Upvotable #15: Meet Yourself, Free Food, and Giving Back!

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Seeing the beauty all round us is a bit easier after reading these uplifting posts together today!

  1. @jaynie shares a deep thought, "Have YOU ever MET YOURSELF?" Take your journey in reading this very serious post! https://steemit.com/life/@jaynie/have-you-ever-met-yourself.
  2. @lyndsaybowes is part of an INCREDIBLE project, known as "Food Is Free"! Show some support by looking at their post at https://steemit.com/foodisfree/@lyndsaybowes/have-too-much-food-in-your-garden-give-it-away-join-the-food-is-free-project-this-year. Thank you @colorado-girl for this post and earning 10 SBD!
  3. @alexthemmagician Giving back is key! Thank you for doing what you do! Lets show some support for what they are doing! Thank you @cryptonet for finding this! Earning 10 SBD! Read the post at https://steemit.com/life/@alexthemagician/when-god-blesses-you-financially-don-t-raise-your-standard-of-living-raise-your-standard-of-giving.
  4. @drag33 shares an erotic (NSFW) story with us as a steemit original. Read the story at https://steemit.com/writing/@drag33/success-in-success-by-any-way-story.
  5. @fisch shares their experience in the Norwegian mountains, seeking enlightenment through meditation! Experience this journey with us at https://steemit.com/philosophy/@fisch/hiking-meditations-on-reaching-the-peak?.
  6. @cryptonet says you need to take some risk if you are wanting to be a Billionaire! Especially a self made billionaire. Read it at https://steemit.com/life/@cryptonet/if-you-believe-in-billionaires-and-wish-to-become-one-then-it-s-time-to-change-amplify-your-dreams-and-take-risks. Thank you @flamepower for this post and earning 10 SBD.

Where did we find these posts?

Upvotable #14 comments were reviewed by @aarellanes. Albert creates a draft of the posts which I then use to read the posts, make comments, upvote, edit, and publish here!

How could we forget the best part? Would you make comments here with the posts you would like to see in upvotable #16 here because you will get a 10 SBD finder's fee for sharing a post written by another author that we share? 30 SBD were earned by curators submitting posts successfully today!

Would you continue to help us find the best posts on steemit in order to help build confidence within the community?

Jerry Banfield

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Thank you for another good list Jerry!

If you guys are curiouse about the effect of the dilution of STEEM and how much value your STEEM and SP drops every day - I just wrote a post about it here.

Dilution of STEEM - How to Break Even

Outstanding data and good motivation to power up plus do a self upvote or so without guilt each day to keep up with inflation! Albert would you please include this because I already read and upvoted it?

Will do! I love @warjar's content :D

You got that Pigeon Chest out again Jerry haha!

@williams858 that took me a minute and once I got it I have been laughing for about a minute now! "That Pigeon Chest" lol I know it is wrong in some way but it is funny too!


Albert would you include this on upvotable 16? https://steemit.com/life/@jaynie/step-inside-the-authentic-individual

@jerrybanfield, Yes, I will! I hope to find at least 6 good additional post for Upvotable #16 :D

Wow, I am truly touched that the #FoodIsFree Project has made it to Upvotable! Thank you so much @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes for creating this supportive, beautiful initiative! And of course @colorado-girl, Thank YOU for believing in the project and nominating it here, you are so sweet! Hugs all around!! oxoxoxoxxxoooxoxoxoxox


Thank you VERY much for checking the project out!

Lyndsay thank you for collaborating with us and we hope to see more of your posts!

Very cool, :) Thanks :) :) :)

Such an honour @jerrybanfield - This acknowledge means a lot to me in particular, because I know what it meant to you. Thank you xxx

Double YAY! haha :)

#teamjerry Hey buddy, back at it again with a awesome new post! would love if you could check it out. Again days of work put into this and am hoping to get some feedback. Cheers and Steem On my friend!


PICKING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MACKLEMORE! My Favorite Artist!!!

A plus too, you showed the STEP-BY-STEP! Which is KEY for art posts! Thank you @barrysamways

@aarellanes appreciate the love my man! Mine to, so much musical inspiration I think that's why it turned out so well ;D check out my newest post I made today as well. Some people were complaining about the level of difficulty for these portrait tutorials so I actually took the initiative to start an entire steemit series dedicated to teaching and inspiring new artists building there skills up from the bottom to eventually be a competent artist!

Thank you Barry!

Thanks @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes for organising this. Please do consider my post about our Hong Kong Steemians gathering and below is the link:

The FIRST Steemit Team HK gathering! Check it out!

