Whalepower ~ QnA Part 1 | Quality Content Blogging Verse Quantity Crappy Posts ( ENG | Indonesian )

Quality Content Blogging Verse Quantity Crappy Posts

When #whalepower Tag Applies , Please Read this First.

Quantity Crappy Posts - Really Discourage at #whalepower Tag Platform.

  • Simply Dumping a Post.
    What is that?
    A crappy post that doesn't deserve Any Rewards.

  • Is there a Post Limit? How many can I do?
    3 x Posts within Any 24 hours.

  • What does this Post contribute to the Community?
    A Photography Challenge , Does the person suggesting this really support this?
    If not, then this is crappy post.
    ( Color Challenge )

  • What's your Topic?
    Is it interesting , then someone will read it and give you the deserve Rewards.
  • Is this your Original Idea?
    Original Idea, then this post should be Supported.

  • What if it is not your photos?
    Then you give credit to the Original Owner's.

  • Do Anyone really read yours content?
    When you post in #whalepower Tag , There are Moderators / Curators reading your materials , manually.

  • Using Multiple Irrelevant Tags
    Will be ask to Remove , may also get an instant Flag!

  • Any Plagiarism Post will be Flag!

  • Posting with little Text Content?
    We discourage that!
    You should write some description about your content. A story line?

  • Can you do a Series Post?
    Part 1 , part 2 ... For Post that is longer.
    The answer is yes.

  • Can I write , a long Blogging?
    You may.

  • Can I write Politics content?

  • Can I write Religious content?

  • Can I write NSFW content?

  • Duplicate Post?
    Before you walk away, Always checked your Portfolio/ Post.
    Anything longer than 20 minutes will be Flag!

  • Can I ask the Flag to be Remove?
    Subject to the offence.

  • Can I be Banned from using #whalepower Tag?

  • Can I write in my own language? What Languages is Supported?
    Currently , @bullionstackers can read Mandarin , Bahasa, English ( Little Japanese, Korean )
    @paul-gillbanks , @solidgold - English only


Blogging dengan Konten Berkualitas Versus Postingan Banyak Tapi Jelek
Postingan Banyak Tapi Jelek - Sungguh Menjadi Perhatian dan Tidak Dianjurkan pada Tag #whalepower.

  • Hanya Sebatas memposting.
    Apa itu?
    Pos jelek dan asal yang tidak pantas Mendapat Hadiah

  • Apakah ada batas dalam memposting? Berapa banyak yang bisa saya lakukan?
    3 x Posting dalam 24 jam.

  • Apa Post ini berkontribusi pada Komunitas?
    Tantangan Fotografi, Apakah orang yang menyarankan ini benar-benar mendukung ini?
    Jika tidak, maka ini adalah posting jelek.
    (Tantangan Warna)

  • Apa topik kamu?
    Apakah menarik, maka seseorang akan membacanya dan memberi Anda Hadiah yang pantas.

  • Apakah ini Ide Asli Anda?
    Ide Asli, maka posting ini harus didukung.

  • Bagaimana jika bukan foto Anda?
    Maka Anda harus memberi kredit pada Pemilik Asli foto itu.
  • Apakah ada yang benar-benar membaca konten Anda?
    Saat Anda memposting di #whalepower Tag, Ada Moderator / Kurator yang membaca materi Anda secara manual.
  • Menggunakan Beberapa Tag yang Tidak Relevan
    Akan diminta untuk menghapus tag tersebut, mungkin juga mendapatkan Flag dengan segera!
  • Pos Plagiarisme akan langsung mendapatkan Flag!

  • Mengeposkan dengan sedikit Konten Teks?
    Kami melarangnya!
    Anda harus menulis beberapa deskripsi tentang konten Anda. Buat alur cerita

  • Dapatkah Anda melakukan Serial Pos?
    Bagian 1, bagian 2 ... Untuk Pos yang lebih panjang.
    Jawabannya iya.

  • Dapatkah saya menulis, Blogging yang panjang?
    Kamu boleh.

  • Dapatkah saya menulis konten Politik?
    Tidak Boleh

  • Dapatkah saya menulis konten keagamaan?
    Tidak Boleh

  • Dapatkah saya menulis konten NSFW?
    Tidak Boleh

  • Posting duplikat
    Sebelum Anda pergi, Selalu periksa Portfolio / Post Anda.
    Apa pun Postingan duplikat yang lebih dari 20 menit akan langsung mendapatkan Flag!

  • Dapatkah saya meminta Flag untuk di hapus?
    Tergantung pada pelanggaran yang dibuat

  • Dapatkah saya dilarang menggunakan #whalepower Tag?

