Our First Fathers Day

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First Fathers Day.

Some of you might be aware that my wife and I recently adopted our first child, he is an amazing little Thai boy who is just about to turn 18 months old, this little champion came into our care almost three months ago and has been in Australia about 2 months.

This Sunday just gone was the Australian celebration of fathers day.


I had thought that it was awesome enough to have him with us in time for my birthday but nothing was better than being able to celebrate our first fathers day together it felt great to be a dad but more than that it felt joyful to know that my son now had a dad in his life, you see our boy had been in the orphanage from 3 weeks of age, one of 25 children in his room in being cared for by two nannies.

I would love to show you how cute he is but unfortunately, until the adoption paperwork is finalized he is like "Rob the Dentist" from the Oral-b ads in Australia we can't show you his face.

I woke up in the morning two lovely presents handmade thanks to my wife given that I'm not someone that really lives gifts she absolutely nailed it with a little cast of his feet and a card made from a cut out of his and her hands with the message written out on the armspan of both of them.

Deciding what to do Sunday was a bit of a challenge as I never really had many calls to do fathers day as a kid so we kept it lowkey and simple and went and ran around the park with him.

Kind Regards


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Awesome mate! He's such a cute little guy. It was super cool to meet him a few weeks ago. Enjoy fatherhood, it could be the most rewarding job you'll ever have.


it's amazing how fat he has come even since then, he is up to about 15 signs trying to get more words and just started to show imagination games yesterday.

Awe ❤💚 How Sweet! Happy 1st Father's Day Peter!! It's wonderful you can build your own Father's Day Family Celebrations Together. Enjoy!! And, i look forward to the 'hand' imprint decoration you'll do with your son when Mother's Day comes around!! Is that next month for you guys? Or did it already pass this year?


Thanks it was great Mothers day is not until may for us but she does have her birthday and Christmas coming up I'm notoriously bad at gifts so hopefully having the little one will make it easier