Clay Art Contest # 2 (2.5 SBD Giveaway): | Entries and Winners for Last Week's @josejirafa Clay Art Contest

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Good day Steemians! Today, I am going to announce the winners for my own #clayartcontest. Click here to see the details, if you haven't heard of it. But before that, allow me to share my thoughts on this matter.


Why Clay Art?

As I mentioned before, I am exploring ways to help minnows such as myself to grow here in the platform. I have entered a lot of contests in Steemit before but none of them showcased clay art, a hobby I used to associate myself with. To rekindle this flame in my childhood, I decided to conduct my very own weekly #clayartcontest to reward those with exceptional hands in molding clay into such fine works of art.

Hosting my first contest

I had a total of four entries in the opening of my contest. Truth be told, I wasn't even expecting any. After posting, I told people I know in Steemit to grab their modelling clay at home and start making some clay art, and post them as entries in my blog just to shield me from the embarrassment. However, that didn't happen at all. Most of the people who entered my contest where people I had not yet known and I had a great time reading about their blogs as well. Most importantly, I had fun looking at the entries which I will show later. I didn't expect their outputs to be so vibrant and full of life!

Commitment to Reward Quality Clay Artists

Seeing the quality of their entries, I really wanted to reward them what is supposedly due to them. Being a mere plankton here, I cannot do that yet. I want to commit to rewarding quality clay artists all over the world with my teeny weeny upvote on their posts and the SBD reward for the winner.

It felt really degrading to host my own contest yet not be able to reward those whom I really think deserves it. Anyways, tough luck for me. It will take some time for me to grow my influence in the platform but I pledge to do so. I am even considering powering up to speed up the process. This way, I can be a full-pledged quality curator in the platform. Hoorah!

Announcing the Winners

1st Place: @tonie

This entry has got to be the best one. @tonie used polymer clay, molded it into its shape, baked it and added the intricate designs which you can see. Reading her blog, she has made her own DIY polymer clay art. No wonder she is so good at what she does! Congratulations to you!

2nd Place: @davids-tales

This entry is good enough to pass as a real live squid to me. @davids-tales' is a fine artist indeed. Check out his latest posts to see how he creates his masterpieces.



Other entries

Here is @chenchen's entry. You can see the details she put into her work

Here is @funbobby51's son's entry of his sea turtle. Hope he had a lot of fun making this one


So that's it for last weeks #clayartcontest

This Weeks Clay Art Theme: Turtle

I urge you to make clay art featuring a turle. Let your imagination run wild with the texture, colors, sizes and designs. Just make sure you include that turtle in there. Have Fun!

Two weeks ago was my pet turtle's death anniversary. Aristurtle, as I call him was really precious as he was given by a close personal friend. Sad how easily he was taken away from me. Anyways, hope you have fun making that clay turtle!


About This Week's Contest

Because I had so much fun with last week's results, I shall make this into a weekly contest. Here are the details for this week's #clayartcontest

Inclusion Rules
Like all contests here in Steemit, I need to lay down a few ground rules for everyone. I will use this as a basis whether your entry is considered official or not.

  • Upvote this post: Hope that doesn't sound too much. I believe more upvotes on this post will merit more rewards later on :D
  • Resteem: Not everyone is totally on board with this one as it disrupts the delicate layouting of their blog. But I do need a bit of exposure. You may resteem before making a post so your latest post appears on top.
  • Make a post and use #clayartcontest as your main tag: This will make it easier to look for the entries
  • Post the URL of your entry at the comments section below. I would also appreciate it if you upload the photo with your comment and URL so everyone can see your work!

Other Rules

  • As of the moment, you may use any type of molding material. But I do prefer if you use modelling clay.
  • Your post should include a short writeup. It could easily be a short explanation on how you made your entry. It does help to make you post more appealing. We are after Quality Content afterall ;D


  • The contest will end 7 days after posting.
  • I will be the judge for the contest and will focus more on the quality of the clay art and the short writeup.

I decided to add in a third place so everyone gets a little share

  • First Place - 1.2 SBD (Minnow Food)
  • Second Place - 0.8 SBD (Minnow Bite)
  • Third Place - 0.5 SBD (Minnow Scrap)


  • It's fun! How therapeutic what that be to spend a few minutes of your time molding clay into the desired theme. It won't take you long.
  • Minnow Food awaits you lol

I know what you are thinking. A minnow conducting a contest? Sounds pretty absurd, I know. But I find that minnows helping each other could be a great support system. Minnows are Friends. We are on the same level and we know how it feels to be new here. We should definitely push each other to greater heights. Let us feed each other.


