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How much do you really know about Julian Assange?

Did you get your information from the mainstream media and government?

Is Wikileaks what it claims to be?

In this new series I am going to present you with evidence, and a side of Julian Assange and Wikileaks that you may not have heard before.

I am going to play the role of a prosecutor, and attempt to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt - that Assange is a dis-info agent - and that Wikileaks main agenda is to dominate the alternative media narrative. You will be the judge and jury, you can also be his defence attorney, if you wish.

I am confident that I have a strong case.

For the purpose of clarity, I will endeavor to make clear distinctions between facts, theories and opinions.

9 months ago, I wrote that Assange was a dis-info agent. I provided very little evidence to support that claim. That was because Assange and Wikileaks was not the topic of the article.

I was writing a general article about Controlled Opposition. In that article, I named some dis-info agents - some of which included Assange, Snowden and Putin.

You can read my earlier post here.

I’m prompted to write this article because over the last few weeks I’ve had a few conversations on this topic with @v4vapid, @bunabit and @ancientmystique in the PAL Truth Room on Discord - please consider supporting them and joining us in the Truth Room.

Lenin Controlled Opposition.jpg

Truth Fears No Investigation - Let’s Investigate!

From the outset - one thing that I think we can, (and should) all agree on, is that Wikileaks is currently one of the most important organizations in the world. It has a tremendous amount of influence on the publics perception of world events and politics. If for no other reason than that - it is worthy of a thorough investigation.

Good dis-info agents often tell the truth - particularly when they are starting out. It makes them more difficult to identify. Assange and Wikileaks have shared a lot of truth. If they didn’t, very few people would view them as genuine, credible and trustworthy sources of information.

This is the only first day of the public trial of Julian Assange and Wikileaks in the Steemit People’s Court.

Please don’t judge the matter before you’ve being presented with all of the evidence. Today is not the day to draw a line in the sand and pass verdict.

Today is the day to listen carefully and forget everything that you think that you know about Julian Assange and Wikileaks, and view the evidence as it is presented to you.

If we want to know the truth, we need an unbiased jury.

Statue of Assange, Snowden & Manning in Berlin


This statute is located at Alexander Platz - one of Berlin's largest and busiest transportation hubs. It is where three subway (U-Bahn) lines, three S-Bahn (above ground lines servicing the wider metropolitan area), as well as many tram and bus lines and many regional trains all converge.

Berlin’s City Hall and the former East German parliament building are nearby.

Few locations in Berlin are more visible.

Q: Why would the German Government (a US ally), approve the erection of a statute of 3 people, that almost every Government in the world regards as criminals?

A: Because all 3 of them are all working for the Government as dis-info agents!

That is my opinion. I did not arrive at this conclusion hastily and certainly not because of a statue. It is just one of many pieces of evidence that I will share with you in the series.

Julian’s Childhood

Julian Assange - Young Boy.jpg

Is the boy in the top left corner a young Julian Assange? How old do you think the boy is?

Does he look older than 11?

Finding details about the young Julian Assange was not easy - there are conflicting reports. Most of the conflict centers between the years when Julian was 8-16 years of age.

No-one is disputing that Julian was connected to a cult that was called The Family - the only question that is in dispute is how closely, and how long he was connected to the cult, and if there was a much deeper, far more sinister plot that we now see being played out on the world stage!

Young Julian - Official Narrative

Julian’s mother was intimately involved for 3 years with a male member of an Australian cult called The Family. Julian was 8-11 years old at the time. The couple had a child, Julian’s step-brother.

This part of the story does not seem to be up for debate - even the Assange’s have acknowledged this and you can read about it on Julian Assange’s Wikipedia page (link below).

The ‘official story’ is that Julian was never involved in the cult, and that he never met or associated with any of it’s members. His mother separated from the man when Julian was 11 - his mother then ran-away, taking Julian, and his step-brother with her.

Julian attended 37 different schools during his childhood. Much of it in an apparent effort to avoid the cult finding them.

Young Julian - Alternative Theory 1

Julian and his mother were members of the cult when Julian was aged 8-11 but they left when his mother separated from the man.

