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Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup brought to you by @guchtere and @for91days.

On a motorbike crossing Afghanistan... doesn't that sound like an adventure of a lifetime? If you want to learn more, then read our first feature, which describes the travel project of Philipe, who's been following the Silk Road on his bike for months. Our next article concerns the pros and cons of traveling in Nepal with friends vs. by yourself (employing some fun graphs). And the closing article of today's weekly Asia round-up visits a town called... Batman?! Curious? Check it out below.

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Afghanistan and the Pamir Highway
written by @silkroad40

When things run too well, there is something wrong. After having a great time in Afghanistan and traveling rough Pamir Highway (Wakhan valley route), I had a quick stop over in Murghab. Only to have lunch and fill up my bike....what turned out a bad idea!

Traveling alone and traveling with companion - alone in Pakistan vs with friends in Nepal
written by @matkodurko

So similar and yet so different...I've learned it "hard way". Traveling opens many door, door to new experiences, new friendships, self-discovery, new memories with current friends and many more...but it can't, or usually doesn't open all of them at the same time.

Meeting the Rural Villages and Nomads in the Hills of East Turkey - The Story About the Travelling Band CASPIAN CARAVAN and the Journey Overland to India Part 9
written by @frejafri

This time I want to share with you an amazing trek we did in the hills of the Batman Region (who doesn't want to go to an area called Batman!?), near the 12,000 year old settlements, soon to be flooded in Hasankeyf.

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