My proof that I'm not a fraud! Help Steemit to fight the big mafia scammers in Russia!

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My proof that I'm not a fraud! Help Steemit to fight the big mafia scammers in Russia:

I am accused of plagiarism. No one helps me with the site's guide. They just ignore it.

I wrote  @ausbitbank :

ausbitbank  02:39 "you're cashing out using the same memo code as another scammer

blocked" And just blocked me.

I sought help from everyone, but from all I answered only  @acidyo 

I wrote to him, the reason for which I have such a MEMO-Code:

I bought a page in Steemit via the Internet in one group. Here's the group:

I could not create the page itself. And bought in a group from one of the user Arthur

I was offered a page on the action, there were several works on it, but they were hidden. As the flags of the Cheetah stood. I was told that this is not a problem. It is only necessary to write on my Vkontakte page that I am a user of Steemit.

I agreed, because the cost of the pages was from 50 dollars. I'm a student, and even $ 50 for me is a lot. I bought the page.

Here is the dialogue with Arthur:


Алена Бессонова

  • Привет . Вы страницы продаете .


  • да

Алена Бессонова

  • Меня интересует страница steemit . Хочу купить . Какая цена .


  • от 50$ + кошелек на битрекс

Алена Бессонова

  • Хорошо я покупаю куда вам отправить деньги .


  • Memo
    Registered Acct

Алена Бессонова

  • Деньги отправила .

Translated into English:

  • Alena Bessonova

Hey . You sell the pages.

  • Arthur


  • Alena Bessonova

I'm interested in the steemit page. Want to buy . What price .

  • Arthur

From 50 $ + a purse on bitreks

  • Alena Bessonova

Well I buy where you send money.

  • Arthur




Registered Acct


  • Alena Bessonova

I sent money.

In the end, I was sent my login and password.

I sent $ 50 to this account:  Memo 9276ce5250354b53ba7 MEMO Registered Acct bittrex 

As soon as my work began to evaluate. Arthur wrote to me that I should send interest on him. If not, I'll pick it up.

Curator  @acidyo   told me to change my password for Steemitt. Then they can not take my page! I still do not know how to change this. But I read, or I will clarify with the curator how to do it!

Here is a small dialogue with  @pfunk :

17 April 1017

phunk 16:22 

post something to your VK account saying @andrianna is you on Steemit

andrianna 16:24 

I will be happy to please you)

 andrianna 16:54

vk.comAlena Bessonova | VKAlena Bessonova, Chita, Russia. Graduated from ЗабГУ (ранее ЧитГУ, ЗабГГПУ) in 0. Log in or sign up to contact Alena Bessonova or find more of your friends.

 phunk 16:56 

I see it.

Guide the site, I ask you to respond to a message! Help me. I am ready to follow all instructions to cooperate with you. I want to clean up my reputation.

I ask you to unlock me, or at least clear your name. Since I'm a beginner artist and for me it's important.

 @elenasteem  - As far as I know, another user was blocked yesterday. Maybe for the same reason! I ask you to sort this out.

I always followed the rules of the site. I exhibit my photos and videos. As a confirmation, I am the user of the site. Steemit:

 With respect  @andrianna  

My channel on YouTube

Link to my page vkontakte:

Link to my channel on Youtube: 

I ask you to help me! I'm a real user! Help me and other users who fell into the hands of a fraudster!

Perhaps you will advise me something. If necessary, change the password, or create a new page!

I am ready to fulfill all the requirements of Steemit!

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Please stop tagging me in your posts, messaging me on and tagging me in random channels expecting me to sort this out for you.

I spoke to you months ago because I was suspicious of the exact thing you've been blacklisted for now. I simply do not believe your story, or why you've waited this long to suddenly change it in bring in the "big mafia scammers".

For the last time - I don't control steemcleaners, I don't control cheetah.

I supported your content, if you manage to sort this out I might support it again, but I'm not going to go out of my way to try and verify your story again when you've already lied to me for months.

Good luck with that

A few months ago you wrote this:
ausbitbank 04:44
Thank you for witness vote
Will check you posts out...
That's what Adam! Remembered?

I wrote @ausbitbank :

ausbitbank 02:39 "you're cashing out using the same memo code as another scammer

So are you trying to imply, that @Ausbitbank is a "Russian Mafia Scammer"?

If so you better bring more proof than what you did, you cannot just libel someone with no proof. I would suggest you either provide evidence that said individuals are what you claim or you should write a retraction post and an apology to people you are implying are Russian scammers. As far as this post goes, it lacks any actual evidence for your claims.

