No Increment in Reputation Score on Upvotes bought from Voting Bots

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Steemit is a wonderful place and i believe the basic layout of steemit was designed in a way to maintain a state of balance.
Reward system, upvotes, Steem Power, SBD, Steem, Reputation etc contribute towards acquiring a true picture of fellow steemian regarding his success on steemit.

I personally consider "reputation" as the best judge of one's engagement on steemit platform. One can buy SP, Steem, SBDs, upvotes except Reputation. Since reputation is only increased by Upvotes on comments and posts.

Role of Upvoting Bots

It has been discussed zillion times on multiple forums that whether voting bots should be there on steemit or not since bots do not read the content of the upvoted post.

I will not indulge into this argument whether bots should or shouldn't be on steemit, however, i will say this that the bots can be utilized for good purposes like enhancing visibility of a post (specially those posts that are written by minnows) by upvoting it to a reasonable amount. However, a person buying upvote worth of 30$ or more on a post with below average content is a crime.

Regardless of bots' usage, it is evident that most steemians use bots to either get visibilty on their posts or to increase their payouts.

However there is another factor that is usually not taken into account, which is increase in reputation by upvotes of voting bots.


I can easily purchase 100 SBD from a coin exchange, transfer it to my steemit account and can spend 20 SBD to get an upvote from a bot that will normally result in a 35-37$ worth of Upvote. And i can keep doing it for 5 of my posts..

I can argue about using so much SBD on bot vote either for visibility or to boost my rewards, but it is a fact that i can make my reputation go to the moon without actually enagaging on steemit by buying heavy upvote from bots. And the content of my boosted post can be just about average or even below average.


The solution to this problem is NOT to kill the bots but to Kill the Reputation Increment of users using bots' upvote.

For this, i hereby suggest that a database of all paid upvoting bots may be maintained on steem blockchain and may please be tethered to reputation score system in a way that upvotes from paid bots should not affect the reputation score at all.

This will not hurt any of the bots out there since they do not care for the reputation factor and only provide upvote services on posts and thats it for them.

With that solution in practice, steemians can buy as much and as many upvotes from voting bots to either get visibility or a reward boost on their posts, while their reputation will still be subjected to engagement factor on steemit, thus providing a true picture of a steemian reputation.

I understand that there are some human users on steemit who provide upvote services as well and the modified algorithm won't detect or register them as paid voting bots.

But paid upvotes from human users are usually not heavy and has a little to no impact on reputation (specially when the reputation crosses 50+).


Every steemian looks up to a fellow steemian who has better reputation than them. Because it is usually considered that a person with better reputation knows more about the platform and has earned their spot on steemit by engaging with steemit community.

The reputation is a reflection of a person's true hardwork on steemit and thus, it should remain that way..

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I am 200 % in favor of this. I was working with my cousin on blogging so couldn't read the post when I first saw it. When I saw the headline, the first thing that came to my mind was, YES!!!

I am totally in favor of this suggestion. Bots may increase payout through big votes as much as they want but integrity of reputation system is long compromised.

Reputation algorithm has been abused so much now that the reputation number no longer corresponds to the quality of a Steemians efforts on Steemit. I have seen that first hand.

If you see a person with very very low SP and total account value, then know that he or she either sold all the SBD or gave them to bots for upvotes.

If reputation is way too higher than the account value and owned SP, latter is the case always. I know that really really well.

When I see people reaching or crossing my reputation score without a fraction of the effort that I have endured for six months to build my blog, following, SP, and account value, it feels a bit unfair and, to be honest, scammy. I also know really well how reputation algorithm has been torn apart.

The people who never get bot votes enough to hit the trending and hot pages are the people who often stay hidden and keep gaining reputation for whatever they post; even dogshit.

I absolutely support the idea.

I also suggest devs to test the current reputation score by minusing the effect of bot votes. Take 1000 users from all reputation levels and test how they fare in reputation score with and without bot votes.

Results will be shocking to say the least!


Thisss.. this is exactly what i was talking about.. i have nothing more to add here since you have augmented my point of view with solid reasons.

I have seen that getting a 15-16$ upvote from a bot is the perfect sweet spot to remain hidden from hot/trending section and thus one can continue to buy this much value of vote and keep increasing their Rep score..
well done my friend.. you have said it all.. brilliant..