Young Julian - Alternative Theory 2

When Julian was aged 8-11, his mother and himself were members of the cult. The theory further states that Julian remained in the cult until he was 16 years of age - when in 1987, the Victorian police raided the compound, removed the children and disbanded the cult.

Why is this video/gif blurred?

The above video/gif is a clip that I have taken from an Australian documentary about The Family that is currently showing in Australian cinemas. This clip was also aired on a national current affairs television program. It is not a random clip that I have found on the internet. The boy in this video/gif looks a lot like Julian Assange and he seems to be older than 11.

Scroll back up and take another look at the photo of the children and in particular the boy in the top left corner.

Assange - Boy - The Family.png

Julian is an important and influential figure, yet we know so little about his childhood, and much of what we do know is shrouded in mystery. While we must always be careful not to ‘fill in the blanks’ - it is a piece of the Assange/Wikileaks jigsaw puzzle that should not be overlooked.

Julian repeatedly advocates for greater transparency - yet he remains fanatically secretive when it comes to his childhood. Each of us has a right to privacy, I get it, and I support it - but when at least half of the worlds population knows who you are, and so many people believe in you and the work that you are doing - shedding a little light into your childhood does not seem like too much to ask.

The Family - Unseen, Unheard, Unknown

Julian Assange - The Family Cult.png

The official motto of The Family was - Unseen, Unheard, Unknown - Anne’s daughter Sarah Hamilton-Byrne wrote a book about her life experience of being raised in The Family.

Sarah was also one of the very few people to have successfully won a damages/compensation claim against the cult leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

According to Wikipedia, The Family was a cult was that started in 1964 by Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

It taught an eclectic mix of Christianity and Hinduism. Members of The Family believed that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and a living God.

Anne co-founded the cult with Raynor Johnson. Raynor earned his MA at Oxford and his PhD in physics at the University of London. He became increasingly interested in parapsychology and spent time in India studying under gurus. In the 1960’s he took a position at the University of Melbourne. Raynor was the owner of the land on which the cult built its compound - Source - Wikipedia

Raynor was a respected academic that was able garner support for The Family from Melbourne’s intellectual and financial elites.

Raynor not only believed that Anne was the female reincarnation of Jesus - he also believed that he was the reincarnation of John the Baptist.

Key leaders within the cult believed that they were the reincarnations of the apostles of Jesus Christ. In fact, every member of the cult believed that they were reincarnations of some historical person - the cult membership included Beethoven and Napoleon, just to name a few.

The Family had over 500 followers. Some of its members included the elites of Melbourne society. Many other members were professionals such as barristers, solicitors and doctors. In fact, 25% of its membership consisted of medical professionals - notably, many of them were psychiatrists.

The Family taught that the end of the world was nigh and that Anne was the Messiah. The Family was also known as the Great White Brotherhood, and the Santiniketan Park Association. They taught an Aryan, Apocalyptic, White Supremacist doctrine.

The children that were raised in the cult had their hair dyed blonde, just like Julian Assange.

Julian Assange - Dark Hair.jpg

Assange’s Origins

Assange was born Julian Paul Hawkins in 1971.

Julian is the son of Christine Hawkins and John Shipton. Assange never knew his father - his mother and father parted ways before Julian was born.

When Julian was a 1 year old baby his mother married the actor Richard Assange who died in 2012. They divorced when Julian was 8.

His mother soon got involved with Leif Meynell, also known as Leif Hamilton (named after the cult leader Anne Hamilton-Byrne). Leif was a member of The Family. Leif and Christine had a son (Julian’s half-brother) before they split up in 1982 when Julian was 11.

The Family Cult Children.jpg

The Children & MK-Ultra

Anne Hamilton-Byrne (Jesus reincarnated, the Messiah, God), ‘legally’ adopted 28 children between 1964 and 1987.

She was able to do this, and circumvent the regular adoption process with the help of influential cult members that included lawyers, doctors, nurses and social workers. The children’s identities were changed using false birth certificates and deed poll that the doctors, lawyers and social workers were able to manufacture.