This is Aaron. Just keep steeming!


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I had so much fun,
thanks again @girlbeforemirror for getting me involved,
and of course host, @josejirafa for creating this fun contest,
here is my entry, don't laugh :P :


click here to see how I made it

For some reason, cant respond on

Thats a great turtle you have there! Frankly I didnt expect that you would make it out of flour. And I have to say you did great with it! Hope your hands return to nornal soon haha.

Its great you had time to recall in your journey to sal. Thats a lot of turtle eggs and im happy that they are doing fine. Good shot with the turtle also and for not using flash photography.

Thanks for joining! sorry I couldnt give you much upvote but I am trying to grow influence here. Its nice meeting you!

Thank you,
It was a little unexpected trip down
memory lane, best experience in my life
was watching these beauties come to shore
to reproduce... We can't keep pet turtles over here, so this is as close as I would ever get ;)

You might have to connect to through steemconnect in order to be able to vote and comment,
did you know if you post through them adding the tag "busy" , you get a upvote? The upvote's worth is based on followercount & their combined SP,
it might be worth a try for you to see ?
Nice to meet you to 🤗

Woaaah I didnt know that. You learn something new everyday haha. Will try and head on to right now and see how much vote i get lol haha

I didnt really want a pet turtle. Am against keeping them in a vase, thwy should be free. It was a gift so i had to take care, sadly didnt do the best at it.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah yes, give it a try to see,
from my experience this only works once a day/24 hrs ,
I currently recieve about 47 cents worth of upvote by them, good luck 😊

Awesome. This makes me so happy. Thanks for all of the encouragement you have given me. This is the power of positive Steeming energy. @cryptocatz has been a beautiful consistent supporter of my attempt to stay positive by drawing and creating with me. Our humble little efforts have forged a friendship over the past weeks. This has kept me going and engaged, and open to creative opportunities.
Which has delivered me here. I want to channel that energy towards supporting this contest @josejirafa.
Creativity is my life line. I am going to get sculpting. I have no delusions of natural talent, just determination to do something creative and positive every day.
Thank you both x

Likewise sister 🖤

I had a great time last night,
my son was so happy to see me creative,
engaging, & having fun
My boyfriend had a laugh as everything within a 1 meter radius of me turned green
Worlds apart,
but right behind you, every step

I can see your positivity has impacted a lot of people already @girlbeforemirror. I want to share that vision with you as well. Hope to keep this creativity going!

This deserves more of an applause than a laugh. Great entry!

Thank you🤗

Woaaaah! Excellent entry. Really made me smile today haha. I will review this along with the other entries once the contest date is finished. Thanks for joining my contest!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you sir @josejirafa :)

I'll be following for more contest initiated by you sir!

Excited for the nextweeks theme :)

Wonderful contest idea! Seeing as this will be weekly...I am looking forward to future rounds in which I have the time and materials to participate! <3

Indeed, as much as I can I want this to be on a weekly basis. But partly, it does depend on the author rewards of my posts. Im looking for sponspors if there ade any so I could reward people more.

I will be awaiting your entry @creativesoul. And do enjoy making it

Upvoted & resteemed
Came across your post through @girlbeforemirror
Not sure if I am going to have time to participate myself, but wishing you and your contestants well either way 🤗

Yes you are!

Make a turtle.


You know you want to 🐢🐢🐢🐢

Look what I made!


Lol 😂

You can make kid type modelling clay from flour and water.
No excuses. Squishy home made play dough, so good.
I used to eat it sometimes as a kid....🙊😎😂😇😈 I was a naughty Kid😁

  ·  last year (edited)

😁 challenge taken, I will have a go this weekend, promise 🤗
And yes, I want tooooooooooo

Thanks for helping out this contest. @girlbeforemirror is a great person and I have such high respect for her. Have a great day!

