When Quality Foods is too Delicious

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Hi there
Su here again.
Today , I want to share with you what we been having at the Chinese Restaurant.
Our parents took us there. Wow, yummy foods.
Have been busy with Exams into my final studies.








Thanks Again for Visiting my Blog



Something Looks Delicious , yum yum!
Seadog a Sailor I am , Ahoy Ahoy
A Captain I am, don't get a chance to set ashore
Perhaps to my liking , I do like your post and set ere for a reading.
Ta @sukhoi-su , I will set my Anchor Ere again
Arrghh, I'd like to drag me anchor through her lagoon! Arggh!
I have to go.
I will come and play with you again.

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Hello @sukhoi-su

I am

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Oh, Thank you
That's what I need. It has been awhile since I use the #whalepower
Thanks again for dropping by.

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very special food. with lots of fresh vegetables and nutrients. Delicious cakes make my stomach hungry again. Thanks for sharing.

Hello @mattmcguire
xD he he he


Very nice photography & delicious foods.

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really good food, are you a native Chinese? Looks like you really like Chinese food

Hiii @sukhoi-su
those foods are look delicous...
Thanks for share your menus.

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