Wednesday Walk Carrin Redux

in wednesdaywalk •  18 days ago

This is in response to a Challenge by @tattoodjay to take photographs of things on a walk. Things you don’t normally see. I really like the challenge and the challenger so here I am again.

Do you remember the Carrin I found a couple weeks ago? The obvious memorial site that moved me so? Here's a picture from that previous post to jog our memories.

Memorial Site.JPG

There was the bench and a fire site and two carrins and an obviously fresh memorial to some one or some thing. It was a very moving place for me.

Yesterday, Sam and I were out in the neighborhood (it's a big neighborhood) checking on the dimensions of a solar project in the desert. I try to walk a minimum number of steps every day and was going to come up short so we walked east a ways.

I got to the point where I knew I'd get my steps in and turned north toward the car. I was going to take a little used trail when I realized the next one north would be the one with the Carrin on it so I decided to place a couple of rocks and see how it looked.


This is what I found. Completely changed. The bench was missing, as was the half drunk bottle of wine. There were a couple of beer bottles and cans in the area. My first thought was desecration. That somebody had come and disturbed the site.

Fire 1.JPG

But wait! The fire had been scattered like someone had put it out with no thought to ever rebuilding it, and the small amount of fuel was completely gone.

I placed my stones that I had brought, one on each of the two Carrins and spent some time trying to figure out what had happened. There were clues, but no answers in the tracks.

Carnin 1.JPG

Whatever, whoever, it was relatively recent. We had a track levelling wind less than a week ago, and a rain less than a week before that. I couldn't really wrap my mind around what had happened here.

Grey Stripe2.JPG

That is until I started to walk on to the east towards the car. There is a light grey stripe right along the main trail. It was obviously put down from a moving ORV out of the passengers side.

Grey Stripe7.JPG

I actually touched the stripe to confirm, but I knew before I bent over. Cremated ashes. In this particular case, I have no doubt they are human based on the quantity.

Grey Stripe4.JPG

Whoever built the memorial obviously had a plan. Made me think of my preferences. If you have nothing better to do, I'd like my ashes spread along Prospector Creek right where it runs into the St. Joe river. Far as I'm concerned it's the best fishing hole I've ever found. Otherwise, right out here along a nameless desert trail would be just fine with me.

In a way, I'm glad the story has an end. Not that we come here all that often, but when we do I'll add a stone to each Carrin in respect to an unknown person. There is a rightness to that.

So that's it. My #Wednesdaywalk. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little different corner of the desert as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

All Words and Photographs in this post are mine, for better or worse.

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Oh my @bigtom13 this makes me you think they just had a memorial celebration there and then scattered the ashes? Brought a bench to reflect and then took the bench home? I can see the ashes along the road. Yes I have often told me children I just want to be scattered on their travels, seems appropriate. I guess we'll never know the story.


I'm sure that was a part of it. It feels like there's more to the story, but somebody wanted to be left to the desert. I way understand that...

My brother and I have that detail left to do with my parents. There is a bit of farm ground they owned (made payments on) much of their near 60 years as a couple. That'll be the place...


We have to do the same thing with my husbands dad...we'll need to travel to their old farmland in Iowa, perhaps a road trip in our van this summer.

Yes I remember the previous post and so interesting to read this update
I to would like my ashes to go by the water whether a river or the ocean that’s where I feel most at ease

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Yeah. I feel most at ease in sight of running water.


I grew up near the water, Well everyone in NZ is close to the water its a pretty narrow country LOL, and since then I have always found I head by the water when I need to unwind

I can't think of a better place to be either. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Kissed by the desert wind.


Amen. It looks like a really good final chapter to me.

Always when we are in a hurry, we don't notice somethings but this let's you appreciate somethings you overlook everyday

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Very interesting! I agree with you. I'd rather be spread about somewhere rather than put in a hole in the ground. Thanks for the great pictures and the follow up on this post!

