The Biggest Fairy Tale of All: The Curious Case of @andrianna and the @Yanik Plagiarism Ring + Art Plagiarism Case #28 - Alena Bessonova - Алена Бессонова

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Today Jaguar Force brings you a case report paired with some context for you all to observe and judge for yourselves.

The story of @andrianna began when she supposedly bought her account for $50 from a member of the Yanik Art Plagiarism Ring Artur Yurievich, the owner of @artur12089 and 20 other accounts banned for plagiarism.

Here is the post by @andrianna presenting the initial fairy tale that initially got her out of the heat thanks to the help of a very helpful top witness:

Enter The Biggest Fairy Tale of All

Here is a screenshot that @andrianna provided of the conversation, dated April 16th, 2017
Which is the chat she transcribes in the post above.

Now, let's debunk this fairy tale:

As you can clearly see in the post above and in this particular part:
She claims that she sent $50 to the the bittrex memo 9276ce5250354b53ba7 to buy the account at the time of that chat, April 16th 2017.

That is a lie. As anyone can confirm here there was no transfer to that memo on the 16 of april of 2017, nor on the 15 nor on the 17. Based on this evidence we can be certain that the chat and even the chat screenshot is a fabrication, a planned produced fiction.

The reality is that the sale of the account never existed to begin with and was a posterior cover up to attempt to justify the fact that the rewards from the account were going to that bittrex account memo used by Yanik himself. Apparently the great top witness that fell for the fairy tale and helped this operative of the Yanik ring get unbanned back then, didn't even check if the transaction even existed.

Here is the list of transfers to that memo:

The additional fairy tale to justify the massive amount of transfers to that memo, was that..........She didn't realize of it, that she didn't know she was making money and that money was being transferred out, yes you heard that right, she paid $50 to get an account but she didn't know you could make money in steemit.....

You don't believe that? Read it with your own eyes, here is a conversation between her and a SteemCleaner on May 2nd, 2019:

As you can see in the screenshots above @steemcleaners knows very well this user is an operative of the Yanik Plagiarism Ring and that her fairy tale of a story leaks by the gallons at its seams.

You can read the rest of the bizarre conversation in the SteemCleaners Discord Server General Channel

For further reference readers can delve into the issue in this great article by @sherlockholmes

Enter The @Yanik Plagiarism Ring

When these lies were initially exposed by the Jaguar Force team, guess who was the first to jump in @andrianna 's defense................................ @yakubenko !!!

Yes, the same @yakubenko who is now proven beyond any doubt to be the second account of the @dasha193 account a central account of the Yanik Ring long ago banned for serial plagiarism. So, you see, the Yanik Ring supposedly scammed her, but the first person to come in her defense and her most acerrimus advocate is.... a central part of the Yanik Ring....

Let's go back to Artur Yurievich the member of the Yanik Plagiarism Ring that she says she bought the account from, here is his VK profile(which we have a backup of, so no use in deleting the profile Artur):

You might ask, how do we know its the same Artur that @andrianna claims she bought the account from?
We know because in the screenshot that she provided we can see the profile pic of Artur

Which is the same picture that is in Artur Yurievich VK profile:

Artur seems to be a Ukrainian Police officer or some kind of security official BTW:

And looking into the 73 VK friends of Artur who do we find?

Dasha Artamonova, the old VK account of Darya Artamonova alias @dasha193 alias Dashulya Artamonova (@yakubenko), now deleted a few days ago since @yakubenko deleted the profile when we published this post

And who else do we find amongst Artur's friends?

And Who is Yan Artamonov?

Ladies and gentlemen, Yan Artamonov is nothing less than @Yanik and is also the husband of Darya Artamonova (@dasha193 / @yakubenko) alias Dashulya Yakubenko

From her VK profile:

Here you can see @yakubenko boasting about how @yanik and her bought that 20.000usd house and that 12000usd SUV "blogging":
Translation of the text:
"I can not restrain myself not to boast :) After all, I wanted it for so long. How can guys, but bloggers earn well 😇 well, when there is already at sea ☺👯 well, at this time wash"

BTW, Yan Artamonov (@Yanik) earns a yearly salary of 3704usd

Back to @Andrianna

In several recent occasions @andrianna was informed that she needed to cite the sources of her artwork so as to not fall into art plagiarism and that she needed to use photographic sources that are free to use commercially with modifications(derivative works) or otherwise ask for permission from the author. Some of these instances were this one, this one, and this one

And this is a SteemCleaner explaining the rules to @andrianna on May 2 2019, 19 days ago:

She, disregarding all of this, keeps plagiarizing art and using copyrighted photographs without permission, as we can see in the following post that is just a few days old:


Post's URL:



Here is a screenshot of the full post: No Sources cited

Source of the Art Plagiarism:

Update: Within one hour of the publication of this post the following took place:

The Jaguar Force would like thank, commend and send a warm salute to our fellow cleaners at @steemcleaners for acting upon the open source intelligence provided in this post.


Ladies And Gentlemen: Justice Has Been Served.


This is Jaguar Force,
Reporting directly from the Jungle.

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There is no business like family business when it comes to a scam ring. It reminded me of the classic Bonnie and Clyde tales during the Great Depression.

It is a shame to be honest. Dasha herself seemed to have talents in the arts, but she chose to take the deceptive way out. If only the couple realizes that most artists would rather not have their works imitated for pay without proper permission.

Let's not get into the irony of Arthur appearing to be some sort of law enforcement officer. I know of the stereotypes surrounding cops, but I had not imagined them to permeate into daily lives. Especially when it involves copyright infringement of other people's work.

Anyhow, given this is a supposed decentralized environment, curators have the ultimate say. Should they choose to support these types of work, they are welcome to. However, note that there are those who oppose such practice. This is not about policing, or dictating rules, it is simply community curation at work.

Some of the greatest lessons here for you have been approaching stakeholders. It was a mess at first due to poor communication. Let that be something to remember in the future.

It does not matter how much talent and dedication you have when everyone thinks you are a malicious jerk. Remember, all that hard work becomes null when everyone ceases to listen. We are all members of the community and most of them volunteered to contribute to the cause out of goodwill.

Seek to educate those who are open, and escalate when necessary.

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Thank you for your review, @enforcer48! Keep up the good work!

emmm emmm
Facts over fiction

I like how you framed some of the images and that you always links to the image source! Good post!

You have crossed the line and you are slandering people for your own gain. Time for you to fly


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