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Greetings to all Wafrica fans both within and beyond Africa. Thank you for all the contents posted on the Wafrican tag to educate, entertain and inform us, you are the reason we have wafrica for we are here to promote you, your contents and your projects.

I am @nmalove and here listed below are the selected posts for today's curation.

@elpastorEducation: Factors associated with antisocial behavior in adolescents.https://steemit.com/edu-venezuela/@elpastor/education-factors-associated-with-antisocial-behavior-in-adolescents
@yungchiefTHE HARDER IT SEEMS, THE BETTER THE HUSTLEhttps://steemit.com/writing/@yungchief/the-harder-it-seems-the-better-the-hustle-7325cd4f038fdest
@cindycamHow to deal with the doubt? - General educationhttps://steemit.com/edu-venezuela/@cindycam/howtodealwiththedoubt-generaleducation-mh453uo80n
@joyce-okpoboTake out the trash... Toxic traits.https://steemit.com/motivation/@joyce-okpobo/take-out-the-trash-toxic-traits-92b13884c2f88
@fatherfaithTake up your cross dailyhttps://steemit.com/steemchurch/@fatherfaith/take-up-your-cross-daily-f898ed627db06
@seyiodusMy Silencehttps://steemit.com/poetry/@seyiodus/my-silence

Congratulations to all our winners for today. Keep posting quality contents on our tag.


@Wafrica is built for Africa, made for Africans and will grow with Africans.

Don't forget that for your post to be upvoted daily by @wafrica you must use #wafrica among as one of your tags, you must also be following @wafrica, and your post must contain at least 300 characters with a minimum of 1 image or photo. Do use English to write or provide a translation so the curators can comprehend your content.

The curation team includes....

@surfyogi, @gee1, @nmalove, @jeaniepearl, @chiama, @lordjames, @kofpato, @prettyjules158, @phunke, @steemgh, @mcsamm, @julietisrael

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CURATION by @nmalove

Thanks for reading.

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nice post post and because of that, I included or #up-gage your post. This is a contest run by @zephalexia, this is to help every steemian to be inspired and motivated to work hard here in steemit,. If you want to join her contest, you can always check out her blog by clicking her name above. Thanks! keep

I'm happy and grateful that my post is on the list of selected posts for today's curation. Thank you @nmalove, thank you @wafrica

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

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Just seeing this now. I'm super excited. Thank you @wafrica, @nmalove and the entire curation team. Great job you're doing on the blockchain.