Complete Overview of Reputation Score, How it’s Calculated, and How to Increase it – Reputation Score Table Included

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You have probably noticed what that number is beside your name and everyone else’s name on Steemit. That right there is your Reputation Score. About 10 months ago, Steemit had an update that included the addition of your Reputation Score.

What is a Reputation Score?

The Reputation Score is basically the way the Steemit community measure the value you have brought. Some readers may choose to read posts from users with higher Reputation Scores as there is usually a greater chance of high quality content. The Reputation Score is between around -25 and 80. When you first create an account on you begin with a simplified reputation score of 25 and it increases or decreasing depending on the content you provide and what other users think of the content.

Simplified Reputation Score

The Reputation Score you see on is your simplified score.

You can find your simplified Reputation Score or anyone else’s by going to and replacing “username” with your username or anyone else’s.

Raw Reputation Score

The raw Reputation Score is the real number that is then calculated to give you your simplified score.

The raw Reputation Score can be found for anyone by visiting and replacing “username” with your username or anyone else’s.

Common Questions

How is the Reputation Score calculated?

This may be a little too much math for some.

  1. Calculate the log base 10 of the raw score from the desired user at LOG base 10 of 26727073581 = 10.4269514092915
  2. Subtract 9 from this number. 10.4269514092915 – 9 = 1.42695140929153
  3. Multiply this number by 9. 1.42695140929153 x 9 = 12.8425626836238
  4. Add 25. 12.8425626836238 + 25 = 37.8425626836238

Once you get this number (37.8425626836238) and round down you have your reputation score = 37.

It is about 1.3 times harder to get to the next level than it was to get to the previous level. Basically it is 30% harder to get to a Reputation Score of 50 from a Reputation Score of 49 than it was from a Reputation Score of 49 from a Reputation Score of 48.

How can I increase my Reputation Score?

1. Become a Curator - Find posts the diamonds in the rough before anyone else. @dantheman has a great explanation here on curation.

2. Comment on other people's post - This allows other users on the site to see your comments and if they appreciate them, they may upvote your comments, and may follow you if they value what you write.

3. Reply to others comments on your post - This creates a connection between your readers and yourself and will increase the likelihood of them following you.

4. Post valuable content - The more researched and well thought out your post is the higher likelihood that others will appreciate and upvote your post.

5. Don't give up - It takes time to gain a following on Steemit. The better the content that you provide, the higher the likelihood that you will increase your followers. The more followers you have the higher likelihood that your posts will become more popular.

6. Be dedicated - It is best to post a couple articles every day that are well thought out. Also, comment on other people's articles throughout the day.

7. Follow more people - The more people you follow the better. Unlike Instagram or Twitter where people value the followers to following ratio steemit does not. The more people you follow the more content that you will see and the more insightful comments you can make.

Does Steem Power Increase My Reputation Score?

Steem Power does not increase your Reputation Score. @wang currently has the record with the lowest reputation, -16, and his account currently has an estimated value of $566,590.95.

How do I find my Simplified Reputation Score?

You can find your simplified Reputation Score or anyone else’s by going to and replacing “username” with your username or anyone else’s.

How do I find my Raw Reputation Score?

The best site for seeing anyone’s reputation score is by visiting and replacing “username” with your username or anyone else’s.

How can I see who has the highest Reputation Score?

If you visit and sort by reputation, or you can click here to see who has the highest reputation. As of May 24, 2017, @Steemsports has the highest reputation at 77.6.

Where can I find the Techy Solution?

Here is the link to the solution on Github:

Reputation Score Table

Minimum and maximum value Raw Reputation Scores for the specified simplified Reputation Score
So a user with a Simplified Reputation Score of 25 will have a minimum raw reputation between 1,000,000,000 and 1,291,549,664.

Simplified Reputation ScoreMinimum Raw ReputationMaximum Raw Reputation
801,291,549,665,014,870and above

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. If there are any mistakes or incorrect assumptions, please let me know I will make correction. As always, the reputation calculation may change in the future.


How can I increase my Reputation Score?

  1. Become a Curator - Find posts the diamonds in the rough before anyone else. @dantheman has a great explanation here on curation.

I don't believe that curation helps your reputation score, no matter how well you do. Otherwise, good info in this post.

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Your SP should only decrease if you have powered down. That is it. Your rep goes down if you are flagged

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Your rep or your voting power?

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Good post! But I still have a few questions:

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  2. I want to know more about the 7 recommendations you made for increasing one's reputation score. Exactly how much of them each contribute in the increase of the raw reputation score? e.g. what is the value of 1 curation reward or 1 author (posting) reward earned in terms of reputation earned? How much do commenting & posting without any upvote / downvote matter?

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It is a long slow climb getting one's reputation score to rise. The metric you gave that it is 1.3x harder to gain the next point in your reputation explained a lot to me.

Yes! And it continues to get harder and harder! I was unsure how it all worked until doing the research! I am glad it has helped you! Hopefully others find it useful as well!

Great detail, I was wondering why my score seemed stuck while I remained active, this helps to clarify things for me.

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Getting downvotes will lower your rep. The more voting power has when downvoting the more your rep score will decrease

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Wonderful information, and thank you for sharing this! It was fascinating to see the math behind the calculation of the Reputation Score! 😊

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One of the git links you included changed slightly (now has /src/ in the path) so you might wanna update that to the current version:

What is the formula that calculates the raw reputation score?

Thanks this was super helpful. I was looking for an explanation on this. Do you have any more information on what is used to tell how much value you have brought to steem?

That is hard to tell. You can use something like to see how much posting rewards and curation rewards you have earned

Thanks I'll give it a look.

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Something doesn't seem right here. A score of 0 (what you start with) is rep 25. Might be a special case.

Oh and it works in reverse. Get flagged enough and you drop below rep 25 with negative score .

Well the raw rep score from -999,999,999 to 1,291,549,664 gives a simplified rep of 25.

Once your raw rep drops below -999,999,999 your simplified rep goes below 25.

A simplified rep of 0 has a raw reputation somewhere around -593,535,363,694

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