Clay Art Contest (2.5 SBD Giveaway)

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Good day Steemians! Today, I am going to host my very own Clay Art Contest here in Steemit. I am exploring ways to help minnows on the platform and hopefully this would merit great response from Minnows.


Thoughts on Steemit contests

Contests have been a great way for me to grow here in Steemit. It has helped me raise my reputation and was a way for me to have a little exposure. A lot of pioneers in the platform suggest joining contests especially if you are a minnow. I met a lot of similar minded people in the contests as well.

I have joined contests ranging from poetry, drawing, video making, and community questions. With each one, I never fail to receive at least 1 SBD. That's already a big thing for me lol. As a self-proclaimed minnow advocate, I want to do the same to other minnows. (Makes me wonder maybe I should join more contests after all hmm)

Why Clay Art?

Ever since I was a child, making clay art has been a thing for me. I make clay art for my friends and for myself. I used to put capes on superheroes and make dragon sculptures out of them. I even made a bear family and used to display them on my room.

Being in Steemit has rekindled my flame towards art. It has brought me back to my childhood days - it's a really wonderful feeling. Hopefully, this post will do the same for the Steemians who used to engage in clay art.

Where I got the idea

I have 3 younger siblings who spend most of their time using mobile phones and tabs. I have nothing against technology but children of their age should be exercising their gross and fine motor skills. They should be interacting with the environment and with each other. That's the best way they can learn. Children should be raised to grow fond of the solitude of their ideas turned into magnificent pieces of art.

This is the reason why I conducted a contest at home to make clay art. I asked my siblings to comply with the theme: Pizza.

These were the participating entries from my siblings

About the Contest

This is my first time to conduct a contest and am really hoping that this will be for the long run. I am not expecting much entries but if you have clay at home, then come join right in.

Like all contests here in Steemit, I need to lay down a few ground rules for everyone

  • Upvote this post: Hope that doesn't sound too much. I believe more upvotes on this post will merit more rewards later on :D
  • Resteem: Not everyone is totally on board with this one as it disrupts the delicate layouting of your blog. But I do need a bit of exposure
  • Use #clayartcontest as your main tag: This will make it easier to look for the entries
  • You don't need to add a lot of text on your post. Just photos of your work and a short write up will do.
  • Post your entry on the comments below and hope for the best.


  • The contest will end 7 days after posting.
  • I will be the judge for the contest and will focus more on the quality of the clay art.


  • First Place - 1.5 SBD (Minnow Food)
  • Second Place - 1 SBD (Minnow Scrap)


  • It's fun! How therapeutic what that be to spend a few minutes of your time molding clay into the desired theme.
  • Minnow Food awaits you lol

I know what you are thinking. A minnow conducting a contest? Sounds pretty absurd, I know. But I find that minnows helping each other could be a great support system. Minnows are Friends. We are on the same level and we know how it feels to be newbies. We should definitely push each other to greater heights.

This Weeks Clay Art Theme: Minnows

I urge you to make clay art featuring minnows. Let your imagination run wild. Any color, design, size will do as long as it fits your aesthetic.


I am pretty sure not everyone has modelling clay at home. Which makes it all the more reason for you to join the contest. So just take that clay and start molding, you won't have that much competition. Minnow Food and Scraps are awaiting your wallet


This is Aaron. Just keep steeming!

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wow ! This is a perfect contest for a newbie like me Aaron !... waaaa I'm excited to join,lol ... I have a lot , and a complete package of clays here since it's one of my mom's business ,ahhaha ... and I love art <3 .. I'll pass my entry tomorrow ! ^__^ Thank you for this :)

Go ate. Will be waiting for you entry haha

Wow this is a great contest @josejirafa! hahahah okay ra lapok no? clay man gihapon na :D hahaha

This is brilliant! Never thought of it! Haha

Hahahaha cge daw ate walay problema. Basta nice tan awn haha

Wow this is an interesting contest of yours @josejirafa . I would like to participate in it . I'll try to make one if I can though I am not good in art hahha . :D

Sige ate. You will be receiving the first price if ever you are the only one who will join lol so do post it now. Just want to see cute clay art from people around the world. Especially minnows haha

hahhaa funny but I don't think I will be the only one who will join your contest .. I should not expect but I'll think positive who knows :D

Count me in! Gonna get me some clay!!

I see we have some big competitors haha. Yes do so. Looking forward to see your work

I learned i am not a sculptor! Haha here is my pusit entry

I have seen your entry. It's really great haha made me laugh at how cute it is. You have potential here, no doubt about that.

I will check this again after the 7 day period has ended and judge which one like best. Thanks so much for entering my contest @davids-tales!

I'll start watching clay art making on youtube :D

Go go go @josejirafa. The picture looks like the ones I get to keep at home made by my kids.

These were made by my younger siblings. Count your childrens works as well lol. Am excited to see clay art in my blog. Looks really cute

Good luck @josejirafa for hosting this contest! ^^

Thanks @julsmlz. Wa rkoy lingaw gyud haha

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Hello... Is it qualify if I use polymer clay? Thanks :)

Yes. Any clay is good. Hoping for your entry soon

Great! I will review all the entries once the 7 day period is over. Best of luck!

can I enter more than once?

Hmm. To keep things fair for everyone I would like to have only one submission per person so everyone has equal chances. I think i will still continue with this contest next week, you should join by then. Hope you are okay with that. 😀

sounds good, ,I look forward to next week

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! I'll join! I think I bought my daughter a clay :D

Great! Will be waiting for your entry

Good luck with your contest ! sorry i have no clay or children with clay ! but im sure you get pleanty of awesome entries ! ✌👍😀

Thanks! Hope I find the best way for me to help others like you do with your contests

Why don"t upvote or Comment Me dear I am Ur new steemit friend Check my post..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello! Here's my entry for the contest. Thanks for this competition.



This is a polymer clay, I used flesh light color and I added light brown pastel. Bake for 30 minutes in 110° and I added nail varnish to make it brilliant.

Hi there @tonie. That is really great clay art! And I can see that you are really good at this. Thanks also for adding a short description of how you did your work.

However, I'd just like to note that the theme for this week is "Minnow". However since, this is the frst, I will accept this as an entry.

Good luck! You are realky good at this. Hope you join next week's contest

I think I start making my clay art now. hehehe Nice idea of you sir @josejirafa :)

Dogay ko kita ani. Gud luck... Sa next nalang ko mo apil :)

Haha sige bai. Way problema

I'll join this contest @josejirafa hehe

Yes sure. Everyone is welcome :D

Great entry! Will look into this once everyone has submitted after 7 days. Thanks for complying with the rules. Good luck!