I've already gone waaay above and beyond trying to get you to verify in the past, and you LIED TO ME FOR MONTHS before this even happened. I'm supposed to ignore that and do your bidding because you witness voted me ? That's not how any of this works at all.

I'm not asking you for anything! Just wrote that you turned away from me at a difficult moment for me! Good luck and success to Steemit!

You've literally directly asked me to sort this out a dozen times both in private messages and in multiple abuse channels. And now you're dropping a fragment of a convo as if this was all of it, like I just immediately blocked you.

I'm basically agreeing with this article :

I believe you are a real person, creating this art - but I don't believe your story about how/why you got the account and there are a lot of suspicious circumstances here.

I asked you to chat with me in the chat room! What's bad about it? you are an evil and rude person! it shows how you feel about the female sex! I think this behavior is humiliating for men!

If you click on the three lines in the top right corner, next to your profile picture it will bring up some options. One of those is to change your password and you will have a new password generated for you, just make sure you make a copy of it for your records. It should be simple to do and only take a couple of minutes.

So now I'll try
Many thanks!

It seems like the password has changed.
But now, I do not know if this value

If you have changed the password then problem is solved..

The problem is that I was added to the black sheet

It is always best to have a password nobody else knows as it makes your account far more safe. I'm not sure how you can get off this black list though.


You should also make your own bittrex account and use only that one.

Welcome to steemit.

I sent money.

In the end, I was sent my login and password.

I sent $ 50 to this account: Memo 9276ce5250354b53ba7 MEMO Registered Acct bittrex

Isn't this the memo you use all the time though? Have you been sending all your SD to the seller of your account? Why?

As far as I understood it you have at some point sent to the same memo as someone who has scammed the platform. But lately most of your memos are to the one quoted and you have also started using blocktrades lately which makes the transactions more anonymous.

Its kinda hard to follow the story and give you the benefit of the doubt.

When I said post as much proof as you can I didn't mean to copy + paste texts cause those don't prove anything, but post screenshots of the messages with the seller.

Umm, I'd really like to think that using our service doesn't make someone more suspicious...There's plenty of reason to use our service beyond some perceived increased anonymity, so I think using it as a method of implying suspicious behavior is a bit much.

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I didn't mean it like that, I meant to her already increased suspicion about this case it makes it look a bit worse that she started using it now recently after having used the same memo address in forever which she claims is of the scammer which is the reason she was placed in the blacklist in the first place.

If she started using blocktrades for her own account instead now and isn't using the scammer as a middle-man, than good for her.

I looked at her usage pattern on our site, and it looked to me like the usage of a new user rather than an experienced scammer, if it helps any.

Would be nice if the people performing these cheetah bans provided some proof of the accusation at the same time instead of just going through with it, causing a lot of drama and then keeping quite for a couple days...

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I don't doubt that she isn't a scammer and that her work and activity on the site is legit since I have been supporting a lot of her posts in the beginning after she provide verification, it just seems like she has gotten brought to the site through a scammer and the scammer might have been getting in on her posts through the bittrex memo or taking a cut.

I'll wait for pfunk to provide us with any more details regarding this.

you are so amazing @blocktrades & @acidyo, I am amazed to see it.
hopefully I can follow in your footsteps in the future, but it's very unlikely for me :') 👏👍👍

Wish you good luck with that, it's sad to see people taking advantage :(

Thank you very much for your support! I appreciate it! And I still hope that justice will prevail!

Have you tried an appeal, as suggested by cheetah?


Welcome to join this platfrom steemit friend, hope what you are looking for and want available in paltfrom this steemit. The spirit to work through your intelligence in terms of writing and taking pictures that can attract the attention of crowded people. Welcome back I say

Hello! Thank you very much for your support! Dear friend, I appreciate it! And I still hope that justice will prevail!

welcome to steemit!

so am i getting this correct that you purchased the account from a scammer? Did you set up your own Bittrex account? Bittrex accounts are free.

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There were troubles to get registered from Russia when @andrianna did it (register on steemit, I mean. I know cause a lot of my friends tried and failed). So appeared some kind of a "black business", people coudn't manage to register using their own phone numbers, and the scammers proposed them to buy a ready ones, probably registered on abroad numbers. So the reason why she had to buy an account instead of creating it for free is pretty simple - there was no opportunity to do it. But the reason why bittrex wallet was included is really strange, I never heard about troubles to register there. It seems to me that it can a part of general fraud plan @andrianna and @elenasteem are now suffering from.
As I understand the trouble is even not her identity, but the memo she uses fro withdraw. As I understand it's similar to some other account.