All of the children that Anne adopted were given her surname - “Hamilton-Byrne” - they all believed that she was their biological mother. She even wore prosthetics to make it appear that she was pregnant.

Outwardly the children were very well behaved, they even sang as a choir would, they looked like the perfect family.

Lurking beneath the Von Trapp family exterior image lay a far more sinister version of the Von-Trapp’s.

The children were dressed in matching uniforms, their hair was colored blonde, they were beaten, starved, isolated and injected with LSD.

The children were frequently medicated with psychiatric drugs such as anatensol, diazepam, haloperidol, largactil, mogadon, serepax, stelazine, tegretol and tofranil.

When the children turned 14 they were forced to undergo an initiation ceremony that included ingesting as many as 12 LSD trips in 2-3 days. The kids were locked in a dark room and only Anne Hamilton-Byrne and her top leaders were allowed to enter the room.

I do not know what happened to the children in that room, or what they were told while they were hallucinating - but I suspect that it included brainwashing and mind control. Many of the cult leaders were psychiatrists.

If you’ve ever studied the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program you will know that hallucinogens, beatings and isolation were often used to ‘break/shatter the mind’ of the subject.

It is not unreasonable to suspect that The Family, may have been an Australian MK-Ultra outpost, that may have been supported by the CIA, and/or ASIO.

MK-Ultra began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967, and officially halted in 1973. Source: Wikipedia

Just as MK-Ultra was being wound down in USA (or sent deeper underground), the Family was just getting started - coincidence?

Officially, MK-Ultra ceased operation in 1973.

Common sense tells me that the CIA would not close down such an important program. They possibly sent it underground, and offshore. That’s enough speculation for now, let’s get back to facts.

The kids were not only told that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their biological mother - but that she was also the messiah of the world. The kids were told that the other adults in the group were their aunties and uncles - some of the aunties and uncles were in fact their parents. The kids were rarely given access to the outside world.

Newhaven Psychiatric Hospital


During the late 60s and all of the 70s - Newhaven Private Psychiatric Hospital in Melbourne, Australia was owned by Family cult member Marion Villimek - many of the hospitals staff were also members of The Family.

The hospital was a literal recruiting ground for new members under the direction of Family psychiatrists John Mackay and Howard Whitaker.

Patients at Newhaven were ‘treated’ with LSD and electroshock therapy - one patient underwent two lobotomies.

Patients were attending the hospital for psychiatric care. Some of them were encouraged to join the cult, others were encouraged, or legally forced by the doctors and social workers to adopt their children out, only for them to be secretly handed over to the cult.

During the 60’s and 70’s the sexual revolution was in full-swing. Adoption laws and processes were archaic and having a baby outside of marriage was still frowned up. This created a perfect storm which The Family capitalized upon.

They used their member network of doctors, nurses, social workers and lawyers to talk many woman into adopting out their children. In other instances, babies were simply picked up and removed from hospitals and handed over to the cult.

Newhaven Psychiatric Hospital turned off the power that supplied its electroshock therapy devices when it finally closed its doors, and padded cells in 1992.

That same year an inquest was ordered into the alleged death, by ‘deep sleep therapy’, of one of Newhaven’s patients.

The inquest heard evidence of the widespread use of electroshock therapy and LSD on patients. The inquest ultimately concluded that it found no evidence that ‘deep sleep therapy’ had been used on that particular patient.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne


The children were rescued in a 1987 police raid and the cult was disbanded. That was 30 years ago. Julian was 16 years old at the time.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne recently died, aged 96.

She was never prosecuted for child abuse, false adoptions, forgery, social security fraud or for overseeing the administration of narcotics and psychiatric drugs on children.

Some of the children that she adopted were successful in winning compensation claims against her, but she never went to prison, she just paid compensation, and she had plenty of money.

Police estimated that her fortune may have been as much as $50 million way back in the 1980’s. Other sources have estimated her fortune to be as little as $10 million and as much as $150 million.

Q: Where did Anne get $50 million from?

