Upfundme day 6. Dizzy’s dental 1300$

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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great sunday. Tomorrow I will be sitting down with a dentist getting a full checkup to get a clearer and hopefully lower pricepoint for this #upfundme campaign, a big thank you to all my followers for making this possible.
A big thanks to @taskmanager for showing me the @upfundme community and I hope if anybody else needs to get something important to use #upfundme to create buzz for your cause!
Soon my teeth will be fixed because of steemit. That’s incredible. If you had told me last year I could fix all my problems by working hard online, i would have alot more money because I would have afopted earlier, but thats okay! Life is a journey and I’m here now!
Much love
My beautiful Darwynn.
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Please remember, to get upfundme support you must have a clear goal and update it as it gets completed.

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Im aware. Ive explained in my post that my goal has been changed as i’m waiting for an appointment to see if i can decreaee the currently 1300$ cost to fix my teeth. I’ll be doing a huge weekly recap of everything tomorrow where I can properly fill out all the blanks! Thanks though. Read the other upfundme’s ive posted this week to get a clearer view.slightly harder to pinpoint goals as the value of my coins continue to plummet and the exact cost of my surgery is not a static cost like a computer or some physical goal. Also Sundays are my busiest day of the week with family regularly. Today especially happy easter. But skipping a day doesnt work for a daily fundraiser right? My teeth arent going to fix themselves.


your weekly recap will be helpful, in future though it does not have to be an exact figure - you can always set a small sum and revise it - its mainly to help me with curation.


Ok awesome, well tomorrow I have lots of time finally to sit down and get some real work done, my day 7 post is important to me. So it will be as filled with as much information as I can muster.

@tipu upvote this post for 0.2

What Beautyful Photo, Bro. regards.


Thank you! Im stoked to have a photo of her when shes awake and alert like this. :)

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This is great. The dentist you see may decide to give you a deal or do some work pro-bono. :fingers-crossed:

Either way, it's going to happen for you. This is awesome, Steem can change lives.

Darwynn is beautiful. Thanks for sharing her photo with us.

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@dizzyjay You should forward your blog and upfund me campaign to the dentist' secretary and sudgest that you could "advertise" their great work. Get them to take before and after pictures To create a blog that could earn the cost of the treatment. Maybe you can convince them to accept your services in lieu of paying their fee. Just a thought.

  ·  last year (edited)

Good idea. It's good to think out of the box in these situations. We have more than just money to offer for services. @dizzyjay

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