The dragon above the clouds - Pilatus hike part 2 - Gfellen to Riseten

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This post is part 2 of my Pilatus hike, see part 1.

The path was not actually my first choice, my initial plan was to access the ridge from the south-facing slope, which is the most common route from Gfellen to Pilatus. However I was surprised to see the early postal bus from Entlebuch already full of hikers at 8:30 am. Since I was looking that day for solitude in the nature, I spontaneously decided in Gfellen to take a different route in the shadows of the north-facing slope, in which I was indeed completely alone before reaching the ridge.

I started going up in the woods, along a small stream :

The grass is wet and spider webs are heavy carrying droplets of water :

I turned back and realized that the clouds were dissipating, revealing gorgeous landscape already! On the left you can see the Schimberig mountain culminating at 1816 meters, which reminded me of a hike I did there the past year.


Meeting some cows as always :

More curious cows (something went wrong with my phone about the lightning, the clouds were not that pink)

The clouds sometimes caught me up in the forest, creating a kind of gloomy atmosphere

I reached Riseten which let me see the sea of clouds on the other side. I really liked to see them moving slowly in front of me


The Riseten hut with a nice collection of bells. In the background you see the ridge which is the next target!


The hike continues in the next post...


I haven't been to Pilatus yet but I've heard that it's a very long hike. What time did you start in the morning? It looks very early. When we went to Rigi a few years ago, the clouds caught us in the forest as well. I didn't really enjoy it as it was difficult to follow the trail. But then when we came up, it was so nice and sunny. This is why I love mountains in autumn and winter. It's almost always sunny up the hill. Great for grey cold days :)

I see that those cows liked you :) Did you go hiking on your own?

The hike is shorter if you start in Alpnach, but it is quite an intense ascent. I started quite early, beginning at 08:45 in Gfellen. Yes I think autumn is the best time for hiking : )

This time I went on my own yes, however there were quite a lot of hikers on the path once I reached the ridge

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