She only had 500 followers.

Granted, some of them included Melbourne’s elites, but $50 million, especially back in the 1980’s, was, and is, a lot of money.

Could it be that some, or much of this money was given to her for operating an MK-Ultra program in Australia?

Is it possible, that she was never jailed for her crimes because she had friends in high places?

Is it possible that they had already identified Julian as a particularly special asset?

A ’special child’, a supposed genius who’s step-father was an actor?

I am only speculating, and asking what I consider to be very reasonable questions.

How Many Years Did Assange Spend in The Family?

Remember the three main theories at the beginning of this article?.

The official story claims that Assange was never in the cult.

The first theory claims that Assange was in the cult between the age of 8-11 and left when his mother and Meynell separated in 1982.

The second theory claims that Assange was in the cult between the ages of 8 to 16 and that he only left in 1987 when the cult compound was raided.

The official story and first theory are problematic for a number of reasons.

Assange attended 37 schools

  1. It has been widely reported that Julian was home-schooled during some of his schooling years.

  2. Even when we ignore periods of home-schooling - it would mean that Julian attended school between the ages of 6-16 (10 years). That means that Julian changed schools (on average) every 3 months in a calendar year.

  3. To my knowledge, no-one has come forward and said that they sat next to Julian Assange in school.

  4. Once again, look at this image and try to argue that this is not Julian Assange and that the young man is not aged 12 or older.

Julian Assange - Young Boy.jpg

I think that we are looking at a 13-15 year old Julian Assange in this photo.

Then we have this statement from his school principal.

Mr Assange lived in Terania Street, North Lismore, with his puppeteering parents from the mid-70s to the early 1980s, attending Goolmangar Primary School from 1979 to 1983. - Source - Northern Star Lismore

Julian was 8 years old in 1979 and 12 years old in 1983.

If Julian spent 4 years at one school, we can deduce that he attended 36 schools in 6 years, which is one school every 2 months. However, the school year is only 9 months long when you factor in holidays. Julian was therefore swapping schools every 6 weeks, if you believe the principal at Goolmangar Primary School.

Does that sound reasonable to you?

Changing schools every 6 weeks. Wouldn’t child protection services and the education department be asking a few questions?

Attending 37 schools makes it much more difficult for a researcher to verify the claim. It’s also less likely that someone will remember sitting next to you in class.

I do not believe the Lismore school principals story, or the claim of 37 schools!

Julian Assange - International Man of Mystery

Assange Man On-Stage.png

The other, far more plausible theory is that Assange was in The Family Cult until he was 16 years of age. The cult was raided and broken up in 1987 - Assange would have been 16 at the time. Which is precisely the time when Julian re-appeared on public records in Melbourne.

Closing Thoughts


Why has the mainstream media not broadcasted the connection between Julian Assange and The Family? If the government, and mainstream media wanted to destroy his credibility they could easily do so.

The information that came to light from the investigation into The Family was classified as Top Secret.

A cult is by its very nature and definition is a form of mind-control.

I cannot look at these older photos (and gif) of The Family and argue that I am 100% certain that I am not looking at a young Julian Assange.

The eye color, the body shape, the facial features and expressions, the dyed blond hair and even the hairstyles of the younger and older Julian are eerily similar.

Julian is not a natural blonde. I have shared one photo in this post - I have many more photos of a dark-haired Julian Assange.

Modern day Assange talks in a monotone and seemingly emotionless manner. It’s almost like his every word is internally processed and crafted before it is delivered.

It seems more than plausible to me that Assange was raised in The Family cult between the ages of 8-16.

If he was raised in The Family cult - it is not unreasonable to pre-suppose that Julian Assange was exposed to at least some form of mind-control during his formative years.

If my pre-supposition is true - it is not implausible to believe that Julian may be a product of MK-Ultra. To be clear, I am not saying that he is a product of MK-Ultra - I am merely stating that is not implausible. If you doubt that MK-Ultra is real check it out on Wikipedia.