This clears the situation a lot. I'm sure the cheetah mods will clear her from blacklist once they see the proof.

I really hope so. I understand how everything may look from the side, but the truth is that @andrianna is just a victim here, so is @elenasteem. They both trapped in the same trap not knowing that.

I changed the password. Can I change my wallet? Or is there no need for this?

You should just create your own bittrex account if you can.

No, I bought a page and a Bittrex purse.

Wow, I am sorry this happened to you. Resteemed

Hello! I'm very glad to see you here. I appreciate it. I am pleased that you did not turn away from me in a difficult moment! That's great rarity! The main thing turn me! It is important for me that my friends would believe me!

Im am sorry I was so inactive lately and did not write so many comments. I was working in 4 jobs at the same timee basically there was no time to steem left. I was missing you and my other steemit friends. Are you coming to Steemfest in November?

Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
To get off this list, please chat with us in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel in

please cheetah help this lady.

oh=) HASANNAqvi thank you!!!

It's not a mistake. I fell into the hands of fraudsters! I ask help

i submitted you for review. I need to check on the result.

I can fulfill any requirements!

Agreed with You.

many thanks!

Cool post is a friend, success always for you

Hello! Thank you very much for your support!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

"I could not create the page itself. And bought in a group from one of the user Arthur" - why you couldn't create the account yourself if I may ask? Sounds strange.

It's Russia! And then paid content! I applied to a group, they told me to pay and gave me a page and a purse! all! I do not know how I reacted to this. Just leaned toward it. I thought that the band was original. And there are no mosquitoes. This only now I understand. I could not even change the password myself. Alienbutt helped me today! I thought that all the pages are buying

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Never trust strangers on the internet when it comes to money.

Clearly you are who you claim to be thanks to your proof.

Welcome to Steemit friend!

Great post andrianna...i support you..i hope there is solution for you..keep steem

I also hope so! I believe in justice! Believe me!

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Thank for reply my comment, and also support me too, i am has make new post @andrianna, maybe you can clik here and have a nice day

good luck my friend! if you need any help dont be afraid to reach out. most people here are good and want to help others. few are bad ones. i've followed you and i wish you all the best.

Hello! many thanks!

Welcome to this beautiful community dear! Nature of people is taking advantage of good people. Dont worry we are with you. CHill and stay happy

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Thanks sis @andriannna.

done vote andrianna .thanks


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Maybe in the future when I'm removed from the black list = 0

Hey dear i know your reputation is everything for you and i also understand why are you so frustrated about this but you know,steemit only Blacklist anyone but they not respond after that,so be calm and wait for there reply :) and please don't share your steemit password key with anyone because if you lost that there is no other option to recover it back :)

I changed my password! Only now there is no point. I'm ignored by management. Except for one curator. The rest to me vseravno = (

I know the big members show no interest in us minnows :(


What can I help you my dear @andrianna

Hope you'll be able to solve this.


great post!

Thank you! If he still helped me! I do not want anything anymore! Except, I want the only one I want to cleanse my reputation from the gibberish. I have many friends here. They must believe me. I am the one that is in fact. I did not lie to you guys! I glance! It is very important for me that you believe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Using irrelevant tags, especially popular tags, makes it hard to find good and relevant content.
Please try to use only relevant tags when posting!


The "introduceyourself" tag is for creating a post that tells us about you. Users are encouraging to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

very well, I also find many users who use inappropriate tags, they mostly use the most popular tags, however, the postings do not quite match the tags, why does this happen? will there be a big effect? I hope you can explain it! thank you, have a nice day!

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We believe you :) go ahead we are with you :)

welcome here @Andrianna :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunpoom

Why do you need a follower who is on the blacklist?

Nice Personality
Welcome to steemit
I hope you enjoi in this community
Thanks for Join

Good luck! Hope this gets solved speedily.

Hello! Thanks for the support! I hope!

Hello dear, welcome. Hope you succeed. I'll follow your page. Hope you can follow me

thank you!




sad to hear this, I'm a new user too, from Mexico. Hope stuff gets better.

we hope this may make you success to solve this problem

I hope so too! The main thing believe me

keep your spirit, you can handle it with the help of all friends. we support you @andrianna.

Good andrianna

helo my friend welcome to steemit world if you want to ask any question ask me my friend .i am here to help other and give happiness . you see my introduction post and see how i introduce my self ok i upvote you
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As soon as the cheetah removes me from the blacklist.

ok my friend why you black listed