  • Dapatkah saya menulis dalam bahasa saya sendiri? Bahasa apa yang didukung?
    Iya nih.

Saat ini, @bullionstackers bisa membaca Mandarin, Bahasa, Inggris (sedikit Bahasa Jepang, Korea)
@paul-gillbanks, @solidgold - hanya berbahasa Inggris

When #whalepower Tag Applies , Please Read this First. - Ketika Menggunakan tag #whalepower, tolong baca ini terlebih dahulu

#whalepower A Project for Better Community
All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.
@whalepower Account Sponsors

@the-reef Account Sponsor by @bullionstackers


I've been asking those questions to myself for quite sometime, I am glad that my questions are now answered.

Thank you for supporting my posts #whalepower team. You guys were there when no one even noticed my post at all.

Sometime I tried my best and made quality contents, but no one was noticing except myself.

I fell down. No matter how good my content is, it's useless if no one noticing.

To make myself feel better, I posted my photography gallery, just to make myself comfortable. You know, it's not easy for a minnow to get attention in this whole large ocean.

Honestly, $5 SBD per month is not easy for a tiny minnow like me. But I still want to join, I will collect and save my SBD by little. I plan to register the whalepower tag member in March. Hopefully my SBD will be enough to join the community by that time.

Thank you #whalepower team. Hope this tag getting bigger and keep growing ☺️

Kayya, you think it is not a good investment?
Well, everyone who’s thinking that will be left behind.

Thank you Paul , this is excellent

No, I don't think that way, that's not what I mean.
I am sorry if my words gave you that impression. I personally think it's a good investment, that's why I am currently collecting and saving SBD by little in order to join the community.

Gee you are very generous

Thanks for your help @bullionstackers

Thank you very much @bullionstackers

Ok. @ bullionstackers. With all those rules will make the people here get the hard work, be cautious and wiser to use #whalepower, including myself. Thanks for updating the news.

Hardworking = Higher Rewards!

Registered Members becomes Priority!

This is certainly, good for #whalepower platform
It will stops too many posts from being buried!
Lesser posts = More Visual.

Thanks for all this explanation.
It certainly, does makes a lot of senses

Indeed. Thanks for your kindness

You are welcome.
Now, Keep up the Good Work to Success!

Sir yesss sir.😊

Thanks for the guidelines, will do all possible to remember all to ensure i am doing it right. Important is to support each other. Also to enjoy writing and sharing your post and reading others as well. Good post. Thanks

Thank you for the clarification and guidelines. What is NSFW?

Not Safe For Work ! Porno Stuffs!
Are you with Discords? If you are , you are invited to join us in there.

Oh yes, of course, thank you again. I'm so new here, I don't know what Discords mean either, however will do some google and look it up.

Thank you for the clarification @bullionstackers.
I appreciate @whalepower team support ✨👍

Thanks for the Registration and Support @crystalandhawaii

thanks for your idea to support the development of the steemit platform. good job @bullionstackers.

Thank you for dropping in

I resteemd this post. If there is a place which does not reach me, I would like you to tell me.


One of the best resources for Steemit bloggers, thanks @bullionstackers

Saya setuju dengan pendapat anda, mencermati dan memberikan kontribusi yang baik, kepada posting yang asli. lalu memberi mereka hadiah itu merupakan sebuah kebijakan. artikel anda sangat baik dan mengingatkan pada semua. #whalepower sukses.

ingat untuk saling mendukung satu anggota dengan yang lain. : )

say suka pendapat anda Bli @ekavieka, saling mendukung dan salong membantu antar anggota dan antar komunitas yang lain.
pasti semuanya akan maju.dan sukses.

Saya suka maksud kamu.

Of Course! We All Will

I support the quality content guidelines. People have to remember that #whalepower team actually reads your posts; they are not bots. If you receive a high reward from #whalepower team, you should be honored.

they really are not a robot and we are one big caring family.
we are #whalepower family

Bots ??? Hmmmm
Sometimes I do like them

lol, a good bot? or robocop?

Thanks for the Support and Registration

Great informative post, thanks for this useful contribution

I haven't used the whale power hash in a while as I thought I could be overdoing it as a minnow, thank you for the info on how our blogs are curated!

Thank you verry much @bullionstackers
I follow you but im like,it @whalepower


Very useful advice, hopefully our future can make a better post, by looking at these rules and directives @bullionstackers

No politics, got it.

The guidance is very useful for user tags #whalepower and for the user of Steemit, I really agree with you, with it blog Steemit will be better fore. greetings from me to you curator @bullionstackers

Hey, Where have you been?

good post, I like your post ..

