Trial by Comics winner for "Kaiju" week and next theme announced!

Good evening, Steemians. I’m coming to you from by bed, because I’m sick. Today was that first day where it hits you like a truck. Compounded by unseasonably cold, wet and windy weather […even by Minnesota standards]. The silver lining, as is usually the case on bad days, was pummeling @tarotbyfergus in Magic: The Gathering. He won one or two, but it was only one…or two. The healing power of crushing my nemesis is the only thing compelling me to sit in bed making this blog post tonight.

I’m grateful for that, because it’s time to announce the winners of this week’s Trial by Comics! Before we do, though, I’d like to take a minute to thank our incredible sponsor for an entire month of Trial by Comics, @danielkiessler. He’s a good friend and truly gifted artist that I encourage to join Steemit to share his work. He does photo realistic pencil and ink drawings that you really have to see to believe. Since he joined Steemit I’ve seen so many comments complimenting him on his “beautiful photography”, the only thing is, they’re not photos. They are drawings! Within a month of joining Steemit, @danielkiessler offered to sponsor four straight weeks of Trial by Comics, matching my rewards. He’s a great asset to the art community and the site, so before you go any further, follow @danielkiessler!

Alright, without further adieu, your first place winner for this week’s Trial by Comics “Kaiju” theme is @beekart for his entry “Inktober - TrialByComics ! - KAIJUUUU!!”. This was such a cool entry and one of the earliest in the week, which is a testament to how incredible @beekart’s work is. There have been a ton of outstanding entries since he posted it and it managed to hold up through the gauntlet of kaiju’s! That truly is a #trialbycomics! Congratulations @beekart! 50.000 SBD’s to you courtesy of Trial by Comics and our sponsor, @danielkiessler! So, there wasn’t a sponsor for a second and third place winner this week, but thanks to some higher post rewards, I’m ponying up the SBD’s to cover those as well […that’s not likely every week, so if you’re interested in sponsoring Trial by Comics, it’s a great to to encourage the community and gain followers. You can message me on the Steemit chat if you’re interested].

Your second place winner for “Kaiju” is @w0olf for his post “#trialbycomics - Theme "Kaiju" - Entry #2 - The Daughters of Kumonga (Full Picture + Process Animation/Pics)”. In a past life, I used to keep and breed tarantulas, and one of my guilty pleasure films is Eight Legged Freaks. You hit me at the core of my arachnid enthusiasm. Congratulations @w0olf! 20.000SBD to you!

Our third place winner of Trail by Comics “Kaiju” is @giuatt07 for his entry “Duo-Raptor , my Kaiju for Trialbycomics (ITA-ENG)”. I love how this turned out and commend the use of three point perspective. I’ve been brushing up my perspective studies lately, and seeing a two headed dinosaur moving over a metropolis was enough to clinch the third place prize. Congratulations @giuatt07. 10.000 SBD’s coming your way.

There were so many outstanding entries for “Kaiju” and as much as I’d love to share them all, this post would take ten minutes to load. Here are a few that fell in the merit category. All great artists that need to be on your radar.






Trial by Comics new theme is “Mecha”!

Of course it is! How couldn’t this be the theme to follow “Kaiju”! The follow up to Pacific Rim may look like an abomination, but it’s an amazing concept for Trial by Comics! This is a theme I’m not at all familiar with, but I drew up my best mech suit capable of defending a city from a destructive kaiju! I want to you all to do the same. 

Deadline for “Mecha” is Sunday, November 11th 5:00UTC 12:00a.m. CTS


• Up to three entries per trial round [weekly].

• Original artwork only [process documentation strongly encouraged]

• Winners will be chosen based on quality of work, submitted before deadline and ability to adhere to the weekly trial theme

• Must resteem the contest post you’re participating in

• Must include #trialbycomics hashtag [please note the change because this is how we will find your entry]

The winner will receive 25.000SBD. If you’d like to contribute to the prize or match my own, please contact me as a sponsor for future Trial by Comics contests, but note that sponsors cannot participate in that weeks #trialbycomics!

That’s it! Start drawing and get those entries in by next Sunday […you have just over a week]. Thank you again, all of you, for making Trial by Comics such a success in a very short amount of time. For more comics, art and photography, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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I am glad to see this contest still going and so many talented and skilled artists in this community! you people are inspirational!


The momentum for Trail by Comics has blown me away @nocmnt! I expected it to take a year or more to really get a following. It's already so big I can't include all the entries. Just wait to communities begin!


we are so lucky to have you here! we need more humans like you around. please continue your efforts, you are one of the firsts leading this renaissance not seen in the world since the Florence one. :]. thank you for bringing all the creatives together and for giving them a voice and a value.

your efforts will be rewarded old friend

congrats to all winners, realy awesome drawings,my entry to new contest here
3 (8).jpg


I love the colors radiating off this machine! awesome effort


Thank you so much


Great work @anonimous! I can't believe how fast you're able to make your first Trail by Comics entries! HA!