This is Awesome! Thank you for sharing this with @jerrybanfield and I! Unfortunately the payout it 40x the maximum Upvoteable payout :(

Oh sorry, I didn't see that there is a rule about the maximum Upvoteable payout on the article. No problem, but I think maybe the rule can be added to the post and stated more clearly next time? :)

Congrats to all the authors. I will soon start finding posts from other authors to be nominated for #upvotable posts. For now though, here's my nomination.


I wish can write the way you and these people do. 😊 Such an inspiration!

Thank you for helping the people on steem.. I learned a lot from your videos.. Stalking you on YouTube.. Lol.. You're videos are brilliant and very easy to understood. You're very humble, we need people like you on the earth. 😊
You're family is very lucky to have you. Happines to your family always!

From the Philippines,

That is a nice comment to @jerrybanfield

He helped me out a lot as well, with all his information!


Cheers to both of you!

I have one of the biggest group for steemit users, I was earning money from it before, but I have converted it into steemit group and I need support advertising it, the idea is to reateem people to be resteemed, if you don't mind please help me advertise it.

Here is the rules of the group and the link, it has more than 19000 members on it : Rules of Steemit Group 'Resteem to be Resteemed'

Thanks for showing me all these cool posts!

Thank you for joining us :D

Should this be tagged nsfw?? Lol! Just kidding, good post!

I agree. My virgin eyes... so much skin!

Please use some of your Steem to go buy a shirt or two lol

i didn't know about these upvotable posts till my friend told me...Thanks Nitesh.

ALWAYS bringing the great posts! Thanks @vj1309

@aarellanes thanks for the appreciation, I'm trying my best to be consistent :)

Hi friend
Thanks for sharing this

Thank you for commenting!

Keep the steem coming boss, more upvotes and resteems on you....just did both.

Thanks for sharing those!

Thank you for taking the time to comment!

You are on the lookout. Enjoying your posts

I'm the first who see this !

My Posts

Gaming Culture: Emergent Storytelling

Gaming History: SWAT 4 "The final Police Quest"

You are so lucky!!!! I just woke up few minutes ago. Am so jealous! I wanna cry now! 😢

Great collection of posts. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully one day my posts were show up here. :) Cheers!

Really beautiful .. thanks information .. hope we can cooperate .. follow me @ kingsteem .. maybe be a friend

Thank you sir @jerrybanfield. This initiative of yours supporting minnows and people who need good exposure here, really making you great. People need a lot of support on steemit and no one supports them with this much generosity except people like you. Your payouts are mostly going for your supporters I can see now. I wish all the luck to you and wish you all the health :)
Thank you sir @jerrybanfield for all your support :)
Now, I would like to submit another post for your next upvotable post.
This is an inspirational story by @mady27 about a boy who lost his father and then decided to rag the plastic bottles from wular lake to make this World even better.
Here is the link. This one deserves more attention.


Thank you.

the jerry.. always getting massive vote ups.. im jaleous

First of all, kudos to all the curators and authors whose posts got selected for Upvotable #15. Really impressed by kindness of @alexthemagician and the ideas of success shared by @cryptonet. Thanks to Jerry for curating and sharing awesome posts to read. :)

I will also be happy to submit one awesome post for Upvotable #16.

1. Recently I came across a post in the science section of steemit which discusses about "boredom" (yeah you heard that right :D). It takes an scientific approach to define "boredom" and it's effect on mind:

This awesome post is written by @mobbs and it discusses some unknown facts about boredom which will amaze any curious person. It has even categorized boredom into different types.

One idea I liked from the article which I often experience, quoting from the original article:

Creativity is often born from the depths of boredom. Innovation comes from observing the mundane, finding solutions to dissatisfaction.

[UPDATE: This article just crossed $10, so added a second awesome post below for nomination.]

2. Another article which I want to submit is by @curiousity. That article discusses an important and must know fact that "Can you survive a Desert by drinking your own urine?"

This information is must for survival strategies. If someone gets trapped in desert or in such a place where water is unavailable this information is must. This can help him survive and may lead him to death.

Won't reveal much. I hope one of these articles gets selected for Upvotable #16. And yes this time double checked this article for plagiarism so that the last mistake doesn't get repeated @aarellanes. :p :D

Will go through all the profile. By the way whats wrong with your topless pictures. Thats looks funny

🎤 Let's Make These Upvotable Links Even More Successful!
I have a little message that maybe you will engage with. It is really great what Jerry is doing here, and his upvote and support goes a long way to helping those who have been upvoted here to gain better reputation score and some moral support as well as some upvoting money..