Thank you for this post sir, it was a very brave and full of wisdom article, I must say. & I agree with you po. :-) I have to make a short comment though and I feel you @nexusvortex777...just do what sir @jbn told you, he's a very generous person and willing to help newbies like us :-)...God bless to all of us :-)

I think it's important also that new comers to Steemit who do not use bots of any type can achieve results fairly. If the abuse of bots and spammers would be handled this would give everyone a fair chance to generate an audience and currency. I read a lot of material on here, mainly whatever catches my eye when scrolling through the new or trending topics. I would appreciate valuable feedback and social interaction with other Steemers because the exchange is actually what keeps people on the site. You can create content (I have) and no one reads it so you're left feeling as though your effort and time has been wasted while seeing those who are using these tactics get more visibility. I have no idea how to even go about using a voting bot, so that would not be a method I would consider using to raise my reputation, boost my posts, or votes.

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Aahh yes.. that feeling of being invisible as no one seems to be interested in your content..

I have been through that my friend.. i check out your blog.. you did work alright.. but you might need to focus on formatting your post before you actually post it.. believe it or not, it has a lot of effect..

You will have to keep the difference here between a facebook post and a steemit blog post.. better formatting yields more views thus more upvotes.

You are right about level of fairness for everyone on steemit but then again, world is not fair. Even in Non profit organizations, you will see unfair state of affairs. So How can you expect some level of fairness on steemit which is basically a money making webiste?

You have to work smarter and harder here.. use the bots to put some visibility on your post.. people like to click on a blog if there is already some $$$ showing on it. They usually never pay attention to a blog that has been there for a while with 0$ payout..

But use bot only when your content is original and some what acceptable.. because you can get flagged if you try to use upvoting bots services on a plagiarised content or below average content..

You can use bots very easily. There are many like @minnowbooster , @booster , @buildawhale , @upme. You can visit their profiles to see their minimum sbd / steem requirements.. but all you need to do is transfer the required sbd or steem to their account with your post link as memo of that transfer.

I am not promoting bots upvote to be fair but they can be used off and on when you see that you wrote something good but somehow people missed it..

There is another thing which is missing on your account and that is engagement.. you have not posted enough comments on others posts so how would people come to know about you and how will they be able to see your posts?

Hence, in the beginning, kindly post as many comments as you can on other blogs, engage with people, give them your honest opinion on their post, and you will see a major improvement in your viewership and followership..

Dont lose hope. Keep steeming.. steemit rewards consistency and it does it very well..


Thanks for your response and I will take your advice to heart especially in consideration of formatting. I noticed that my blogs looked a little "off" and didn't check the preview before hitting the post button. I am most assuredly going to work towards creating better content and hopefully, I will gain a decent following. I spend a bit of time commenting on blogs that I have read and that has helped me out tremendously thus far. I love engaging with other people and learning from them, helping where I am able and following those whose content I honestly enjoy. Thank you again and hope to read more of your posts in the near future!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes my friend.. at this stage you should be spraying steemit with your comments on other posts.. that is a huge visibility since your comment is not only visible to author but also to other visiting profiles.

Use visual aids in your posts as well.. they attract the audience big time.. make headings and under those headings write relevant info in paragraph style..
i am not an expert here. As you can see i am learning too.. there are people who are better than me but the basica are same for everyone..

If you can then buy some steem and power it up to give your vote some worth. That is also attractive.

Like people know me here as "hey.. its that guy who upvotes all the legit comments" so my popularity is now beginning to increase...

Take one step at a time.. to give you some motivation, here is what i have to say.. your well thought out comment on my post has made me your follower already :)... see? Thats what i am talking about..
best of luck.. hoping to see some great content from you in future..


Thanks so much for the well needed advice. I am going to check out how to post GIFs so that may help a great deal. I understand you're not an expert but the suggestions truly help out a great deal. I will do my best to improve my voting power and learn all I can as I want to make this a successful venture. I also plan on posting here more than at the other major social media sites, as I believe that time invested in something eventually pays off. Thanks for following me, I truly appreciate it. I hope to read more great content from you, also. Keep up the amazing work!

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To people on steemit, someone's reputation do matter but not that much. For example, people would rather post comments on someone with reputation 55 but upvote value of 1.0 rather than someone with reputation 63 but with upvote value of just 0.1, because they would know that the one with reputation 55 can give them a vote of higher value.


Yes that is true.. but since steem is a cryptocurrency which can be bought and be powered up to SP, there is nothing much we can do about that.

However what i am concerned about people skyrocketing their reputation score to 60 in just 10 days bu getting huge upvotes from bots..

Reputation score was designed as a measure of someone's level of engagement within steemit community and that should be earned and not bought..
thank you brother for the analysis :)

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Content quality is relative and those with more SP (that they delegate or transfer to bots) have more to lose if the reputation system is compromised and as a result the entire Steem ecosystem is also compromised.