very first line . Great stuff very informative I will be having a good look into this later .THANKS

Thanks @todaysrant2017

Please let me know if you find anything interesting and let's work together to expose them.

i must say you have researched with great interest but all that is happening in this world is approximately pre planned and julian assange is the tail side of a coin which don't have any head whether you flip it or not it will show you tail
similarly as an example you can investigate 9/11 attacks that were per planned

You are right @mirhidayatullah

I wrote 9/11 - The Only Post You Need to Read - 50 Questions They Can't Answer, over 9 months ago.

We have been lied to for a very long time and it is our job to keep up with them and expose them for the liars that they are. Their techniques are becoming more sophisticated by the day.

Thank you for reading my blog - I appreciate it!

you look a responsible person with quick response i will surely read your all posts as soon as i get some time as its good night now i will read your above mentioned story as well

Sleep well and speak soon!


Thank you for this very interesting article, it's been a while that I think the same thing, for me they are false protester,
Assange made known by revealing things that we knew already, nothing new, I Thinks that he and Snowden are working for their gouvernement.


Assange made known by revealing things that we knew already, nothing new, I Thinks that he and Snowden are working for their gouvernement.

Exactly - I will begin to cover this in Part 3 - please follow as you won't want to miss it.

Incredibly in depth post! Excellent

Thanks @ch00fy - that means a lot!

I've by and by constantly considered Assange conspicuous controlled restriction since the day he endeavored to dishonor reality around 9/11. Additionally the entire Ecuador Embassy circumstance is not really acceptable. The entire setup in focal London with gallery appropriate in the city has been extremely helpful for media occasions to intensify his message. Also, what are his messages? NWO purposeful publicity with the UN depicted as the answer for all issues.

I trust Assange and Wikileaks are a front for the 5 Eyes and the Freemasons (I may compose an article about it). The data they discharge might be for the most part honest yet it is constrained to what they need us to know and what they're satisfied with us knowing. They imagine dread assaults are genuine (as those are critical to propel the NWO overbearing motivation). In such manner they're undoubtedly swindlers.

Additionally they work as a front to dispose of the manikins they don't need any longer, through focused holes. After every most government official are manikins and nonessential whenever.

Btw one thing I think you may have missed in your article is his old Ok Cupid account: in his egomaniac bio in addition to other things he specified being a piece of a "criminal scheme". Once more, everything includes and gives a photo of a person which is likely a two-timer.

He's a standout amongst the most unmitigated instances of controlled opposition....but there's controlled resistance operators set substantially nearer to reality and continually influencing individuals eventually in the wrong course. A few of them tragically are as of now on Steemit and from what I've seen effectively overwhelming generally accounts.

Thanks, well written article

A bit biased by moment,
A liar doesn't call itself a liar. Information adapt the perception, you can deduct what you wish.

A fact is that Julian and Wikileaks have fucked many corrupt people and that they haven't been wrong at any time. Nevertheless, it can be done with the purpose of focusing people on non-critical scandals.

Things are never white nor black, it's always a shade of grey.

PS: mendax can also mean storyteller

they haven't been wrong at any time

According to who? Have you read every document to verify the claim or are you blindly believing what you have been told?

If you read my first post on Assange you will have noticed that I wrote this:

Good dis-info agents often tell the truth - particularly when they are starting out. It makes them more difficult to identify. Assange and Wikileaks have shared a lot of truth. If they didn’t, very few people would view them as genuine, credible and trustworthy sources of information.

You also said:

A fact is that Julian and Wikileaks have fucked many corrupt people

He has also ignored many corrupt people.

Once you've finished reading the complete series it should become very obvious that Assange is a puppet, an actor and as you stated, a storyteller.

According to who?

Well, you can't prove something true, you can only provide something false. So get me wrong by proving me wrong ;)

He has also ignored many corrupt people.


It's why I said he can't be a dis-info agent but he can be controlled opposition by creating a diversion that make people focus on non-critical issue.

it should become very obvious that Assange is a puppet

Do we talk about facts or wishy washy supposition ?

Tell people where to focus instead of where not to focus if you want to be pertinent #ClintonFundation #pizzagate

Wikileaks originally busted open pizzagate.....

The Clinton Foundation has always been corrupt....Its just more people are starting to realise that.

Thanks to Wikileaks.
So why are they pushing so hard towards trump---->even though they are making it seem like they aren't???.....

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