That’s a lotta dirt! Where’s the pup?? :)
Nice to see you out walking 🙏🏽

I remember that post as well and this very intriguing. Almost makes me think that I dying person had made the spot to go and contemplate their upcoming demise. That is why the bench was there and they then shared their special spot with whomever it was that was going to take care of their affairs after their death and sat and talked with some wine in hand.
The last wishes of the builder must have been to have their remains spread in the desert and the person who was to do it was to remove the bench and clean the place up when they made the visit to spread the ashes.
Either that or you stumbled upon another site that is totally different but in close proximity. I don't think that is the case though since you are very keen on details.
Intriguing indeed and great Wednesday walk work.


You know? I hadn't considered that scenario, and I really like it. When I first saw the site, it was incredibly well kept and this time, not so much. There were 2 beer cans, and 2 beer bottles nearby, there was a cigarette butt and just in general. It really makes sense that 2 (or maybe 4) people came out to 'finish off'.

I'm sure that it's the same site. The two carrins have distinct points about them that just wouldn't be duplicated. A cross with a compass attached and 2 pieces of what look like driftwood with a solar light marking the other.

Nice theory! I really like it.

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That last picture is really telling. You can clearly see the shift in color, I have no doubt that a group of friends or family held a memorial at that spot.

Pretty sad to come accross.


It is just no doubt about that. But there was more than one session there, and there are two carrins. Maybe the second person memorialized there?

Sad and beautiful, there's a whole story here we will never know, but can try to imagine...


Yes, exactly. I can tell much of what physically happened by the tracks (or lack of) but the rest will never be known by me.

What an interesting walk, @bigtom13. A shame they left the place with litter. It doesn’t seem like the attitude of the same people who built the memorial so nicely. It would make quite a story if you could find out why( or for whom) it was built.

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Howdy sir bigtom13! Very interesting...I've never heard the word Carrin. That is another word for memorial? How far out do you walk? It looks like way out in the middle of nowhere.


A carrin is a marker built of stones. Sometimes it's a trail marker, sometimes it's a monument to somebody (or something. The biggest one I know started off as a remembrance to a guys dog). It is considered good form to add a stone to a carrin when you pass it. I have one that I tend in SE Utah. When it started, every stone had a name attached to it. A few have been added over the years (it is REALLY remote) but my buddy or I look in on it every couple of years.

Sam and I walk between 4 and 5 miles a day. This particular walk is a 'drive to' (which we do a couple times a week). I have a 2001 Corolla so can only go so far into the pucker brush. Anyway, that site is a ways away from anything.


Howdy sir bigtom13! oh ok, I was wondering how in the world you attend to a carrin in Utah but then you say you just go there every couple years. You guys walk 4 or 5 miles a day, dang! Do you ever see any snakes out there?


The place of my carrin is spectacular, called the Moki Dugway. It's just a bit east of the Grand Escellante which is roughly the area Butch and the Boys hid out a lot. It's pretty easy to see how they could escape clean, you could do it today if there are no drones involved.

We do see the odd snake, almost always sidewinders. Most of the year it is so hot that everything is nocturnal, so being out in the day we see tracks not critters most of the time. All the reptiles are hibernating right now so the walks are casual and unconcerned. I do watch for sidewinder tracks :)

I'm going to enclose a picture of the Moki (the name is some hybrid of original Spanish and Native). Far as I know this is an unpublished photo taken from the little shelf where my carrin is. In the distant haze you can see Monument Valley left of center, and Valley of the Gods is just out of frame to the left.

Moki Dugway.JPG


howdy sir bigtom13! wow that's a magnificent picture! The view is amazing and that road looks insane, is that a one lane road? You don't ride in that country in the heat of the summer do you?


The road is insane, but it is mostly wide enough for two trucks to pass. That picture is taken from a bit of a failed switchback where the builders had to make a serious change to keep the turn on solid ground.

That picture was taken in May, which is the end of the riding season there. It gets too warm to get to and from. Call it summer June through September...


Howdy todaysir bigtom13! oh ok, I couldn't tell how big the road was from that picture. Still would be something to travel on and I wouldn't go near there at night! lol. So you were there at the end of the riding season and I bet it was already pretty warm!


We camped that trip. The night before we'd stayed in the area of Zion and it got down to 26F. It was frosty. Later that day, when we crossed the Colorado in Utah it was 105F. That's part of the joy of riding a motorcycle.

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