30 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 24th July 2017

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Another day, another list, enjoy the new list for today, i will be showing the best steemians of the day, sharing these accounts will help some users to find the most active and best in the community. Users of the community will be able to find the best steemians in different categories, who creates great contents on different topics. These profiles are a nice source for exploring various contents, browse these accounts for some nice articles. If you want to follow these kind of profiles on the steemit, Then follow me @jzeek for new articles related to these posts and support me by upvote, resteem and share thanks.


0User NameDescription
1@jluferJlufer is the most active profile in this list with 22081 posts since August 2016, With 71 reputation score and 1769 followers, you should follow for some nice posts.
2@merej99Merej99 from Florida is a creative writer, web designer and online community advocate, and it is the second best active account with 10408 posts and 1521 followers.
3@gamanGaman from Singapore is Blockchain Developer and Founder of New Steemians Project. Joined recently in June 2017 but published 2358 posts and has 819 followers.
4@majesMajes with 67 reputation score, Joined in September 2016 and 3431 posts are available on the account with 906 followers, follow this profile for steemit based articles.
5@hansikhouseHansikhouse from New York is broadcasting cultural innovation and cultural designer, Joined in October 2016 and 3324 posts are available with 1443 followers.
6@mrs.steemitMrs.steemit is another old account with 67 reputation score and Joined in July 2016, gained 1842 followers so far and 1211 posts are available on the timeline.
7@profitgeneratorProfitgenerator writes on money, politics, capitalism, economy, steemit, ethereum and many other topics. Joined in August 2016 with 3283 posts and has 1417 followers.
8@venuspcsHomeless Steemian from Idaho Springs, CO. Joined in July 2016 and has 64 reputation score, with 920 followers and so far published about 1512 posts for the platform.
9@herpetologyguyHerpetologyguy from Newport News, VA. is a Herpetologist, adventurer, writer, artist and gamer, who Joined in August 2016, has 615 followers and 690 posts.
10@alexpfeifferAlexander Pfeiffer from Austria Joined in March 2017, he is the head of center for applied games studies and co-partner of Picapipe GmbH, has 453 followers and 238 posts.
11@steemtruthSteemtruth Joined steemit in September 2016 and has the tag line "Truth Fears No Investigation", so far published 1034 posts and 889 followers are enjoying his articles.
12@mallorcamanBitcoinpete is a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and working for the decentralized internet world, Joined in November 2016 and so far 2704 posts are published for 1019 followers.
13@baharobaBaharoba from Turkey writes about different stuff in English, but also include Turkish and Korean translation at the end of the article. Joined in July 2016 and has 1396 followers with 1581 posts.
14@steem-buzzSteem-buzz is relatively a new account on this list, Joined in June 2017 and writing different articles on technology, bitcoin, steem, ethereum, bitcoin and many other topics.
15@mattclarkeMatt Clarke from Adelaide, South Australia. Joined in August 2016 and written 2177 posts so far on the platform, gained 907 followers since joining the community.
16@norbuNorbu Joined in July 2016 and gained 761 followers since the beginning of the account. 2019 posts are available on the profile for the community.
17@pollux.onePollux with 66 reputation score, Joined in August 2016, there are 1212 posts published so far on the community, and gained 905 followers till date.
18@lemouthLe Mouth from Paris, France. is a Particle physicist and professor in physics, who Joined in July 2016 and has 985 followers, 4845 posts are available as of this writing.
19@luzcypherLuzcypher is an Unapologetic Dreamer, Steemweaver and Traveling Optimistocrat, who Joined in August 2016 with 5571 posts and 1893 followers.
20@reddustRed Dust Art from Oklahoma is an artist, who Joined in September 2016 and so far published 5946 posts on the platform, and has 1241 followers.
21@marketingmonkChris Coney from United Kingdom, Joined in May 2016 and has 66 reputation score with the tag like "Leading people to freedom through education & awareness".
22@p0oP0o is another unique account, who is a Crypto enthusiast, Book worm and part time trader, who Joined in September 2016 and published 418 posts for 369 followers.
23@whatageekWhatageek produce articles about science fiction stories, and geeky awesomeness. Joined in October 2016 with 2452 posts and has 843 followers and 67 reputation score.
24@lightsplasherLightsplasher from US, NW Pacific, loves to work on 3D graphics, art, photography, writing, cryptocoins and many other categories, Joined in July 2016 and has 521 followers with 1696 posts.
25@getonthetrainGetonthetrain from The desert of Arizona, loves personal finance, coins, general knowledge, history, space, video games along with other things. Has 922 followers with 2878 posts and Joined in August 2016.
26@mynameisbrianMynameisbrian is a comics artist and produce some awesome comics on different topics with unique style, has 73 reputation score and Joined in July 2016 with 2411 followers and 2599 posts.
27@titusfrostTitus Frost from Plymouth, MA. and Spitting Truth on different topics, Joined in August 2016 with 68 reputation score, 1629 posts are available on the profile with 1161 followers.
28@countryinspiredCountryinspired from Southeast Iowa is an Outdoor Enthusiast, Creative Thinker, and a Cat Lover. Joined in August 2016 with 952 followers and 3830 posts, has 68 reputation score.
29@rossenpavlovRossenpavlov from Sofia, Joined in August 2016 and gained 1223 followers so far, 3803 posts are available on the profile and has 68 reputation score.
30@smailerSmailer is an artist by nature and produce some of the best artworks in a cup of coffee, and in all this list, this profile impressed me the most, a must follow for art lovers.

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nice he is a interesting guy ....and has great posts ...

Liked Ur SteemIT Logo variation ;)

This is a good list not the typical names that are always mentioned nice work @jzeek

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One day I am also going to be here a long time and be on your list - good post

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No mention of @libertyLOL?!?! It's a pretty good follow too.


ok i will check your profile and if it is worth the mention then next time i will try to include you in another list.

Great list will follow some of them, thanks for the nice share.

you will find all the profiles worth the follow, and will get some nice contents from them.

Thanks for the mention @jzeek - upvoted.

While I joined Steemit in Sept 2016 - I also stopped all activity on Steemit for 6 months.

I've only recently come back to Steemit. Check my feed and you will see that it is true. I was in the top 250 bloggers before I took a break.

It's good to be back!

If you seek truth consider following me.

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wow, how do you even compile all this info? very cool

With hard work.

Excellent work dear friend @jzeek, thank you very much for this mention, congratulations for this initiative, there are very interesting names on this list, worthy of being visited.
I wish you have a beautiful day

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Thanks for the mention @jzeek. I'll be sure to check out some of the others you mentioned as well.

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Hey @jzeek, great idea for a post! Thanks for the mention. All the best - never stop Steemin'!

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Cool article thanks for the mention, glad I made your list!

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These are some of my favorites, thank you for mentioning me <3

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Nice job on collecting those information.

Thanks for the mention. I've read most of these author's posts but you introduced me to some new ones.

hello everyone, i joined steemit about two weeks now. I like it here feel lost. hardly got views on my posts. Please HELP and follow @nesis

I am grateful to know that info can be had so that informed decisions can be made as it relates to who should be follow and also to see who has similar interest.

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