Great work of art @littleblue. You remind me so much of myself. I will review your entry once everyone has submitted. So far, you are the first to enter this week's contest. Stay tuned. Hope you had fun making it

I think this week's contest is meant for my little guy @littleblue. 2 favourite things turtles, and modelling clay. In his profile pic he is dressed as a turtle. lol.
We will definitely be entering. I love your contest idea, there are quite a few art contests at the moment, but none are doing what you are doing.
BTW the contest king papapepper was running contests when he had a rating similar or lower to you. I watched him build himself with self belief and determination.
You don't need to write this...
...I know what you are thinking. A minnow conducting a contest? Sounds pretty absurd...
There is nothing absurd about your contest, I believe it has merit and potential. I didn't notice your rating or your wallet until you drew attention to it. I saw an awesome contest.
I have every intention of entering with my little one. But next week, yes there shall be a next week, I will not enter but rather contribute 5 SBD to the prize pool.

I am so honored with what you said. I couldn't be happier to hear someone see potential in what I am doing. I really want to make this a constant thing as i find it therapeutic for me to share to fellow minnows and of course to see cute little clay art on my blog.

Im indeed trying to grow more influence here so can reward others. As such, your contribution to the prize pool is just pure awesome! That would totally make my vision of rewarding quality clay art easier to achieve. You are helping a lot of people and I have such high respect for because of that.

I would love to get to know @littleblue more. When I was young, I loved clay art. Im hoping he enjoys making them as I surely would have if I were his age. Im looking forward to see his work soon.

Thanks so much @girlbeforemirror! And I will steem on! See you around 😊

*Took me a while to respond. I have exceeded my bandwidth limit whatever that means

I will send you the funds for next week now. Because of the nature of my health I can be an unpredictable steemit contributor. Sometimes I miss a post or forgot to do something.
Sending through 5 now for next week. 😊

Do you mind if I ask a little more about your health which makes it unpredictable?

Anyways, i received your generous sponsorship. Will surely use this as intended

I have Ehlers danlos syndrome which seems to be getting worse. I can't travel or mobilise much which is frustrating for a previously very active person.
I had a tear or two in my spine repaired but it didn't restore my function. I have systemic pain and problems being upright in general.
My husband posted about it quite some time ago and I mention it from time to time.

Doing crafting things like this gives me something I can do with our little guy, but even these things come at a price.

Reading the post made me teary eyed both at how sweet your husband is and with the generosity of the Steemit Community. I have such high respect for you. You are a true survivor and I could not help but marvel at your courage. I am a 4th yr nursing student and I have met a lot of patients who have difficulties in mobility. But havubg systemic pain is a lot to handle.

You didnt have to sponsor for my contest if you meed the money. I am doing this to help others and you may need it more. You are really generous. May God bless you @girlbeforemirror.

Do tell me if there is anything more I can help. I saw @littleblue's entry and I am in awe with the raw talemt he has. I hope you enjoyed making arts and crafts with him. You are a great mother. Im sure he will grow uo to be a fine young man under your wing. Do take care of yourself.

Do you have discord? Would love to talk to you more often

I'm am / was a registered nurse😊
Discord GirlBefore#7455

Nice concept

Ganahan ko mo apil pero wakoy clay 😂

I'm sorry @josejirafa , I didn't able to join kai wa naman diay me clay diri T__T ... I'll buy nalng so that I can join your contest soon ^_^ Congrats for the winners!

The cool thing about kids modelling clay is you can make it from flour and water.
There are a few different recipes. This one looks easy

Thank you so much @josejirafa for your contest! I'm so happy and want to join your contest again! :)

No problem @tonie. I loved your DIY Clay Art. You should definitely make more of it

Salamat! Hehehhe bag-o rapod ko nagtry ani nga art pero maka lingaw ... Hehehehe

Yay!! Thank you @josejirafa!! My pusit made it!!!

Haha nalingaw kykos pusit jd haha

@davids-tales your squid was awesome, I just resteemed it.
I'm looking forward to seeing your turtle soon.

thanks @josejirafa! here's my entry post - - hope it's not too late!


Ypu are just in time. Will head on to your post now

I really wonder how it is like to have a pet turtle. Haha but nonetheless good luck to all who is going to join! I'm bad with hands-on art 😂

It was really fascinating. It should have been easy to care for it. Wonder why my pet turtle died at such a young age, though. Hmm.

Anyways thanks for stopping by @dioncrediblehulk. Hope your father is doing better. And hope you are fine also

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That's amazing. I dont think Im familiar with Bitshares. I will contact you on discord instead. Thanks!

No worries! See you on there!

congratulations to all the winners for making beautiful art work.