Some of the points that I have raised in this post are less important, or credible than others. I am merely presenting the pertinent evidence that I have found with you - it is up to you, the jury to arrive at a verdict.

If one piece of evidence is not convincing - that does not mean that all of the other evidence is invalid.

As always, do not trust anyone, (including me) - always do your own research and don’t let anyone tell you what to believe.

I know that this was a long post - I apologize.

To do justice to this story, cover it appropriately and put it in the blockchain forever - I needed to do it properly.

I have only covered the first 16 years of Julian Assange’s life thus far - I am only getting started.

I don’t expect you to believe that Assange & Wikileaks are controlled based on the limited information that I have shared with you.

I would still respectfully ask you to support my channel so that I can carry on with this important research and share my findings with you.

In my next post we will cover Julian’s hacking years, the time that he spent at university and which US Gov’t agencies may have funded his studies.

Please let me know what you think about this post in the comments below and consider giving me an upvote and resteem!

Please reserve your final judgement until I have presented all of the evidence.

Yours in Peace, Love & Truth

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Julian Assange - Wikipedia

The Family - Wikipedia

Alexander Platz - Wikipedia

Documentary - The Family

Image Credits: 1 2


Hello @steemtruth,

Our discussion on Assange and disinfo was a great conversation and I look forward to more. I recommend that more people join the Truth channel linked in this post where @steemtruth is the moderator.

First, off this is very well researched and i appreciate very much your objective approach (as this is a contentious issue).

Let it be known that I do not subscribe to this theory but remain open minded to evidence that could prove otherwise. What has come out in our discussions is that we both are not dogmatic in our opinions and open to possibilities.

@steemtruth and I have discussed some points i take issue with and plans to address them in future posts in a series about Assange.

To be fair, I won't rehash them all here as i think our disagreement pertains to issues that will be addressed later in the series. However, I just want to make one point here and that is this:

If we dig deep enough into anyone's past we will find something undesirable or something to discredit them with. We're all human and we all have skeletons in our closets.

Of course, we know that Assange has had an intensive and sustained smear campaign mounted against him for years.

One thing we all agree on is that Wikileaks is a vital resource. They have released documents that no government has challenged or refuted as being inauthentic.

Enough for now.

Anyways, I applaud this research and i hope we continue to have a lively and respectful debate on the subject.

Well said @v4vapid and thank you for your support even though you disagree with me. It takes a good person to do that and I respect you for it.

This is an example of how truth investigations should be conducted. There are too many truthers taking pot shots at each other.

One thing we all agree on is that Wikileaks is a vital resource. They have released documents that no government has challenged or refuted as being inauthentic.

I agree with you on that point.

Ooooo...I missed a great convo <3 @v4vapid You must've missed my original WL and JA post when I first appeared on this amazing platform :') <3 Otherwise we surely would have had this debate already :') <3

What has come out in our discussions is that we both are not dogmatic in our opinions and open to possibilities.

I love this. Being dogmatic and having a belief in something, is putting a cage around it and defends it even in the face of valid, new information.

This is why I love Steemit.

I would like to address one point here though @v4vapid---->

Of course, we know that Assange has had an intensive and sustained smear campaign mounted against him for years.

An interesting and valid question in response to this from my end, would be;
Why then, During this mass smearing campaign, Has his connection to 'The Family" never been mentioned on MSM?

I worked closely with JA and his crew during the Elections when the Wikileaks party ran for senate here, in Western Australia, as I was the Volunteer coordinator for the party for a majority of the campaign....
And Looking back now...It has always seemed strange to me that for such an explicitly transparent foundation [Wikileaks], the 'leader' of this foundation lacks any real sense of transparency in his life.....

Anyways, Food for thought <3

Love your work @SteemTruth <3

Hey @AncientMystique, I didn't know that you worked closely with Assange, that's quite interesting.

So, to your point about the MSM not smearing Assange with his connection to 'The Family' I can't speak for the MSM, but there could be a number of reasons.

  1. They (US gov.) calculated that the Swedish Rape accusations would be a more effective smear campaign
  2. They investigated and found nothing substantial aside from his mother's brief relationship as mentioned above.

