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RE: Wikileaks & Assange - Hero or Dis-Info Agent? (Part 3)

in #wikileaks7 years ago

100% upvote buddy of course. This series is such an eye opener.
I think the answers to the questions you pose are evident.
Definately leaning towards controlled but by whom and why. As I've said before I believe their are opposing groups of 'elites'. I think behind the scenes a battle for control is waging. Difficult to know who to cheer for when you don't know who's involved. I just hope there are some good guys in there or we're all screwed.
Great work dude as always.


I believe one can say the same about facebook.

Thanks @tremendospercy

Parts 1-3 has set the backdrop to the story. From now on we are going to start getting into the really interesting stuff.

Thanks for the vote and comment my friend!

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