Upvotes With x 2.5 Profit - @tipU Upvote Service Guide :)

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Hi guys, if you would like to receive upvote from @tipU with 2.5 x profit this post will explain you how :)

How To Receive Upvote From @tipU

It's very simple - like when using other voting bots, send 0.01 SBD or more to @tipU with link to the post in memo:


If everything went OK, you will receive confirmation message that @tipU will upvote the post in 10 minutes :)

What Is The Upvote Profit?

The upvote value is always 2.5 of the payment. This means that if you send, for example, 1 SBD - you will receive 2.5 SBD upvote. If @tipU has not enough voting power to make 2.5 x upvote, you will get automatic refund of the upvote difference.

Refunding Policy

If @tipU can't upvote the post, you will always receive automatic refund. Possible reasons why @tipU can't upvote the post:

  • @tipU is recovering voting power (with the refund you will receive message when @tipU will be back online)
  • the post is too old (more than 2.5 days)
  • the post was flagged by @steemcleaners or @blacklist-a
  • the post was upvoted by @tipU before

Automatic Comments

Occasionally @tipU will add comment about the upvote. Generally users don't like it so to compensate for that, @tipU will give upvote with x 3 profit :)

Can I Make @tipU Upvote Others Posts?

Sure, you can sponsor upvotes for someone else :) In this case, @tipU will add cool comment about your sponsorship :)

Benefits Of Buying Vote From @tipU:

  • you can send as little as 0.01 SBD
  • you always receive upvote with x 2.5 profit
  • you always receive automatic refund if upvote is not possible

Investing In @tipU For Daily Payouts

You can also invest in @tipU and receive daily payouts :) The payout comes from sharing the profit that @tipU generates.

How To Invest - Sending STEEM or SBD to @tipU

This is very simple - send at least 0.01 SBD or 0.01 STEEM to @tipU with memo: invest. Of course you can send more for bigger payouts.


Within one minute you will receive confirmation message about your investment. @tipU will use sent STEEM/SBD to power up and will share with you the profit according to your stake with daily payouts.

Keep in mind that refunds for this method may take several days as your investment will be changed STEEM POWER.

How To Invest - Delegatin STEEM POWER To @tipU

The second way to invest in @tipU is to delegate STEEM POWER. Use the link below to do it easily:


Of course you can undelegate anytime you want but remember that you need to wait 7 days for the SP to return to your account.


Profitability is largely dependant on the STEEM price but in general every 100 SP invested/delegated should bring you 0.1 SBD daily profit.

This sums it up, if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments :)


Now it is less. Not interested. Has ceased to use.

Interesting! So this is similar to upvote bidding bots except the return on investment is locked in at 2.5x?

I'll be sure to test this out later.

Yup, and you don't have to wait like 2.4 hours for upvote - just 10 minutes :) Also be sure to check the investing option :)

This is da bomb. I am here as promised from my upvoted post. Let's roll. Thanks @tipU for bringing this on. Hope the ride will be as sweet and smooth as it sounds?

Sorry, the tip is higher then your deposit.
You can check your balance by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: balance
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD)

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Hey, I've tried to use your service a few times now, but it's always recharging. I checked the vote value and sent an amount smaller than that (i.e. 0.5 SBD send should be able to go through now), but it doesn't work. Do you just shut the bot off or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks!

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