I think we need more transparency in government and many of societies institutions. Wikileaks is all about keeping governments honest and accountable. We should have transparency from our government officials and all governmental affairs, but of course we don't. The free press is suppose to be the 4th estate of government but they are own and easily controlled with advertising dollars.

Do we need to know all of the personal details of everyone that works at Wikileaks?

Transparency in how they operate is perhaps more important than knowing (and scrutinizing) the personal lives of the Wikileaks staff.

I think there's a substantial amount of transparency from Wikileaks as they release raw (sometimes redacted) government documents.

Anyways, much respect AM let's keep an open dialogue and open mind on the topic

:) I am full of surprises.

So I think you are right in your guesses re: MSM and smearing JA with the family mess....
However that whole situation is also directly representative of MKultra programs run by the CIA in both Australia and the USA-And in fact when Anne was arrested, she was arrested on one of her numerous properties in the USA and it took the UK, Australia and the US to all work together to find her.....All 3 countries wrought with pedocriminilism.......Where did all of her money come from???

I totally agree with your point about valid information being released by WL's-However don't you think, looking back, that all of the info they have released has had very interesting timing politically?

I don't disagree with the fact they release good information....I question Intention though.....Intention is everything. And if we are being spooned information, I would very much like to know the answer as to why and who stands to gain.
I think transparency says something about a person. In fact, it says a lot about a person. Especially when they KNEW they were going to be in the public eye, doing this work.
I don't debate the transparency of Wikileaks, as a whole, although I must admit, I have come across some very interesting info suggesting that they are funded by some people that we might all have something to say about....
Mostly Mossad....

As for your last comment-I love learning and moving forward. New information is like music to a musicians ears, to me. I love asking questions and hopefully getting answers <3 I love this platform and I am so happy I can have these respectable debates and sharing of opinions here, without judgement or fear of retaliation. <3

SteemOn and BeBrave <3

Great research @steemtruth! I used to believe he was "Dis-Info" or at the very least "controlled opposition" but I tend to believe now that he is just a information gatekeeper.

A few things to note about the man

  1. He supports the 9/11 (absurd) official story
  2. He has praised Netanyahu
  3. Never released any damaging info on Israel (that wasn't already published)

Look forward to learn more on the man through your posts! CHEERS

Boom - it seems that we both have a pretty good idea of what is going on - we may just be applying different labels?

I know all about points 1 & 3 but I didn't know about point 2.

Join us in Truth Room

Thank you adding value and for the encouragement - it is very much appreciated!

Following you.

I do tend to think Assange, Snowden & Manning are controlled opposition as well at the people and countries you named in your previous article called controlled opposition.

Secret societies control a lot more than most people realize and those secret societies power seem to be a lot more consolidated than most people tend to think.

No matter what people know or ignore about conspiracies, the state of this world is such that no conspiracy is needed for any rational mind to want to stand up against the current status quo.

So let's stand up and unite!

This was a very thorough piece my friend.

Steem on!

You are absolutely right. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

So let's stand up and unite!

Absolutely - we simply have to!

Thanks my friend :)

Hello my friend @lecrazycanuckeh,
I believe that Assange/Wikileaks may have good reason to publicly support the official 911 story but my question for you is can you direct me to the statement you're referring to regarding Assange praising Netanyahu?

Also, i think point 3 is interesting as i also do not recall Israel being named in any serious leaks...

doing a quick search i only found a couple dealing with Israel and organized crime.

This does strike me as odd...

Hey @v4vapid,
Here is a link of Assange praising Netanyahu because Bibi supports WikiLeaks and said more "Leaders should". Keep in mind Bibi is on record (video) as a BIG ADVOCATE for censoring the internet!

Here's a link brother -

Netanyahu is a war-wonger, criminal and despicable human being.

This statement is not very convincing in terms of praise for Netanyahu.

"We can see the Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu coming out with a very interesting statement that leaders should speak in public like they do in private whenever they can,"

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. To say that Netanyahu came out with a "very interesting statement" about the 2 faced nature of world just that, it's interesting/surprising coming from Bibi.