I need your support please visit my blog https://steemit.com/@muliadi
if you like my post please give upvote, resteem &follow me.
thank you, keep on steemit

Just use #whalepower Tag
I do not Follow many...

OMG. You not understand what is this about.

mas, kirim link di kolom komentar orang itu sudah termasik spam, meminta vote dan follow balik itu juga sudah salah.
silahkan baca postingannya lagi, ada bahasa indonesianya.
jangan lakukan itu lagi, karena nanti mas bisa mendapatkan flag.

Nice post. I understood the rules well, thank you. I appreciate your support.

Great to get more Support here...

Many, many thanks to all the #whalepower team, since I started using the whale power tag steemit has really begun feeking like a community.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to support people with my upvotes who also upvote my posts, it feels really good.
I needed to reread these rules, they are straight forward and fair, and I feel like I aught to be able to follow them.
Now I need to get my 1 SBD so I can become a monthly subscriber.
Again thanks!

I will give to you on your post.
So you are eligible

Terima kasih atas panduannya yang sudah saya baca, saya akan melakukan semua yang ada dipanduwan diatas untuk memastikan saya melakukannya dengan benar. Terima kasih @bullionstackers

Not everyone is born writing amazing content. That is why I stick to commenting mostly instead of writing full fledged articles.

Seen you before
I can’t remember.
Too many authors around here

Terima kasih informasinya @bullionstackers

Thanks sir for your whalepower guideline .sir can i use my personal tag in my post ?
When i used whalepower tag

Yes, sir my personal tag antony can i use it when using whalepower tag in my post ?

& sir 3post per day allow in whalepower

Ooo! .... Yes you may...

Many many thanks sir for your support

Nice post over all...
Thats great ...
Thanks for sharing

nice one keep it up. i only write christian post.

Religion ??
Praise the Lord

Thank you for the clarification and guidelines

Huh? Really?

Thanks so much @bullionstackers. I have yet to tag whalepower but this is a good info for me before I do. At least I know how does a whalepower perspective comes from.

@bullionstakers, dapatkah saya menulis tentang pekerjaan ?


Thanks for the constant support Whalepower Family! <3

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

Great post, thank for sharing

your post is really amazing,

Nice post :)

I really like your post, keep the spirit and be the best. If you wish to upvote back my post, I need a little support from you: @bullionstackers


Apa? Rep anda sudah turun?

waduh mas, jangan kirim link sembarang. lihat reputasimu udah sampai 12. susah naikinnya pasti.
ini sudah termasuk bentuk spam

topik apa yang sangat relevan dengan #whalepower? @bullionstackers
kenapa sih reputasinnya bisa turun? om @ekavieka

This is good but how do I join the community where @whalepower will start visiting my posts to read and upvote

To use the #whalepower tag you have to pay a membership of $ 5 sbd each month. registration starts now for February.

bagus po, mari aktif juga disini. : )

May I join it Bang @coinfarmer?
I wanna try,,hehee

Hahaha..mari segera join disini mbak @ettydiallova

I'm coming Bang @coinfarmer.Insya Allah nanti malam, siang masih nguli. hihii

hahah...sip mbak @ettydiallova, join di #whalepower nggak ada ruginya kok. siang nguli fisik malamnya nguli otak disteemit -)

Awesome, this is a very detailed explanation, we really understand what we should do, we will try and learn more. Thank you for your attention

Can i use #whalepower of one of my tags ?

Terima kasih sudah memberikan informasi tentang penggunaan tag #whalepower..

Appreciate the clarification. Now for clarification purposes those participating in color challenges will not be up voted? I do not personally participate in them, but I do run into those challenges in my feed.

Those that Host them are they Judges?

Hallo @bullionsrackers
I wanna join to use #whalepower
how to I join it?
It is I have to pay 5 SBD for one month? then when I gonna star it?

can I used whalepower too?

Level 60
Gee, you have grown up since the last time we chat.

i am still small,

Good morning. is it valid for Venezuelans? @purapapita#7177 Discord.

Is for everyone!
But how to win the heart of the Curator?
Whalepower discord is by invitation only

Anda berhati mulia...terimakasih tag @whalepower

May I ask permission to use @whalepower community
@whalepower that has a very noble heart

Thank you @whalepower for information

Good post brother

I am not sure either. He may understand at all.

Ok informasi nya yg sangat berguna dan bagus.

Akan berfikir membuat post yang bermanfaat dan segera bergabung.

Thank you so much @whalepower. I have read all of the rule u share :)

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Thank you , Reat eat

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