How to Participate: Use #Travelfeed in your Posts!

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TravelFeed is your curated tag for high-quality travel content. You can find our introduction post here. The best way to write and view TravelFeed posts is through our dApp on, read our Beta announcement post for more info.

We consider all posts using the tag #travelfeed, whether authored through or other Steem dApps such as Steemit, Steempeak or DTube, but in the near future, posting through TravelFeed will bring benefits.

Use the tag #travelfeed in your posts for better visibility and a chance to benefit from our curation. This will result in greater rewards, a better reputation and more followers.

pexels-photo-356079 (1).jpegSource:

If you want to post in #travelfeed, please check first that your post fits our criteria:

  • Only original content;
  • English (or bilingual);
  • At least 250 words in English, excluding footers;
  • Proper sourcing if you are using any media that are not your own;
  • Only travel-related content.

Posts that do not fit these criteria will not appear or be removed from and are not eligible for curation.

It is for you to decide how to accessorize the post (images, videos, gif, styling, etc.).

We are excited for your travel stories, guides and diaries!

Any plagiarism or repeated tag abuse will be reported to @steemcleaners. If you discover any plagiarism or tag abuse, please report it on our Discord server (see link below).

Also, don’t forget to follow our curation trail on Steemauto and our curation account @travelfeed on Steemit!

Join the Steemit Travellers on Discord!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask for help — we are here to help!



This is a fantastic idea - I am myself very new to Steemit and so still getting to grip with all its technical elements, but it's all very exciting.

Having just discovered this I've now shared my first #travelfeed post about the time I found a sloth crossing the road in Peru!

This sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to see where this goes. Good luck!

The luck is on your side :) Tagging #travelfeed will boost the visibility of your posts! Excited for your posts!

cool @travelfeed, just used it for the first time a few hours ago

Very helpful application it is..I will definitely make it. Thanks..

We will happy to find your posts in #travelfeed!

Let's grow together! :)

That would be great @its.parth.hey! Waiting for your posts in #travelfeed!

I will definitely start using this tag! Great idea!

We're looking forward to your posts!

Thanks for information @travelfeed
I like post #travelfeed
I have read the terms and conditions.
please advice and test nformasi if we are wrong in writing.
Good luck

250 is kinda too much. I have trouble coming up with things to say about my photos. it will surely be hard coming up with 250 things to say about them. ):

We're curating high quality content and we think our upvotes are maybe worth the effort?

Congratz, your post has been featured in The Daily Spotlights of 27 February 2018!

follow and upvote

I hope to you be succes full, i look your activity

Thank for reaching me out, my next travel blog post will be with #travelfeed tag as well:) Wanted to start posting only quality content and found you at the perfect time:)

Great! We look forward to your posts!

Yay! So great. Can’t wait to tag.

And we can't wait to see your exciting travel stories @flaversham!

I'm going to have a go at this, I travel all over the world and have great stories to tell

We're excited to read about your travels!

I'm creating a series on how to party safe at festivals, with a very international angle (as I go to festivals all over the world)... I hope these will qualify in the travel tips category! I guess I'll just use the tag, and find out?

Just please don't Steemclean me, ok? ;)

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