open egg @nameless-berk

open egg @yarusalius

Great post..

You've fooled me but I still love you guys T_T. This is my memo to you and English translation is below the photo.

TakosDiary Tako's Diary BJD Doll Toy

"I am angry at you and I am not talking to you today and tomorrow.
P.S. All day.
P.S.S. I still love you."

open egg @takosdiary

We love you too!

open egg @raphaelle and Happy Easter! Thank you for your votes, your support means a lot to me.

I will upvote you anyway, because I like your project. But this could be another April Fools prank so I will try different codes just in case; open egg @carlpei , cracking nut @carlpei, broken egg @carlpei, you hurt my egg @carlpei

open egg @steemitboard, Happy Easter!

open egg @naturalguy Hopefully my egg was boiled and is filled with steem. Let the steem out of that "golden egg" That sure would make this an Easter to be remembered. Then we all could be witness's for one magical day! So be sure to witness your egg letting out steem.

I thought its for real and Easter Bunny came jumping out from it... I've been pranked! lol. Thanks guys, you made my day!
"open egg @zestforlife"

Open egg @cecicastor

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