"He believes that the result of this publication, which makes the sentiments of many privately held beliefs public, are promising a pretty good [indecipherable] will lead to some kind of increase in the peace process in the Middle East and particularly in relation to Iran," Assange said.

So Assange sees Bibi as trying to put some spin on a document release and saying that the leak is positive, politicians should be more forthcoming. I can only speak for myself at the moment and say that Assange is being hopeful about peace talks involving Iran and the Middle East. I really don't see this as evidence of Assange "praising" Netanyahu at all.

If anyone wants to jump in with another take on this please do.

Assange is quoted as saying more leaders should be like Netanyahu @v4vapid.

We can disagree on if that's "praises" or not and that's okay but I surely feel it is :)

Yes, it is odd. Just like the Panama papers.

Yes, good points @lecrazycanuckeh! Also, I believe they could have given a lot more than we got from the Podesta emails!!! The missing emails...really...missing? Or left out because they would actually put some of those sick creeps behind bars?

By the way @lecrazycanuckeh I joined steemit mostly to continue where I left off on previous social media, I am here to learn and build a network of friends who are on a similar path to my own and are looking to learn and share what they learn. The things you listed tell me you have figured out quite a good deal of things so I'll keep up and follow you :). Same goes for anyone else!

I've been thinking and I agree with you - he is an information gatekeeper. I more or less said that when I wrote that Wikileaks main role is to control the alternative news narrative. WL does not spread much dis-info but rather a lot of truth. I shouldn't have named the article as I did. I might stick with the title for the rest of the series now but I'll clarify this point in my next post. Thanks

I had always remained on the fence about Assange because I didn't know enough about him and didn't have the time to go as deep so I don't take for granted info coming out from him. I HAD NO IDEA! He supports the official version and praised Netanyahu? Now that I have time would you mind providing links ? Thanks

Can't help to think about John Carpenter's Village of the Damned when I see the photos of The Family's kids. I just learned the film was a remake of a 1960 movie bearing the same name. The story comes from the novel The Midwich Cuckoos written by John Wyndham. It was also adapted as a three 30-minute episodes which aired on BBC in December of the year 1982. The book was published in 1957, while the cult's timeline starts in 1960.

During World War II, Wyndham first served as a censor in the Ministry of Information...

The Ministry of Information (MOI), headed by the Minister of Information, was a United Kingdom government department created briefly at the end of the First World War and again during the Second World War. Located in Senate House at the University of London during the 1940s, it was the central government department responsible for publicity and propaganda.

Some similaties between the Great White Brotherhood's children and the fictitious kids:

  • dyed blonde hair
  • 28 children (31 boys and 30 girls in the sci-fi novel)
  • the co-founder had an interest in parapsychology (in the movie the boys & girls possess telepathic abilities)
  • they were adopted (the Village of the Damned children have none of the genetic characteristics of their parents)
  • ''...may have been an Australian MK-Ultra outpost'' (The Midwich Cuckoos kids use a form of mind control)
  • ''Outwardly the children were very well behaved and even sang, they looked like the perfect family.'' & ''Modern day Assange talks in a monotone and seemingly emotionless manner.'' (''They dress impeccably, always walk as a group, speak in an adult manner, and behave maturely, but they show no conscience or love, and demonstrate a coldness to others...'')

Overtaking the World?

The "cuckoo" in the novel's title is in reference to the bird, of which nearly 60 species are brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. These species are specifically obligate brood parasites, in that they only reproduce in this fashion, with the best-known example being the European common cuckoo. The cuckoo egg hatches earlier than the host's, and the cuckoo chick grows faster; in most cases the chick evicts the eggs or young of the host species, while encouraging the host to keep pace with its high growth rate.

Wow. What a truckload of interesting connections in this. Thank you for taking the time to post that! I learnt a few new things! <3

I have always found it part of the macabre joke that they use things like Cuckoos to represent themselves..

