Beet loaf recipe

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It's Sunday roast day! I am getting ready for fruitsandveggiesmonday with @lenasveganliving and @plantstoplanks, this week I am the judge, but I am hijacking the the tag even though it is Sunday. I am pretty sure there will be some awesome posts, so come on over and check it out, or even better enter!

Today I made Beet loaf with a barszcz soup, I have posted the recipe for barszcz before but incase you missed it here is a link

Throwing out the water from cooking beetroot is a waste because it makes an awesome soup and it's super healthy too, it is something I picked up while staying in Poland. OK so here is what you will need for the loaf.

Serves 4

Ingredients for Beet loaf

250g cooked beetroot
1 onion
4 garlic cloves
250g mushrooms
75g pumpkin seeds
275g red split lentils (soaked)
1/2 a cup flour
1 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 tablespoon liquid smoke
3 tablespoons soy sause
1/2 a teaspoon smoked paprika
Pinch of salt and pepper

First I make the beetroot soup and get ready to make the loaf, I chuck in the food processor chopped onion, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds and blend a bit.


Then I fish out the beetroot.


Then I chuck everything in the food processor excluding flour and lentils.


Then I cook it in a nonstick pan until there is no more water left from the veggies.


Then I mix it with the lentils and flour, dump it in a loaf tray.


Bake for an hour and Boom! I roasted asparagus parsnip and sweet potato again, it's my new fav.



And if that was not enough I made that chocolate oat thingy again, it was too good and too easy not to.


Hope you like my post and don't forget to check out fruitsandveggiesmonday, have an awesome week!



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Yummy vegan treat for real food lovers

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A work of art. Your plating is getting quite impressive @gguy773. Beet loaf it is- looks and sounds delish.

Nice! I love beets, especially using them two ways! Looks like you got your phone fixed, too? Maybe I missed that in another post, but the photos look great! 😀

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Thanks, I found my old camera and dusted it of, still got to fix my phone, it is a lot easier to use.


Ahh, makes sense. I usually use my phone for all my photos, too. Definitely much quicker especially when you're ready to eat!! :)


Exactly, and am I going to dm you on discord for the winners this week.


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Another super recipe Gary. I don't know how you do it. You have such a niche for putting the right ingredients together to make such delicious veganized recipes. Well done chef 🍅🌿🍆🥜🌿🥕

I just love the name of your Sunday roast, very clever;) You really are making magic in the kitchen @gguy773, everything sounds & looks delicious!

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This.. I want to eat this.. I'd drink a IPA with it.