What I have noticed though is that when i check these posts out, for some reason, i see relatively little other upvoting from us! Since there arre so many comments and views i know that these upvote posts get a lot of attention!

Therefore, i would like to ask us to help the people who feature here even more. If you are here posting for an upvote or just browsing then will you please consider visiting these links and commenting, engaging and upvoting also? I think it will go a LONG way to helping these highlighted posts become much more successful, and in turn will make Jerry's efforts here much more valuable!

If you dont have time to read them all, maybe just upvote them with a basic read, since I'm sure Jerry and his helpers have only put worthy links here.

Let's all help make Upvotable even more powerful and successful! How wonderful would it be if we all pile in and upvote and comment all these links.. and how wonderful will it be when it happens to you!

Thanks for listening!

Thanks @eco-alex!!!

I look forward to seeing another Eco post from you soon :D

Thanks! Yes i am writing part 1 of my first earthship eco build now.. should be a good read!

its coming soon! just been travelling back home so pretty distracted last few days ;_)

Fantástico este mundo de @Steemit jamas pensé encontrar una red social así

You are such a good man helping others to grow.

thank you
it's amazing post

Hey @jerrybanfield it feel so much proud to do something for the community. At least I am trying something. People needs support and lots of it. I am amazed to see how you can manage all your blog posts plus all this minnow support work. A standing owation to you.
I have another post for submission, I tried elsewhere but I haven't find any post so inspiring and communicating the value which this community needs.
My next submission is from @cryptonet. He is really amazing at writing value content. I want you to have a look on this post. It signifies great value to the whole world.


Where's the red t-shirt?

Hey Jerry & aarellanes : I found this one : The benefits of green tea!

You're doing a great work @jerrybanfield. I respect you for this too much. There's no one here to help people grow on steemit. I myself is also minnow and I want people to give exposure to those who have not invested any money on steemit, rather who wants to survive on talent.
To accomplish this goal, I want to submit a great post by @maintain4real-eu . He explained very well the blessings of giving money. Please look at this post.


Please help make money for your summer vacation BTC donate: 16hmh2FPMJ28LsygEkMMq3RRzufqktmTG
ETH 0x23e7fd83ca8e5a8e164c5b3714a5144a058fc975
Thank you very much

Lol! For who,s vacation? Jerrys or yours!?

Tq for this initiatives Jerry. It does help the minnow for real.

As a new Steemian who has yet to release my first post (I'm seriously going to do it soon and have a ton of content to offer), this opportunity really means a lot to me, THANK YOU! Hard to follow up @lyndsaybowes wonderful post, but since I don't see that many content suggestions here, I will offer a couple of options to keep this wonderful Upvote post going. Option a.) @elew shows us how to get the most out of relaxing in the tub with these healing herbal bath combinations: https://steemit.com/prepper/@elew/herbal-prep-medicinal-and-soothing-baths. Option b.) @farmandadventure gives a personal and thought provoking write up on vaccinations: https://steemit.com/vaccinations/@farmandadventure/maybe-a-fresh-viewpoint-on-vaccinations. I have taken a screenshot of both post being under $1.00 and will provide if needed. Thanks again for the opportunity!

Hey! You're Elizabeth's friend right? Might be meeting up with her for lunch sometime soon, maybe you should join us. We're gonna be talking crypto and I'm sure steem too! ( :

PS.... LOVE the herbal baths suggestion! I wish my tub didn't scare me!

u are the best

this is interesting. i joined 20 days back and have been following you. you give good ideas. i do with this suggestion.......thanks

Welcome to steem!

Hi @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes,

This is personal. I shared ny story to inspire people and give them hope. It will touch your heart I'm sure.


Found a post worth nominating and it is from an absolute minnow @goathollow. The post covers inflation and deflation and is receiving good reviews already.

I think the author deserves some highlighting and featuring. I would like to nominate this post for the next issue of #Upvotable.

Here's the link.


Hello Guys, Nice Work. keep It Up.
Please do Consider My Motivational Post on Nothing is Impossible . Hope it will help Many :

Never disappointed with your posts @vikbuddy :D

Upvotable is one one of the best things that I have seen so far one steemit. Encouraging authors and driving this platform forward. You are one of a kind @jerrybanfield. When I made it to upvotable #13 I was very happy epecailly with your comments and the pun that was made out of my first line a reflection of Uranus.
I hope I can make it again to upvotable with these recent posts of mine.

Hi Jerry and thank you for sharing.

Congrats to all those mentioned! I cross my fingers, and toes, that I make it on here soon! ☺️

The posts are good interesting posts. I upvoted and resteemed this post. Thanks.

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