Yes, there definitely seems to be something with the ''fast-paced grooming (for a specific political purpose?)'' symbolic nature of the cuckoo. Same goes with the mockingbird who mimicks others. Both can be found in popular culture in association with molding people to one's desired ways:

  • memory loss from shock treatment in the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Katniss being used as "the Mockingjay" rebellious leader in The Hunger Games
  • the manipulation of news media for propaganda purposes with Operation Mockingbird

I agree completely that everything needs to be investigated especially when it comes to something as important as leaking information, and I also never took for granted everything the information coming from WikiLeaks and assange. I replied to another comment saying something similar, but I forgot to add something important. All controlled opposition MUST as a rule include some amount of truth to keep their credibility alive. I only want to say this because I have seen even Alex Jones and other controlled op giving out information that is true, can be fact checked etc etc. but of course they will only reveal information they can afford to give. Assange, Alex Jones, and many controlled op will never say things like "Investigate the Holocaust, investigate the Flat Earth, Investigate 9/11" Or expose Zionism and all the evil that is lurking. I haven't seen Assange mention anything about black ops of NASA and such, from the criteria I have built by seeing information coming from "wikileaks" what is clear is that sometimes it seems to be just as good as any other form of entertainment in the hands of "Conspiracy theorists" who do their homework and research. In the end, the followers of Leaks are paying all their attention to world events, leaders, politicians, most of which are also being orchestrated and are lead to believe that "Trump is doing this" or "This leader is doing that" as if politicians were organically put in their positions. When you do enough research you can easily realize most governments are infiltrated and they are all following orders and doing things to push the same agenda. Almost always, the people in power are put there because of connections and membership to a fraternal order or a group who always have more than enough money its a pretty blatant pattern for any to see, researching in that direction will speak more than I can say at the moment. Anyway, just saying lets not throw out the baby with the bath water, at the same time take nothing for granted and observe the patterns and actions. Learning to read symbolism will help greatly to understand everything and see more patterns.

You speak a lot of truth @gamagoro - I agree with everything that you wrote. I know exactly where you are coming from and I understand the significance of all of the things that you mentioned.

Thanks for taking the time to share some of your findings with us.

Great research man. Its pretty much assumable with ease that Julian is certainly a part or Was a part of this cult.

Its also interesting to note that the "Great White Brotherhood" was another name for off branches of Aleister Crowley's Followers-Which is Highly Linked to CIA and MK Ultra Programs. <3

I think the most glaring detail of all of this is:
If Julian WASNT a disinformation agent....Why wouldn't the mainstream mockingbirds RIP him apart with this information?

Because he is bought and paid for.

Keep Truthing and BeBrave <3

That's what I suspect also, MK Ultra programmed individual. Also I read in articles about Assange that he has been visited by Lady Gaga and currently has some kind of relationship with Pamela Anderson. Of Gaga I'm pretty certain she is an MK Ultra mind control victim and I wouldn't be surprised if Anderson was also. Although I don't have any direct evidence about here and mind control I remember Anna Nicole Smith who was a mind control victim and her role/job was comparable to Anderson IMO.
I heard they also use these programmed persons to deliver secure messages to operatives. They have enabled photographic memory, put the message in a separate personality that the receiver of the message has to activate and the messenger self doesn't even know he delivered a message, let alone what it was.

Thanks @ancientmystique - great comment as usual.

You did a lot of research. Thanks for this, I learnt a lot of things I did not know.

My pleasure @rafine - thank you for reading it.

Another great post buddy.
A real eye opener, should provoke a lot of thought.
I've never delved in Assanges past but I'm intrigued by this and can't wait for the next.

Thanks buddy. I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)

Wow! You have done an awful lot of research here.
Great job!

This post got a 9.48 % upvote thanks to @ausbitbank - Hail Eris !

Good post. Very informative and useful information. Thought provoking and very insightful . You could be right, after all , nothing happens by chance. The powers that be have full control . The script is already written. Good work and content. Will continue to follow. Good job.

Thanks for your encouragement and open-mind @steppingout23 - it's appreciated!

Your welcome. Stay in touch. Will follow and look out for you.

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