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Steemit seems so promising in scope.

We know the current establishment purveyors monetize our other digital selves on the other digital platforms (facebook, twitter, youtube, ect....) However we are not included on the wealth that our very own selves create for the owners of those networks.

Steemit in ideology alone is so much more promising, and to realize this gives me great hope.

The amount of content, information, and impact each one of us has over our lifetimes in this version of the web, and information age is staggering.

While we've allowed others to become billionaire/millionaire status off of our backs.

I wanted to do a test, and see how many people will like, comment, resteem this post, and try and start to quantify the reach and scope of this amazing project.

I wanted to see and feel everyone elses thoughts as we step into the future.

hopefully a future that truly benefits each and everyone of us.

It's only been a day for me on this platform, and it's changed the way I look at the internet as a whole. Whereas in the past anything similar in nature, look, and feel would have been quickly considered a "pyramid scheme", but not this. This is not that. This is the very thing that we should have been part of since the beginning of the information age.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing, hearing, and creating so much with all of you !

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