:) Thats because I love this contest too much


such a great platform kommienezuspadt had created!


every time your works makes new feeling

Hi guys here's my entry :)


Hey guys, this is my first entry for this weeks theme :)



Thanks @kommienezuspadt and I'll get to do my drawing and see that comes out of my crazy head ;)

Congratulations to @beekart, @w0olf and @giuatt07 for being the winners of last week super good their works.


I can't wait to see what you come up with @yanes94!

Awesome! I won! ;)
Thank you so much for organizing!
Hope I can sponsor the contest in the future! :)


I hope so, too! The only downside is those would be weeks you couldn't enter, and for the time being, I want you to enter! No rush! Congratulations!


Haha I dont know if i always have the time to do so :) but when i can i will enter! :)


Congratulations beekart


Thnx mate!! :)

Those entries are all amazing! Sad I can't join since I have very limited time as of the moment. I would love to participate soon. Cheers!


Sure, @jameshsmitharts! Just make sure this post has been resteemed to qualify to win.


Fantastic! Look forward to the final :D

Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners and to all contestants, these are awesome artworks !!

Great works, I wish you success

Thanks, it's a real honour for me. Congratulation to all winners and contestants. Trial by Comics is one of the best art contests on steemit!!!


Thanks @giuatt07! Congratulations!

Gratulations to the winners. I really like @beekart drawing style, but also the other cool entrys!


I have made a entry for this weeks Mecha which is btw a awesome theme!


You can watch my individual work steps here:

Congrats to the winners! All very cool entries, I'm going to try to enter again this week :)

I will look out for more of these. Nice submissions. I would love to get better at comic art @kommienezuspadt. Followed and upvoted

hello hello, thank you very much for your comment about my drawing I hope to gain more followers thanks
excited already for the next contest I hope you like what I have thought to do


You should @ysabellagf! Just keep entering if you have the time :)

Congrats to all winners! great works!

Thx for this nice contest. Beekart my dutch colleague from thelionslegion is really great.


Good content..wish you success


He is! That's awesome. I didn't realize you were both Dutch.


Yep we are.. but steemians are one big family. Have to llok at my witness server.. it's calling again ;-0

Really high quality content. Thanks for sharing

Here I go again, this is my #1 entry

Yeaye ! First entry for your contest @kommienezuspadt !
(Yeah, it is a mech from the 16th century (or older ?), pretty old stuff x))

Cheers !

Congratulations to the winners! Well this is my entry #1 for this occasion

Sending you get well wishes and I wish all the participants good luck!
Isn't it neat even with a cold you can make some money from bed on Steemit? Love it haha


HAHA! True, @artdellavita! I was barely about to make this post. I was shivering with a fever of 102º when I hit "post".

Wow, you just made my day @kommienezuspadt! :D
Never thought I would win a price in this competition.
There are soo many great entries and artists participating in this awesome contest!

Congrats to the other winners and to all participants as well!
You did a great job.
Espacially I love the entries from @beekart and @justmousepixels! You guys are such great artists! :)

So @kommienezuspadt, hope u get well soon!
Have a nice and cosy day! ;)


Congratulations my friend :)


Thank you! :D


Thanks for entering @w0olf, and congratulations, again! Hope to see something cool from you for "Mecha".


Thank u! It's a tough theme this week, but I'll try my best. ;)

Hello @kommienezuspadt.
This is my first entry.
The robot ready to fight any Kaiju

Animated gif of drawing process

Thanks and have a great day!

Sadly, I don't understand art. :(
But it is good to see people succeed. :)
Best wishes!


We all have our specialties, @superstar2018.


Its a shame the great work from @sam.hsuu isn't shortlisted. Great contest.

Hi guys, hi @kommienezuspadt
Here my second entry:
Mecha - Pangolin - Trial by Comics Entry 2 - Drawing Process @katari

Hi guys, Hi @kommienezuspadt
Here my third entry
Female Mecha - Trial by Comics Entry 3 - Drawing Process @katari

Hey @Kommienezuspadt I'm still interested in sponsoring the event if you have a spot available. I hope we can talk about it. Keep up the amazing work. This community needs more fun event like this one ;-)

Hello @kommienezuspadt
This is my second entry.
The upvote fighter robot ready to fight any Kaiju/Strange Beast

Animated gif of drawing process

Thanks and have a great day!