Doxxing is something that only pieces of shit do. @steemcleaners - Stop supporting lawlessness!

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Hi Steemit! Today I want to start with an appeal to @steemcleaners

team @steemcleaners

Guys, please remove your bots: @cheetah @mack-bot 

I do not break the rules Steemit!

I use only my personal material to create my blog on the platform!

I, Yakubenko Daria!


26 years

My country is Ukraine!

Denial of slander @jaguar.force

1. My account is clean as a tear! I use my personal stuff! (in my account @ Yakubenko, no theft, no plagiarism! By the way - this is my only account on Steemit!

2. I'm not married, and never changed my last name! @jaguar.force Using guesses says the opposite!

3. Photo "car and luxury house", which provided a @jaguar.force.

  •  This is not my photo. I added it from the site olh to my VKontakte profile. Nowhere claiming is my home!
  •  I do not think this house is worth $ 20,000. I assume that this house costs between $ 50,000 and not a cent less.

 This is not my home! I haven't bought a house in my life yet.

  •  My car! (The car is not new, the car in 2012).

(it’s not your business where you come from and what incomes I have, you don’t have to stick your long nose in my personal affairs. This is an appeal to @jaguar.force)

I am not obliged to explain to you where I have money for a car, but I will say, I have parents, I have relatives who do earn much money. And my grandfather lives in Italy and he can afford to parade his niece. With joint efforts, I gathered up the long-awaited car I dreamed about!

4. Since when is it Yanik (plagiarism ring) - has become Yan Artamonov !?

You are mistaken, this is not the man! Yan Artamonov never used Steemit!

Delete the personal data of a person who does not belong to Steemit - Yan Artamonov! You do not have the right to use his data, as well as to slander his name!

@steemcleaners  You are encouraging the person who sent personal information about a person who has never used Steemit on public display! 

 Doxxing is something that only pieces of shit do. 

By law, you do not have the right to use a person’s personal information, as well as his photographs!

Manual Steemit!

I, Yakubenko Darya, ask you to delete personal information about a person who does not even use your Steemit platform!

Doxxing is punishable by law!

Doxxing is a search and open publication of personal information about a person with malicious intent.

Stop the perversion! Stop blackmail!

Link to Doxxing and slander:  

The Biggest Fairy Tale of All: The Curious Case of @andrianna and the @Yanik Plagiarism Ring + Art Plagiarism Case #28 - Alena Bessonova - Алена Бессонова

Delete personal information of Artamonov!

Stop slandering my name!

Stop monetizing in my photos!

Stop monetizing on my name!

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@jwolf Many thanks friends! Very nice when at such a moment come to the rescue! I will not be your kindness!)
Thanks again! I am very pleased!

It happened something similar to a woman I know, searching and reading about the "jaguar" user is simple to see he/she is using a lot of lies to earn money. I think that user (the "jaguar" have to be stopped, because he/she is causing a lot of chaos just for his/her own profit! Just to know, that user has (almost) 3 different identity here!
Don't worry, @yakubenko , I hope everything will be ok soon.


Silvia Yes, I have calmed down a bit)
I hope that he will lag behind me sometime)
if the platform survives until that time. With such success there are few people left on Steemite, probably the most resilient left, and those who really love Steemit)
I saw you were at SteamitFest) is cool!)
if SteamFest were in Poland again I would come)


I agree with you, we have to pay more attention and stop people like that user, for the health of this community. He/she makes money from lies and it's really really horrible and this is not the first time.
Yes, I was at the steemfest a couple of years ago, in Lisbon. ^_^


Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #cheetah-appeals channel in our discord.


Stop supporting lawlessness!Doxxing is punishable by law!