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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Sorry for the unexpected intermission but the map was down for a few days, probably due to the hard forks. Everything seems to be running smoothly again now though so we will be working through the backlog of posts over the next couple of days.

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Travel Digest

#1 El Nido, Palawan: Paradise Soon Gone? by @wanderlass

"It has transformed into such a great party island. It reminded me a bit of Boracay before its rehabilitation. While it is indeed fun, is it really good for long-term? Imagine drunken people vomiting on the shore, trash everywhere. The good thing is that liquors are banned near the shore so you would not accidentally step on broken glass of beer."
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#2 Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 21 – Franz Josef to Queenstown Road Trip by @nickyhavey

"…it's a 30 minute forest walk with a boardwalk in some sections, which leads you to some of the bluest pools you're likely to see! First though, you need to cross a pretty daunting suspension bridge which only allows a maximum of 10 people on at a time! It's a little wobbly but it's part of the fun!"
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#3 To be or not to be Dracula’s Castle - One day, three castles in Transylvania by @haydae

"Not every castle in the country had the potential to become such a tourist magnet and Bran was exactly the right candidate due to its beautiful landscape and commanding beauty. There were other beautiful castles in the country which didn’t attract half as many tourists since the name of Dracula didn’t shine on them."
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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

Thanks a lot for picking up my article! 😁

You're welcome. Your posts are always great.

Wow thank you for the featured article here @steemitworldmap and @choogirl! Are you on a train right now haha!

I had a read through @wanderluss's post earlier and it is a great read! Will check out @haydae once my VP has improved a little bit but well done to everyone who got a feature or mention too!

Keep the awesome travel content coming!

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Lol. No trains, but a public service announcement for our silence seemed appropriate.

Haha no dramas, I think we are all feeling the effects of the fork! Or forks I should say!

Thank you for the Honorable Mentions :))

You're welcome!

i'm so honored to be part of this. Thank you. The other posts look awesome and will check them out tomorrow, have to sleep first 😊

It's a great post. Hopefully people won't destroy such a lovely place.

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Thank you for the honourable mention! And congrats to the top 3 posts :)

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