I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream

in #treetuesday3 years ago

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream

Scoopy Doos-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 48mm F8 1/200 ISO 100
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This post I thought I would share a couple of shots of Scoopy Doos Ice Cream Shop in Milford CT, with the real feel temps the last few days hitting 100 degrees I am sure they have bene doinggreat business

And since it is surrounded by plenty of trees I think this could also fit to be my Tree Tuesday Post for this week.

I am not sure how long Scoopy Doo's has been open here in Milford on Helwig Street, but its been here ever since I moved here and in summer it gets pretty popular.

I went for a walk on Saturday and it was pretty hot and passing by it I couldn't resist grabbing an Ice Cream, there Ice Cream is excellent my favorite in Milford,

I went for a mint Chocolate chip as I do most times when I get an Ice Cream

What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

Scoopy Doos.jpg

Sony A7iii 48mm F8 1/200 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

A second shot looking at the side of the Ice Cream Shop, and you can see the windows where you can order

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I love me some icecream!
Nice shots @tattoodjay :D

@still-observer Thanks I am resisting it for my diet but with this heat recently I have had a couple

What a sweet builiding! I can picture it crowded with families in the summertime waiting for ice cream. I bet they have great ice cream :) Perfect for the holiday

@birdsinparadise Ohh yes I would imagine it will be real busy tomorrow i may even walk down and get one myself ;)

I love Vanilla flavor of Ice Cream.

@mmasim Thats nice as well I used to have that with Apple Pie :)

Scoop Doos! Ha! Great name for an ice cream parlor.

@enginewitty LOL I thought the same when I first saw it such a brilliant name

Haha good title .. we all scream for Ice Cream. Actually it looks like an ice cream house taken from a fairy tale, I liked the angle of the second picture!
Btw, Chocolate is the best flavor for a hot afternoon!...
Cheers my friend,

@chiquibencomo I seldom Have just plain Chocolate but I do love chocolate chip :)

I love ice cream and your work! Great shots - I especially like the second one with the couple sitting there enjoying their treats! It gives human interest to it.

@dmcamera Thanks my friend i hope your break is going well

This is a darling little place! The building must be quite old. I can see an old time ice cream social under those trees.

Love the name Scoopy Doos!

Really hot here, too. We have a local root beer stand and an ice cream joint both still with carhops on skates. They have been hopping.

Very observant to spot that whe it gets hot the owners of the Ice Cream shops must love it for business

My wife and I spent our honeymoon (years and years ago) in Venice and Barcelona.

Item one, day one - get gelato.

I tried a double scoop of coconut and pistachio and have never looked back. For my money, that combo is the pinnacle of ice-cream achievement.

Thanks for the fun post.

I remember having that flavor in Brindisi in Southern Italy as it happens by Mistake I was asking for Pistachio but the one that gave was Coconut and Pistachio and I did love it which is funny as I am not normally a fan of coconut

Not two flavors I would have put together. Hmmm.

I go for a butterscotch once in a while but I am a plain old chocolate or vanilla person. I know, boring.

My favorite flavor is chocolate chip.

An Ice cream parlour....the place in itself say the taste of the the icecream....yumy and tasty

@steemflow It is such a charming place and well suited for an ice cream Parlor