Translating CoderDojo Zen Community Platform into Urdu Language - Part # 8

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Okay, I couldn't manage to translate the project in my day time because of some reasons, but I'm glad that I was able to do that an hour ago. I am surprised and very happy that Steem is trading at $8. I have mixed feelings. The one is, why I didn't start posting earlier but on the other side, I am glad that Steem is prospering due to your hard work.

So, for this translation part, I translated around 521 words. The file was big enough so I was able to stick at one file and translated 521 out of 11,836 words. After this part, the overall progress of Zen Community project stands at 26%. That means, I have translated 26% within 3 days. That shows my addiction to Steemit and Utopian! Thanks for such a great opportunity.


What is CoderDojo?

CoderDojo is a true global movement and phenomenon. Volunteers all around the world help young people build a positive future through coding and community.

Github: Zen Community Platform
My Crowdin Profile: Steemist
My Crowdin Activity: My Activity
Crowdin Project: Zen Community Platform
Translation Language: Urdu (Pakistan)
Translated words (in this round): 521
Total Progress: 26%


The file was big enough and the screenshot shows that I've translated 521 words so far.

It confirms my username on Crowdin and my translation activity on Zen Community project.

It shows the total progress of 26%.

Previous Translation Parts Of This Project:

Part 1 - Overall Progress 3%
Part 2 - Overall Progress 6%
Part 3 - Overall Progress 9%
Part 4 - Overall Progress 13%
Part 5 - Overall Progress 16%
Part 6 - Overall Progress 20%
Part 7 - Overall Progress 23%

Thank you for reading. I wish all the best to Steem. I'll do whatever possible from my side to promote Steem. Suggest anything that you think is possible for me.

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